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Interstate 97 North
Once on the Exit 21 collector distributor lanes for the transition from U.S. 50-301 west to Interstate 97 north, the lanes pass the Maryland 665 (Exit 22) interchange. Afterward, the right lanes are signed for Interstate 97, while the left lane returns traffic back to U.S. 50-301 west. Photo taken 06/25/10.
The collector distributor lane splits when the left lane returns back to the U.S. 50 & 301 mainline, while Interstate 97 exits right. Northbound travelers reach Maryland 32 (Patuxent Freeway) west in seven miles. Photo taken 06/25/10.
The ramps from Interstate 595 & U.S. 50-301 combine just south of the Maryland 450 (Defense Highway) under pass. Interstate 97 north of Annapolis to Exit 7 is the most rural section of the freeway. The section was the most significant new construction for the freeway; it was completed around 1989. Each of the other segments (Maryland 3 upgrade between Exits 7 and 12 and Glen Burnie Bypass) required upgrades and interchange work through the 1990s. Photo taken 06/25/10.
This mileage sign provides the distance to Maryland 32 (Exit 7), Interstate 695 (Exit 16), and Baltimore. Interstate 97 does not enter the city of Baltimore; in fact, it might be the only two-digit Interstate highway that does not leave a single county, since it remains within Anne Arundel County. Photo taken 06/25/10.
West of Crownsville, Interstate 97 sees a second shield. A Maryland 32 trailblazer accompanies the marker. The Maryland 3 shield subsequently was removed since the state route was truncated by Interstate 97. Photo taken 06/02/03.
A wye interchange brings traffic onto Interstate 97 north from Maryland 178 (Generals Highway) beyond Crownsville. The ramps were originally a part of Maryland 32 before I-97 was completed. Maryland 32 begins in 1.50 miles at a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange near Millersville. Photo taken 06/25/10.
An auxiliary lane joins Interstate 97 north for the Patuxent Freeway beginning of Maryland 32 northwest to Odenton, Fort Meade, and Columbia. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Millersville Road passes over Interstate 97 ahead of the split with Maryland 32 west (Exit 7). Maryland 32 provides a connection to Maryland 3 (Robert Crain Highway) south to Bowie and a quick route to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Route 295), Interstate 95 and U.S. 29 near Columbia. Photo taken 06/25/10.
This sign bridge indicates that Maryland 3 (Robert Crain Highway) and Interstate 97 merge together to Glen Burnie. The state route however ends here, having linked the communities of Millersville, Crofton and Bowie with I-97. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 97 follows the original Glen Burnie Bypass from Exit 12 to Exit 15. Interstate 97 replaced a portion of the Maryland 3 alignment from Dorrs Corner to South Gate. What was originally Maryland 3 north remains in service as Veterans Highway parallel to the freeway. Photo taken 06/25/10.
An end sign assembly for Maryland 3 resides adjacent to the Maryland 178 (Generals Highway) end at Veterans Highway (old Maryland 3). Interstate 97 continues north solo to a parclo interchange with Veterans Highway at Benfield Boulevard (Exit 10). Photo taken 06/02/03.
Interstate 97 spans the Severn Run one half mile south of the Exit 10 off-ramp onto adjacent Veterans Highway. Veterans Highway continues north to Maryland 3 Business (Crain Highway) at Exit 12. Benfield Boulevard spurs east from the I-97 Business Park and Exit 10 to Benfield Road west of Lakeland. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 10 leaves Interstate 97 north for Veterans Highway south of Benfield Boulevard. Benfield Road stems east from Veterans Highway to Maryland 2 (Governor Ritchie Highway) at Severna Park. Photo taken 06/25/10.
State-named shield (the only posted along northbound) for Interstate 97 situated after the Exit 10 on-ramp from Benfield Boulevard. Interstate 97 straddles eastern reaches of the Severn Run Natural Environmental Area along this stretch. Photo taken 06/25/10.
A parclo interchange joins I-97 north with Veterans Highway north to Maryland 3 Business (Crain Highway) north into Glen Burnie and New Cut Road south. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Business Maryland 3 is a remnant of old Maryland 3, back when this section of Interstate 97 (the Glen Burnie Bypass) was part of that route. Now that Maryland 3 has been retracted southward to Exit 7, it seems logical that Business Maryland 3 should be renumbered since it no longer touches its parent route. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 12 loops over parallel Veterans Highway and merges onto that road from the right ahead of the intersection with Crain Highway (Maryland 3 Business north) and New Cut Road. Maryland 3 Business follows the Crain Highway to its merge with Maryland 2 (Governor Ritchie Highway) at Furnace Branch. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Maryland 174 (Quarterfield Road) crosses paths with Interstate 97 at the Exit 13 folded diamond interchange southwest of Glen Burnie. The next two interchanges serve interests to Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 97 (Glen Burnie Bypass) gains a fourth northbound lane between Exits 12 and 13 (Maryland 174). Maryland 174 represents a 5.94-mile route traveling between Maryland 3 Business (Crain Highway) west to Fort George G. Meade. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 13 departs Interstate 97 north for Maryland 174 (Quarterfield Road). Maryland 174 follows Donaldson Avenue west from Quarterfield Road to Stewart Corner and Severn. The state route replaced Maryland 554 southwest along Reece Road to Fort Meade when it was realigned from Quarterfield Road south to Ridgeway. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Upcoming MD 100 originates at Lake Shore to the east, changing into a freeway west of Jacobsville to MD 10 (Arundel Expressway) near Elvaton. The freeway continues northwest past Interstate 97, MD 295 and I-95, concluding at U.S. 29 north of Columbia. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 14 carries all traffic bound for Maryland 100 (Paul Pitcher Memorial Highway) in unison from Interstate 97 (Glen Burnie Bypass) north. Maryland 100 leads east to Maryland 177 (Mountain Road) ahead of Gibson Island and west to U.S. 29 near Ellicott City. Travelers bound for BWI Airport can use the route to Maryland 170 (Telegraph Road) north. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Now west of Glen Burnie, Interstate 97 next meets Maryland 176 (Dorsey Road) on the outskirts of Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Maryland 176 is a 5.68-mile east-west route between Maryland 648 at Glen Burnie and the Exit 9 vicinity of Maryland 100 near Dorsey. Photo taken 06/25/10.
