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Posted below are former signs for Interstate 164 along what is now I-69 north.

Veterans Memorial Parkway - East
What was the first sign for Interstate 164 and U.S. 41 posted along Veterans Memorial Parkway eastbound. 05/27/11
One half mile ahead of the former transition of Veterans Memorial Parkway east to Interstate 164 north. The controlled access route now becomes Interstate 69. 05/27/11
Interstate 164 began as the collector distributor roadway departed for U.S. 41 north to Downtown Evansville and south to Henderson, Kentucky. All signs for I-164 were changed for I-69 by late 2014. 05/27/11
Interstate 164 East
U.S. 41 continued north from Interstate 164 through the heart of Evansville. The route joins the city with Vincennes, though traveling town is probably not the best way to go. 05/27/11
Interstate 164 was signed as an east-west route for the five mile stretch between U.S. 41 and SR 662. This was the first reassurance marker. 05/27/11
Interstate 164 reassurance marker formerly posted beyond the parclo interchange (Exit 3) with Green River Road. 05/27/11
Shields for Interstate 164 used north/south cardinal direction banners from Exit 5 to Interstate 64 and the former beginning of I-69. 05/27/11
Interstate 164 angled northwest from SR 66 (Lloyd Expressway) to SR 62 (Morgan Avenue). 05/27/11
Interstate 164 transitioned into rural areas north of Lynch Road (Exit 10). The freeway crossed over Olmstead Road and Pigeon Creek over the next two miles. 05/27/11
Interstate 164 northbound after Exit 15 with Boonville New Harmony Road. The freeway parallels the Warren County line just to the west on this stretch. 05/27/11
Interstate 164 Indiana State Road 57 North
This used to be final shield of I-164 north. SR 57 also travels this stretch but was not acknowledged on reassurance markers. 05/27/11
Prior to the extension of Interstate 69 north to Crane, the northbound control point for the freeway spur to SR 68 utilized the SR 57 destination of Petersburg. This city was greened out when I-69 was completed to U.S. 231 in November 2012. 05/27/11

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