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Interstate 115 provides part of a direct route from I-15 east & I-90 north to Downtown Butte from a wye interchange (Exit 124) near Rocker. The 1.194 mile freeway spurs east to an exit with Excelsior Avenue before ending as Iron Street along a residential strip preceding Montana Street. Business Loop I-15 & I-90 overlap with the freeway to Montana Street north and the historic district of Butte.

Interstate 115 Business Loop I-90 East Business Loop I-15 North
Interstate 115 stems east from I-15 north & 90 east from a left side ramp (Exit 124). 07/05/16
The first set of shields for the three-way overlap of I-115 east, Business Loop I-15 north & I-90 east stands within the wye interchange at I-15 & 90. 07/05/16
Eastbound I-115 expands to two lanes ahead of the 1964-overpass above Interstate 15 south & 90 west. 07/05/16
The Silver Bow Creek valley spreads into view to the southeast as Interstate 115 approaches Exit 1 with Excelsior Avenue. Excelsior Avenue connects I-115 with public works areas of Butte and other industrial businesses to the south along Centennial Avenue. 07/05/16
Goldflint Mountain and other peaks rise along the Continental Divide along the east side of Butte as the roadways of I-115 converge ahead of Exit 1. Excelsior Avenue north to Park Street leads drivers to the campus of Montana Tech. 07/05/16
Exit 1 departs from I-115 east & Business Loop I-15 & 90 for adjacent Excelsior Avenue. Excelsior Avenue north provides a direct route to Walkerville Drive and the town of Walkerville. 07/05/16
Speed limits quickly reduce to 35 miles per hour as I-115 passes over Excelsior Avenue. 07/05/16
A second confirming marker for I-115 appears after Excelsior Avenue, despite the speed limit reduction. 07/05/16
Interstate 115 ends as Business Loop I-15 north & 90 east transition onto Iron Street. Iron Street extends three blocks east to Montana Street (former U.S. 10 and U.S. 91). 07/05/16
Interstate 115 Business Loop I-90 West Business Loop I-15 South
On-street parking for residences along Iron Street gives way to a controlled access freeway beyond Clark Street. The first reassurance marker for Interstate 115 stands just west of the last house. 07/07/16
A concrete median separates the four lane freeway as I-115 enters a folded diamond interchange (Exit 1) with Excelsior Avenue. 07/07/16
Exit 1 loops away from Interstate 115 west for Excelsior Avenue. Excelsior Avenue travels through west Butte to the town of Walkerville. 07/07/16
The freeway roadways diverge west from Exit 1 for the pending merge with Interstate 15 south & 90 west. 07/07/16
Trailblazers for I-15 & I-90 take the place of Business Loop shields again at the second and last confirming marker for Interstate 115. 08/09/16
Traffic along I-115 west reduces to a single lane ahead of the merge with I-15 south & 90 west at Whiskey Gulch. 08/09/16
The area terrain sees a roadway separation along I-15 & 90 as well. The tandem continue west to Rocker and Nissler, where they part ways for Dillon and Missoula respectively. 08/09/16
Interstate 115 scenes
Excelsior Avenue curves northeast from Centennial Avenue to meet the lone interchange of Interstate 115 by Hamblin Heights mobile home park. 08/09/16
The westbound on-ramp for I-115 leads motorists onto Interstate 15 south & 90 west to Rocker and western outskirts of Butte. 08/09/16
Freeway entrance sign posted at the westbound on-ramp for Interstate 115. Despite being by the urban area of Butte, cattle guards are used here. 08/09/16
Excelsior Avenue lowers from the residential street grid of west Butte into a folded diamond interchange with Interstate 115. The westbound on-ramp references Dillon for I-15 south and Missoula for I-90 west. 08/09/16
The Interstate 115 overpass above Excelsior Avenue dates back to 1955. 08/09/16
Excelsior Avenue turns west and parallels I-115 at the eastbound on-ramp to Iron Street and Business Loop I-15 north & I-90 east. Excelsior Avenue continues west below Interstates 15 & 90 to become an unpaved road west toward Rocker. 08/09/16

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