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Business Loop I-95 north
Business Loop I-95/U.S. 301 north follow an expressway north from Interstate 95 through Hope Mills. Photo taken 12/16/07.
North Carolina 59 (Peach Farm Road) provides a connection to Interstate 95 (Exit 41) from U.S. 301 north. The highway ends at Interstate 95 after a seven-mile run. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A parclo interchange utilizes the parallel frontage roads of Business Loop I-95/U.S. 301 for North Carolina 59. North Carolina 59 travels north along Main Street through the heart of Hope Mills to its end at U.S. 401 Business. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Northbound U.S. 301 shield posted after Peach Farm Road. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Beyond North Carolina 59, U.S. 301 & Business Loop I-95 becomes an at-grade facility with frontage roads. Traffic lights operate at the intersection with Tom Starling Road and the wesr side service road. Tom Starling Road ventures east to N.C. 87, serving a handful of industrial businesses and residences beyond I-95. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Reassurance markers posted north of Tom Starling Road. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Dedication Drive provides a cut-off between Business Loop I-95 and Black & Decker Road north. Photo taken 12/16/07.
The northbound arterial gains industrialized and commercial frontage through south Fayetteville. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Airport Road stems east from the Black & Decker Road intersection to Fayetteville Regional Airport. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Business Loop I-95/U.S. 301 north at Black & Decker Road. Black & Decker Road meanders west to Legion Road and north to Cumberland Road through the Crossgates area. Photo taken 12/16/07.
The next signalized intersection lies at Mountain Drive. Fayetteville's Crown Coliseum occupies land northeast of the crossroad. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Mountain Drive travels west to Southern Avenue and east to N.C. 87 at Exit 100. Photo taken 12/16/07.
This set of Business Loop I-95/U.S. 301 shields stands beyond Mountain Drive. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Continuing by the coliseum area along the business loop north. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Nearing the intersection with Owen Drive west and Wilkes Road east. Owen Drive provides a connection to U.S. 401 Business (Raeford Road) via the All American Freeway. Photo taken 12/16/07.
All American Freeway is a limited access highway from U.S. 401 Business north to Fort Bragg. Photo taken 12/16/07.
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Old Wilkes Road ties into Business Loop I-95/U.S. 301 north, south of its relocated road. Wilkes Road was realigned in conjunction with a new connector east of the coliseum to Mountain Road. Photos taken 12/16/07.
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Gillespie Street veers away from Business Loop I-95 after Owens Drive. Photos taken 12/16/07.
N.C. 87 follows a freeway north from Gray's Creek and Interstate 95 to meet U.S. 301 at a six-ramp parclo interchange south of Downtown Fayetteville. Photo taken 12/16/07.
N.C. 87 is a 239 mile route between Southport and the Virginia state line near Eden. Photo taken 12/16/07.
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A brief undeveloped swath precedes the junction with N.C. 87. The southbound off-ramp carries drivers south four miles to Interstate 95. Photos taken 12/16/07.
Elizabethtown, the Bladen County seat, is a 38-mile drive southeast. All of N.C. 87 is four-laned between U.S. 301 and there. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A loop ramp carries drivers onto N.C. 87 north. The freeway encircles Downtown Fayetteville between Business Loop I-95 and U.S. 401 Business (Ramsey Street). North Carolina departs the freeway via N.C. 24 (Bragg Boulevard). Photo taken 12/16/07.
A right turn connects with the northbound on-ramp to N.C. 87 from U.S. 301. The state route is named the Martin Luther King Freeway through Fayetteville. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Old Wilmington Highway, the former alignment of N.C. 87, intersects Business Loop I-95/U.S. 301 following the freeway. The roadway shadows the state route to the east. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Business Loop I-95 encircles the east side of central Fayetteville with industrialized frontage. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Russell Street heads west from Business Loop I-95 through the Downtown Fayetteville area street grid. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A quick succession of traffic lights continues along northbound with Person Street, a main route west into Downtown from East Fayetteville. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A sign bridge precedes the junction with NC 24 & 210 (Grove Street). NC 24 & 210 overlap through Downtown from East Fayetteville. Both state routes serve the Fort Bragg and Pope A.F.B. area northwest of the city. Eastward NC 24 continues 33 miles to Clinton while NC 210 combines with NC 53 southeast to I-95. Photo taken 12/16/07.
U.S. 401 trailblazer directing travelers to its business loop, which utilizes the Martin Luther King Freeway between Roberson Street and Ramsey Street. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Continuing north from N.C. 24 & 210 (Grove Street). Photo taken 12/16/07.
The U.S. 301 destinations of Dunn and Smithfield are highlighted in this mileage sign near King Street. Photo taken 12/16/07.
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Just east of the Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Business Loop I-95/U.S. 301 slowly transition into a rural expressway east across the Cape Fear River. Photos taken 12/16/07.
Middle Road crosses paths with U.S. 301 at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Northbound at the Middle Road off-ramp onto the adjacent frontage road. Warehouses occupy much of the land on the south side of Business Loop I-95. Middle Road otherwise follows a rural course northward to U.S. 301 north of the business loop. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Speed limits increase to 60 mph as Business Loop I-95/U.S. 301 follow a full freeway north to Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Dunn and now Wilson are featured on the freeway mileage sign for U.S. 301 north. Wilson is where U.S. 301 crosses paths with U.S. 264. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Dobbin Holmes Road heads north from parallel Dunn Road (old U.S. 301) to Middle Road, meeting Business Loop I-95 at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 12/16/07.
North of Middle Road, Dobbin Homes Roads ends at Beard Road near the settlement of Beard. Photo taken 12/16/07.
The final reassurance shield for Business Loop I-95. Photo taken 12/16/07.
U.S. 301 leaves the freeway for its original alignment along Dunn Road before Business Loop I-95 ends. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A parclo A2 interchange joins Business Loop I-95 with U.S. 301 (Dunn Road) at Murphy Road. Murphy Road provides a connection to Interstate 95 south at Exit 55. U.S. 301 parallels I-95 north through the Eastover area. Photo taken 12/16/07.
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Business Loop I-95 defaults onto Interstate 95 north at a wye interchange east of Murphy Road. Photos taken 12/16/07.
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Travelers along Business Loop I-95 merge onto I-95 north 2.1 miles ahead of North Carolina 295 and U.S. 13 at the Bayview Road overpass. Photos taken 12/16/07.

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