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Interstate 124 overlays U.S. 27 north from the Big Scramble Interchange with I-24 to Downtown Chattanooga and the P.R. Olgiati Bridge spanning the Tennessee River. The 1.95 mile long route is unmarked, with signs only referencing the freeway as U.S. 27. A remaining sign for I-124 was posted at the 4th Street end of the Olgiati Bridge until at least 1998. Most of the I-124 signs were replaced with U.S. 27 several years before due to confusion among non-local motorists with identifying I-24 versus I-124.1

Underway from December 2015 to Fall 2020, a $142.9 million project reconstructed 2.29 miles of U.S. 27, including the entire length of Interstate 124. The freeway was originally built in the 1950s and early 1960s. Work straightened out an S-curve, expanded the capacity to six overall lanes plus auxiliary lanes, modified interchanges at W Main Street, MLK Boulevard and E 4th Street, and replaced several bridges. The Ogliati Bridge was also widened with an additional lane per direction and outside shoulders.

U.S. 27 extends northward along a freeway from Chattanooga to Red Bank, Soddy Daisy and SR 111. SR 111 continues the freeway west to U.S. 127 at Dunlap. This section was never apart of Interstate 124.

Entrance ramps from Broad Street north and Williams Street south converge with U.S. 27 northbound to I-124 through the Big Scramble Interchange. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Exit 1 formerly was a loop ramp joining I-124/U.S. 27 with Main Street directly. Photo taken 01/21/13.
I-124/U.S. 27 navigate through an S-curve west of W. Max Finley Stadium. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Renumbered to Exit 1A, Exit 1 to Main Street was replaced by a ramp to parallel Carter Street at W 13th Street. Photo taken 01/21/13.
The cloverleaf interchange with Martin Luther King Boulevard (SR 316) east was rebuilt and renumbered to Exit 1B. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Downtown Chattanooga at Martin Luther King Boulevard (SR 316). Photo taken 01/21/13.
The S-curve at the parclo interchange with 4th Street (SR 389) was straightened out during 2015-2020 construction. The exchange was rebuilt into a diamond. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Interstate 124 concludes as U.S. 27 shifts onto the P.R. Olgiati Bridge across the Tennessee River. Photo taken 01/21/13.
The Olgiati Bridge was previously reconstructed in 2003 with provisions built in for the eventual widening in 2019. Photo taken 01/21/13.
U.S. 27 crosses the P.R. Olgiati Bridge with eight overall lanes. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Riverfront Parkway, which passes below the Olgiati Bridge without direct access, was formerly a part of State Route 58. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Interstate 124 commences southbound at Exit 1C with W 4th Street (SR 389). The exchange was rebuilt from a parclo into a diamond with the freeway mainline straightened out to eliminate an S-curve. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Exit 1B was replaced with a frontage road extending south from Exit 1C at 4th Street to 6th Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Photo taken 01/21/13.
The loop ramp (Exit 1A) for Martin Luther King Boulevard (SR 316) east into Downtown Chattanooga was retained during 2015-20 roadwork. Photo taken 01/21/13.
I-124/U.S. 27 navigate through an S-curve across W Main Street and Riverfront Parkway ahead of the three-wye interchange with Interstate 24. Photo taken 01/21/13.
U.S. 27 joins a c/d roadway along I-24 eastbound through the Big Scramble Interchange. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Lookout Mountain appears to the southwest from the S-curve taking I-124/U.S. 27 across W 20th Street. Photo taken 01/21/13.
I-24 heads west around Lookout Mountain into north Georgia, where it connects with I-59 south to Birmingham, Alabama. Photo taken 01/21/13.
Interstate 24 curves across the top level of the Big Scramble Interchange with I-124/U.S. 27. Photo taken 01/21/13.
The ramp taking U.S. 27 south onto I-24 east joins the c/d roadway ahead of ramps for U.S. 11-41-64-72 (Broad Street) and Williams Street. Photo taken 01/21/13.

  1. "No Signs, But It's Still There" Chattanooga Times Free Press (TN), September 2, 1998.

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