Interstate 99 south
Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 southbound reassurance markers posted between Bald Eagle and Tyrone. The rural freeway sees a 65 mph speed limit. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Two miles north of junction Pennsylvania 453 (Exit 48) on Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 southbound. Pennsylvania 453 serves the city of Tyrone on a north-south routing between U.S. 22 near Alexandria and Curwensville. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Pennsylvania 453 south connects with Pennsylvania 550 east. Pennsylvania 550 parallels the I-99 and U.S. 220 corridor northeast from the Tyrone area to State College. Pennsylvania 453 travels alongside the Little Juniata River to Birmingham and Spruce Creek on the nine-mile drive to U.S. 22 at Water Street. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Southbound at the partial-cloverleaf interchange with Pennsylvania 453 (11th & 10th Streets) in Tyrone. Pennsylvania 453 turns northward onto Pennsylvania Avenue with U.S. 220 Alternate through downtown Tyrone just west of the freeway. The state highway continues 12 miles northwest to Viola in southern Clearfield County. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Next in line for southbound travelers is the Exit 45 trumpet-interchange connector with U.S. 220 Alternate (Pleasant Valley Road). U.S. 220 Alternate parallels Interstate 99 to the west between the nearby communities of Tipton and Grazierville. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Murky conditions continue along Interstate 99 southbound beyond the Exit 45 off-ramp to Pleasant Valley Road. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Pennsylvania 865 begins at the Exit 41 diamond interchange near Bellwood. The state highway ventures 18 miles northwest from Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 to Pennsylvania 53 at Coalport. Pennsylvania 865 follows Logan and Tuckahoe Streets through Bellwood to Roots Crossing west of town. Skelp Mountain Road ties into the interchange from the east. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Pennsylvania 764, like Pennsylvania 865, also begins at an Interstate 99 interchange (Exit 39). The state highway travels west along Sabbath Rest Road to U.S. 220 Business (North Pleasant Valley Boulevard) nearby for an overlap through Pinecroft and Altoona. The routing serves Altoona's Oak Spring Winery. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Southbound at the Exit 39 ramp departure to Pennsylvania 764 (Sabbath Rest Road) southbound. Sabbath Rest Road enters the diamond interchange from Brush Mountain Road to the east. Pennsylvania 764 turns southward onto U.S. 220 Business at nearby Pinecroft, while Sabbath Rest Road continues west to Bellwood Avenue. Pennsylvania 764 ends at the U.S. 22 freeway south of Altoona otherwise. Photo taken 04/30/05.
The first Altoona interchange joins Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 with 17th Street at the Exit 33 partial-cloverleaf interchange. 17th Street heads west from the freeway into the Pleasant Valley and downtown areas of the city. Altoona began as a Pennsylvania Railroad staging area for construction of the line west from Harrisburg in 1849. By 1854, Altoona incorporated as a borough as construction proceeded on the nearby Horseshoe Curve section of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The railroad was completed in 1858 between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and Altoona continued to grow as a railroad town with incorporation as a city by 1868. The railroad industry fueled Altoona's growth to a peak of 82,000 residents in 1930.2 Railroad importance declined after World War II, and the city lost its edge as a regional employment center. The addition of Interstate 99 is hoped to spurn new economic development for Altoona to broaden the horizons of the city. More on the rich railroad history of Altoona can be found at Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum in downtown Altoona. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 southbound next meet Frankstown Road near the Blair County Ballpark in south Altoona. Frankstown Road constitutes an east-west route between Union Avenue (Pennsylvania 36) in Altoona to U.S. 22 (William Penn Highway) at Frankstown. The interchange serves the Lakemont Park & Island Waterpark nearby and Canoe Creek State Park 12 miles to the east. Built in 1894, Lakemont Park is the 8th oldest amusement park in the U.S. and is home to the oldest roller coaster, the 1902-built "Leap-the-Dips".3 Photo taken 04/30/05.
