The capital city business route for Interstate 96 travels 13.51 miles1 southeast from Exit 90 by Capital Region International Airport (LAN) to Exit 104 in south Lansing. The route supercedes former U.S. 16 along Grand River Avenue east to a one-way street couplet (Former U.S. 27: Cedar Street south / Larch Street north) to the east side of Downtown. Cedar Street becomes a two-way street south from Interstate 496, carrying Business Loop I-96 to a freeway connector to I-96 at Edgewood Boulevard and the Edgewood Towne Centre retail area.

Business Loop I-96 was commissioned along former U.S. 16 when Interstate 96 was completed in the Lansing area in 1962. The route shifted eastward in 1963 from Cedar Street via the couplet of Saginaw Street (east) and Grand River and Oakland Avenues (west) to the north-south couplet of Howard Avenue and Homer Street and along the southeastern portion of then-completed I-496 freeway to I-96 at Exit 106. The U.S. 127 freeway between Mason and I-96 (Exit 106) opened in 1966, resulting in a shift of U.S. 127 eastward from Cedar Street and Business Loop I-96 westward to its former alignment.1

Business Loop I-96 East
Business Loop I-96 begins at the diamond interchange with Interstate 96 as the freeway turns southward to combine with I-69 through Delta Township. The two routes meet Interstate 496 in four miles, with I-496 providing a direct route to Downtown Lansing. 11/05/11
The first marker for Business Loop I-96 appears after the southbound on-ramp for I-69 & 96. 11/05/11
Interstate 96 leaves the Lansing area for Portland and Grand Rapids. Francis Road follows to provide access from Grand River Avenue to I-69 east for Flint and Port Huron. 11/05/11
Business Loop I-96 West
Business Loop I-96 passes under the I-69 mainline ahead of Francis Road and the diamond interchange with Interstate 96. 11/05/11
Interstate 96 partitions with Interstate 69 north just south of the Business Loop I-96 end for Portland, Grand Rapids and Muskegan. 11/05/11
Beyond their split, Interstate 69 overtakes the former U.S. 27 corridor southward to Coldwater, Angola and Fort Wayne, Indiana while I-96 resumes eastward across south Lansing to Howell and Detroit. 11/05/11
An end shield follows the ramps with I-96 east ahead of a truck stop along Grand River Avenue (old U.S. 16) west. 11/05/11
Business Loop I-96 scenes
Francis Road ties into Business Spur I-96 (Grand River Avenue) just east of its end at I-96. The local road was relocated from its original path due to construction of Interstate 69 around the north side of Lansing. A loop ramp provides access to I-69 east to Flint just north of the business loop. 11/05/11

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