What was originally a diamond interchange was rebuilt as a parclo interchange, tying Interstate 97 south with Maryland 162 (Aviation Boulevard) to the west. Exit 15A provides a direct route onto Dorsey Road east to Maryland 648 (Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard) to central Glen Burnie. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Stewart Avenue passes over Interstate 97 from MD 162 and 176 southeast to 4th Avenue SW in Glen Burnie. Exit 15A follows onto MD 176 (Dorsey Road) east. Exit 15B follows as a loop ramp onto Dorsey Road west ahead of MD 162. Collectively signed as the Airport Loop, MD 162, 170 and 176 encircle BWI Airport. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 15A leaves Interstate 97 (Glen Burnie Bypass) north for Maryland 176 east. Maryland 176 west to Maryland 162 provides one of two routes to the BWI Airport terminal. Maryland 162 travels just 2.31 miles between Dorsey Road and Maryland 170 (Camp Meade Road). Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 15B leaves I-97 north for MD 176 (Dorsey Road) west. MD 176 follows the south perimeter of BWI Airport to Harmans and MD 170 (Aviation Boulevard / Telegraph Road). The route's western extent to Dorsey was severed when MD 100 was completed west of Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Maryland 648 (Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard) heads northwest from Glen Burnie to meet Interstate 97 at the Exit 16 folded diamond interchange at Ferndale. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Maryland 648 heads north into Baltimore, ending at Maryland 295 south of downtown. Heading south, Maryland 648 heads southeast to meet Maryland 10 in Glen Burnie. Photo taken 06/25/10.
One mile south of Interstate 695 on I-97 north. Exit 17A connects with I-695 east across the Francis Scott Key Bridge and Exit 17B links with the beltway west to Linthicum. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Hazardous materials are not permitted in the Harbor Tunnel, so the Interstate 695 beltway is advisable. Interstate 97 north defaults onto Interstate 895 Spur leading directly north onto the Harbor Tunnel Thruway. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interests to the Port of Baltimore facilities of Locust Point should follow Interstate 695 west to Interstate 95 north and Dundalk/Seagirt via Interstate 695 east across the Key Bridge. Take Interstate 895 Spur north to reach the Fairfield/Masonville facilities. Photo taken 06/25/10.
The Port of Baltimore panel pictured previously replaced a pull-through alluding to Interstate 895 / Harbor Tunnel and Maryland 648 / Ferndale. Unsigned Interstate 895 Spur provides the connection to the Harbor Tunnel Thruway and it only leads onto Interstate 895 north. Photo taken 05/31/04.
Two lanes connect Interstate 97 north with Interstate 695 west via a wye interchange (Exit 17A). Interstate 695 winds along the west side of Baltimore through Landsdowne, Catonsville, Woodlawn and Pikesville. Exit 17B follows onto Interstate 695 east to Dundalk, Essex and Middle River. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 17A leaves the north end of Interstate 97 for Interstate 695 west. Interstate 695 reaches Towson and a brief merge with Interstate 83 north of Baltimore city. Connections with Interstate 70 lead drivers west to Frederick and Interstate 795 northwest to Reistertown and Westminster as well.
Maryland 648 appears for the first time and is accessible via a loop ramp onto Interstate 695 west ahead of Exit 5. There is no access to Exit 5 via Exit 17A since it enters the beltway from the left side. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 97 transitions into unsigned Interstate 895 Spur after the Exit 17B ramp departure to Interstate 695 east. Interstate 695 serves the industrial south side of Baltimore within the vicinity of the Francis Scott Key Bridge before turning north through the eastern suburbs. Connections with Interstate 95 carry travelers to Wilmington, Philadelphia, and New York City.
Interstate 895 Spur turns east and sees a second ramp to Interstate 695 west for aforementioned Maryland 648 near Ferndale. The road otherwise defaults onto Interstate 895 north ahead of the Harbor Tunnel toll plaza. Photo taken 06/25/10.
A couple of changes noticeable in the new overheads posted at Exit 17B: The pull-through panel now indicates "TO Interstate 895" and Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway instead of just the general "Interstate 895". Signage of the forthcoming ramp for Maryland 648 no longer indicates "TO Interstate 695 West", even though that is exactly what the ramp utilizes to reach Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard. Photo taken 06/02/03.

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