Southbound at the half-cloverleaf interchange with Frankstown Road. Frankstown Road meets U.S. 220 Business (Pleasant Valley Boulevard) at Pennsylvania 36 (Union Avenue) three blocks to the west. Pennsylvania 36 follows Union Street west through downtown to 18th Street en route to Ashville. Southward the state highway follows U.S. 220 Business to Logan Boulevard and Hollidaysburg. Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 220 Business follows Plank Road south from Pennsylvania 36 (Logan Boulevard) to meet Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 at Exit 31. Plank Road represents one of four north-south routes between Altoona and U.S. 22 in the Duncansville, Hollidaysburg, and Frankstown area. Photo taken 04/30/05.
The freeway curves west through the Exit 31 partial-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 220 Business (Plank Road). Plank Road intersects Convention Center Boulevard with connections to Pennsylvania 36 (Logan Boulevard) to the south and Charlotte Lane with connections to Pennsylvania 764 (6th Avenue) to the north. Photo taken 04/30/05.
A sign bridge partitions traffic along Exit 31 to Altoona (north) and Hollidaysburg (south). Plank Road continues the old U.S. 220 alignment southward 2.75 miles to U.S. 22 at Duncansville. Photo taken 04/30/05.
A mileage sign south of the Plank Road exit lists the distances to Bedford, the south end of Interstate 99, and Ebensburg, the west end of the U.S. 22 freeway leading away from Duncansville. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Exit 28 composes the junction between Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 and the U.S. 22 freeway between Duncansville and Ebensburg. U.S. 22 departs the freeway at the 6th Avenue interchange with Pennsylvania 764 just west of Exit 28. The US highway travels south with Pennsylvania 764 to 3rd Avenue in Duncansville, where it resumes an easterly course to Hollidaysburg, Frankstown and Huntingdon. Pennsylvania 764 ends at the U.S. 22 turn onto 3rd Avenue. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Motorists bound for U.S. 22 west to Ebensburg or east to Hollidaysburg depart Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 south at the Exit 28 directional-cloverleaf interchange. U.S. 22 constitutes a freeway west from Pennsylvania 764 (6th Avenue) to Gallitzin, Creeson, and Ebenburg. Connections with U.S. 219 and U.S. 422 serve Johnstown and Indiana respectively. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 are designated the Bud Shuster Highway, a name derived from the former U.S. Representative who signed Interstate 99's designation into law. The Altoona area congressman advocated the construction of the U.S. 220 freeway to improve the economic horizons of his hometown and the west-central Pennsylvania region. He later pushed successfully to have the freeway included into the Interstate system as I-99.4 Photo taken 04/30/05.
Pennsylvania 36 & 164 tie into Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 at the Exit 23 trumpet interchange between Leamersville and East Freedom. Exit 23 also sees the U.S. 220 Business departure for Claysburg and Sproul. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Southbound within the Exit 23 interchange on Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 south. Pennsylvania 36 enters the area from Hollidaysburg via Catfish Ridge Road to the north. Pennsylvania 36 & 164 merge for a 2.25-mile drive southeast to Roaring Spring and Pennsylvania 164 follows Johnstown Road west from U.S. 220 Business and East Freedom 15 miles to Portage. Photo taken 04/30/05.
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A scenic eight-mile drive awaits southbound motorists between East Freedom and King along Interstate 99 & U.S. 220. Views to the west reveal the town of Claysburg and the nearby mountains. Photos taken 04/30/05.
Old U.S. 220 ties into Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 at Exit 15 between the communities of King and Sproul. U.S. 220 Business travels west of Interstate 99 through Claysburg and Sproul, returning to the freeway at the forthcoming diamond interchange. Old U.S. 220 continues south alongside the freeway to King and Osterburg (junction Pennsylvania 869). Photo taken 04/30/05.
