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One of the shortest routes in the Interstate system, IH 110 totals just 0.891 miles from IH 10 and U.S. 54 (Patriot Freeway) south to the Cordova Port of Entry. Traffic along IH 110, both to and from IH 10, travels independent of the U.S. 54 mainline along a ramp system. TxDOT however recognizes IH 110 along the Patriot Freeway center line from the wye interchange with U.S. 54 north to the center line of IH 10.

Presently there is a mainline interchange with U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive), located just north of the border crossing. The Connect I-10 project currently under study, will remove those ramps in favor of an expanded IH 110 leading south to the Bridge of the Americas.

Interstate 110 runs through Chamizal National Memorial, which was formerly disputed land between Mexico and the United States. In 1864, the Rio Grande shifted course further into Mexico, leading to the border dispute. It was finally settled in 1964, with the land turned into a park on both sides of the river.

IH 110 was commissioned in 1967, and completed in 1973. Some road maps from the 1970's showed IH 110 extending north along the Patriot Freeway (U.S. 54), however this was never the case. The route was unmarked until 2010, when guide signs north from the port of entry, and south from U.S. 54 included IH 110.

Interstate 110 North
Travelers entering Mexico on the Bridge of the Americas partition through the customs stations ahead of ramps for both the northbound beginning of Interstate 110 and the exit for U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive). 04/25/17
Guide sign replacements made by 2010 added a shield for IH 110 alongside trailblazers for IH 10, U.S. 54 and U.S. 180. 04/25/17
The northbound roadway lowers with two lanes through the three-level interchange with U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive). 07/31/06
U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive) leads west from IH 110 to Downtown El Paso and its southern terminus at the International border. U.S. 62 follows Paisano Drive northeast to combine with U.S. 180 at IH 10 en route to El Paso International Airport (ELP). 04/25/17
Ramps between IH 110 and Paisano Drive meet at signalized intersections below the U.S. 62 mainline. U.S. 62 runs between the El Paso street grid and Chamizal National Memorial to the immediate west. 04/25/17
The northbound on-ramp to IH 110 from U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive) includes local access to San Antonio Street for a small neighborhood bound by the two routes and U.S. 54 (Patriot Freeway). 04/25/17
Curving east alongside San Antonio Avenue, IH 110 momentarily expands to three northbound lanes and elevates onto a flyover across U.S. 54 (Patriot Freeway). Traffic again partitions in 0.4 miles for the Patriot Freeway north and IH 10 & U.S. 180 east. 04/25/17
Running alongside the U.S. 54 northbound roadway, IH 110 passes over Alameda Avenue just ahead of the separation for the IH 10 & U.S. 180 eastbound flyover to Van Horn and the slip ramp onto U.S. 54. 04/25/17
The connection from IH 110 north to IH 10 & U.S. 180 west toward Downtown El Paso utilizes the loop ramp (Exit 21B) from U.S. 54 east. 04/25/17
High speed flyovers span both IH 110-U.S. 54 and IH 10-U.S. 180. 04/25/17
Exit 21B departs U.S. 54 north as Interstate 110 ends. U.S. 54 extends along the Patriot Freeway northward to Fort Bliss and Northeast El Paso while Interstate 10 & U.S. 180 arc northwest through El Paso to Vinton, Anthony and Las Cruces, New Mexico. 04/25/17
Interstate 110 South
Flyovers from IH 10 combine into a two-roadway leading Interstate 110 south alongside U.S. 54 (Patriot Freeway). There is no direct access to the south end of the Patriot Freeway. 04/25/17
U.S. 54 (Patriot Freeway) south splits with two lanes joining IH 110 south to the Bridge of the Americas and subsequent ramps for U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive) and the Loop 375 freeway. 04/25/17
The IH 110 ramps from IH 10 partition into single lane ramps for U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive) and the Cordova port of entry. Truckers headed south to Juarez, Mexico are directed to use the U.S. 62 ramps to access the right lanes of the forthcoming customs station. 04/25/17
A small mileage sign references Chihuahua City, capital of Chihuahua, Mexico. The city of over 800,000 lies 233 miles south of IH 110 via Mexico 45 and the Mexico 45D toll road. 04/25/17
Standard with border crossings into Mexico, signs advise travelers of firearm restrictions. 04/25/17
South Stevens Street ties into the off-ramp from IH 110 to U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive). An overhead references the adjacent Bridge of the Americas. A previous assembly here displayed overheads for U.S. 62 and SL 375. 04/25/17
U.S. 62 parallels Loop 375 to the north along Paisano Drive, a four-lane arterial west by Chamizal National Memorial to Downtown El Paso. 04/25/17
Ramps from IH 110 and U.S. 62 intersect one another as part of a volleyball interchange. U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive) continues east to meet U.S. 54 (Patriot Freeway) nearby, El Paso Zoo and El Paso County Coliseum. 04/25/17
The southbound on-ramp from U.S. 62 (Paisano Drive) leads directly into the Cordova port of entry. A final U-turn lies 700 feet north of the Paisano Drive overpass. 04/25/17
The IH 110 southbound mainline passes below the three level interchange with Paisano Drive with two through lanes. 07/31/06
IH 110 ends as the southbound roadway rises into the Cordova International Bridge (Bridge of the Americas) port of entry. The Bridge of the Americas links El Paso with Mexico 45. 04/25/17

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