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An intrastate route from Muskegon off Lake Michigan to the Ambassador Bridge at Detroit, Interstate 96 is a 194 mile long freeway in Michigan. I-96 heads east from U.S. 31 to Grand Rapids, which it encircles from Walker to Forest Hills. Unsigned I-296 overlaps with U.S. 131 south to Downtown and I-196 ties into Grand Rapids from Holland to the southwest.

Continuing east to Ionia County, I-96 travels to Portland and then Lansing. I-96 bypasses the capital city, overlapping with I-69 to the west. I-496 comprises an urban loop to the city center and State Capitol to the north. I-96 advances from I-496/U.S. 127 in Ingham County to Howell and Brighton in Livingston County. I-696 branches east from I-96 at Novi across the northern suburbs of Detroit.

Interstate 96 combines with I-275 south from I-696/M-5 at Farmington Hills to Livonia. The Jeffries Freeway leads the route east into the city of Detroit. I-96 expands with an Express/Local roadway configuration from Exit 180 with Outer Drive W to Exit 186A at Wyoming Avenue. I-96 runs alongside I-75 (Fisher Freeway) by Corktown west of Downtown Detroit to the ramps for the Ambassador Bridge spanning the Detroit River to Windsor in Ontario, Canada.

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I-96 east at the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 106) with I-496/U.S. 127 north in Delhi Township. I-496 overlaps with U.S. 127 north to East Lansing en route to Downtown Lansing. Replacing U.S. 27 in 2002, U.S. 127 constitutes a freeway south to Jackson and north to St. Johns. 08/29/07
Interstate 496 comprises a 11.83 mile long urban loop through the capital city. The freeway was fully completed by 1970.1 08/29/07
I-96 (Jeffries Freeway) angles 1.1 miles southeast from the Maplewood Avenue overpass to Exit 190A for Interstate 94. I-94 links Detroit with Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) at Romulus. 09/07/09
A multi level systems interchange joins I-96 (Jeffries Freeway) with I-94 (Edsel Ford Freeway) at Exit 190A. I-94 heads southwest from Detroit to Dearborn, Melvindale, and Allen Park and continues northeast toward Hamtramck. 09/07/09
Interstate 94 continues northeast through Detroit to I-69 at Port Huron. Westward the freeway continues to Ann Arbor, Jackson, and Chicago, Illinois. 09/07/09
I-96 advances 1.25 miles southeast from the exchange with I-94 to Interstate 75. Interstate 75 provides the main route between Toledo and Downtown Detroit. The route travels 395.40 miles in the state. 09/07/09
Exit 190B departs just beyond I-94 onto the Jeffries Freeway service road ahead of Warren Avenue. Warren Avenue heads east to Wayne State University and west to north Dearborn. 09/07/09
Motorists destined for Canada are partitioned to either Interstate 75 north to M-10 (John Lodge Freeway) east for the Windsor Tunnel or the exit for Vernor Highway to the Ambassador Bridge. 09/07/09
A three-wye interchange connects I-96 east with I-75 (Fisher Freeway) south to Lincoln Park, Southgate and Monroe. M-10 converges with Interstate 75 outside of Downtown by the North Corktown neighborhood. 09/07/09
A half diamond interchange at Exit 191 joins I-96 with Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. U.S. 12 (Michigan Avenue) crosses nearby from Dearborn into the Corktown neighborhood west of Downtown. 09/07/09
Ramps to Interstate 75 north partition into connections to the freeway mainline north of Downtown and a collector distributor roadway to M-10 and the Detroit Civic Center / Cobo Arena and Hall. 09/07/09
Completed in July 2009 as part of the $230 million Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project, the interchange joining I-75/96 was reconstructed. The project was designed to improve access for the Ambassador Bridge to Windsor, Ontario. 09/07/09
I-96 east parallels southbound I-75 to Exit 192A for Vernor Highway and Exit 192B for the Ambassador Bridge. 09/07/09
Exit 192A joins the Fisher Freeway service road ahead of Vernor Highway. Vernor Highway leads west to Dix Street and the Springwells community and east to U.S. 12 (Michigan Avenue). 09/07/09
The Ambassador Bridge appears beyond the Bagley Pedestrian Bridge. The tolled suspension bridge joins I-75/96 with King's Highway 3 (Huron Church Road) in Windsor, Ontario. Operated by the Detroit International Bridge Company, the span opened on November 14, 1929. 09/07/09
Vernor Highway crosses over I-96, 0.75 miles north of the diamond interchange (Exit 47A) connecting I-75 with Clark Street at Mexicantown. 09/07/09
Constructed during the Gateway Project, the flyover at Exit 192B leads directly to the Ambassador Bridge. Left Exit 47C loops from Interstate 75 south back to Vernor Highway. 09/07/09
Interstate 96 scenes
Linking I-96 with 36th Street SE north of Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR), a directional T interchange was added at Exit 44 in 2005. 36th Street heads west through a cluster of warehouses and other industrial buildings to Patterson Avenue north of the airport terminal. 09/29/09

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