A diamond interchange handles the movements between Interstate 99 & U.S. 220, U.S. 220 Business & Old U.S. 220, and a local road from the east. Both routes cross into Bedford County within the next mile. King lies across the county line to the south while Sproul is a short distance to the north. Use Sproul Mountain Road or Ridge Road west for the community of Queen. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Peering westward at the Exit 15 ramp split between U.S. 220 Business north to Sproul and Claysburg and Old U.S. 220 south to King. Pennsylvania 2024 east links the interchange with Sproul Mountain Road and Ore Hill. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Bedford lies another 17 miles to the south along U.S. 220 at the junction with U.S. 30. U.S. 220 continues south from there along the Appalachian Thruway to Cumberland, Maryland and junction Interstate 68 and U.S. 40. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Two miles north of the Exit 10 diamond interchange with Sarah Furnace Road on Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 southbound. Sarah Furnace Road ventures west from the freeway to Imler. Mowrys Mill Road continues west from there to junction Pennsylvania 869 (Heritage Road) at Weyant. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Continuing south toward the Exit 10 off-ramp to Sarah Furnace Road. Exit 10 provides the most direct route to Blue Knob State Park via connections with Pennsylvania 869 (Burnt House Road) north. The park entails 5,874 acres of woodland in northwestern Bedford County along Pennsylvania 869. 12 feet of annual snowfall provides the Blue Knob Ski Resort with ample powder during the cold weather months. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Venturing south from Exit 10 toward Saint Clairsville and junction Pennsylvania 869 (Lumber Street). Photo taken 04/30/05.
Southbound mileage sign listing St. Clairsville and Bedford. Interstate 99 ends two miles north of the U.S. 220 interchange with U.S. 30 at Bedford. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Pennsylvania 869 (Lumber Street / Brumbaugh Road) arcs southward from Weyant through Osterburg and Saint Clairsville to New Enterprise. The state highway intersects Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 at the Exit 7 diamond interchange adjacent to Old U.S. 220. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Exit 3 sees the departure of the Bedford U.S. 220 Business loop at junction Pennsylvania 56 (Quaker Valley Road). Pennsylvania 56 travels southeast from Johnstown and Pleasantville to Cessna and Wolfsburg. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Exit 3 departs Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 southbound at the Pennsylvania 56 & U.S. 220 Business south diamond interchange. Pennsylvania 56 & U.S. 220 Business briefly share pavement before splitting on southward routes to Wolfsburg and Bedford respectively. Meanwhile Johnstown lies 27 miles to the northwest via Pennsylvania 56. Photo taken 04/30/05.
The final reassurance shield assembly for Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 southbound, posted near Yount and Exit 3. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Interstate 99 end shield posted alongside a U.S. 220 southbound reassurance marker near Bedford. U.S. 220 continues as a freeway southward to U.S. 30 west of Bedford itself. The U.S. route follows the Appalachian Thruway southward from Bedford 28 miles to Interstate 68 near Cumberland, Maryland. Photo taken 10/08/01.
The two-mile guide sign for Exit 1 of Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 southbound resides near the Pennsylvania 56 (Pennsyl Hollow Road) over crossing southwest of Cessna. Interstate 99 officially ends at Exit 1 although the U.S. 220 freeway continues south. The designation coincides with the trumpet interchange and access road to U.S. 220 Business north of Bedford. U.S. 220 Business provides the connection between Interstate 99 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstates 70 & 76). Photo taken 04/30/05.
Traffic to U.S. 220 Business for Interstates 70 & 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) departs Interstate 99 & U.S. 220 southbound at Exit 1. An access road stems east from the trumpet interchange to U.S. 220 Business (Richard Street) near the Bedford County Airport and Exit 146 interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Interstate 70 & 76 overlap between Breezewood and New Stanton in southwestern Pennsylvania. Photo taken 10/08/01.
An overhead sign assembly replaces the ground-level sign for Exit 1 (junction Interstates 70-76). Interstates 70-76 split 15 miles to the eat of Bedford at Breezewood. From there Interstate 70 heads south to Hancock, Maryland while Interstate 76 continues east to Harrisburg. Interstates 70 & 76 head 36 miles west to to Somerset otherwise. Photo taken 04/30/05.


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