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Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east
What was the first shield posted for Interstate 182 as the freeway travels between Candy and Badger Mountains from Goose Gap. The replacement assembly acknowledges U.S. 12. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Eastbound mileage sign posted three miles west of Washington 240 and five miles from the Richland city center. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 3 with Queensgate Drive is the first of three interchanges along Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 that serve the city of Richland. Richland is home to 48,058 as of the 2010 census and incorporated on April 28, 1910. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Queensgate Drive connects Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 with Keene Road. Keene Road leads northwest into the city of West Richland. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Travelers bound for the U.S. Department of Energy Hanford Site or the Port of Benton should remain along the eastbound freeway to Exit 4 with Washington 240 (Bypass Highway). Photo taken 08/28/06.
Keene Road passes over Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 adjacent to former railroad line (now a rail trail). The freeway previously entered the city of Richland at this point, but now the municipal boundaries extend westward to near Dallas Road and Badger Mountain. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Queensgate Drive arcs northward from Keene Road to the Exit 3 parclo interchange with Interstate 182. Duportail Street connects the arterial with Keene Road north of the freeway. The intersection between Queensgate and Duportail is home to retail shopping and an industrial park. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Washington 240 meets Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 at the next exit in Richland. The state route follows a four-lane divided highway (Bypass Highway) southward from Jadwin Avenue to merge with the eastbound freeway briefly. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 span the Yakima River ahead of the Government Railroad overpass and Exit 4 trumpet interchange with Bypass Highway north. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 4 loops onto Washington 240 (Bypass Highway) westbound ahead of Aaron Drive east to Wellsian Way north. SR 240 joins Richland with the Hanford area and Washington 24 near the Vernita Bridge over the Columbia River. SR 24 east to SR 243 north leads to Interstate 90 near Vantage. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 182, U.S. 12 & Washington 240 east
Traffic from Washington 240 east merges onto Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east to Exit 5A. The state route departs in one half mile for a freeway leading east to Kennewick and the Blue Bridge (U.S. 395). Photo taken 08/28/06.
Construction underway at the time of these photographs involved capacity expansion between Interstate 182, SR 240 east and George Washington Way north. Completed on June 7, 2007, the SR 240 expansion project added lanes between Richland and Kennewick and included a new Yakima River Bridge (opened in 2005) and a redesign of the Richland Wye interchange.
Washington 240 otherwise follows the original U.S. 12 freeway to U.S. 395 at the foot of the Blue Bridge. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east
Exit 5B of the directional cloverleaf interchange connects Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east with George Washington Way north to the Richland city center. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Drivers loop onto George Washington Way northbound at Exit 5B. The downtown route serves interests to Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science, and Technology (CREHST) Museum and the WSU Tri Cities Campus in north Richland. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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2 photos
Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 span Lake Wallula of the Columbia River by Columbia Point and enter Franklin County. The first of the twin spans across the river was dedicated on November 27, 1984. Photos taken 08/28/06.
The first of five Pasco city exits is the Exit 7 parclo interchange with Broadmoor Boulevard in the growing western reaches of the city. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Broadmoor Boulevard name changes to Road 100 south of Welsh Drive and continues to West Court Street. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 7 departs Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east for Broadmoor Boulevard. Broadmoor Boulevard ends a short distance north of Sandifur Parkway adjacent to a pair of subdivisions. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 bend southeastward and next meet Road 68 at a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 9). Photo taken 08/28/06.
The Trade, Recreation and Agricultural Center (TRAC) lies northeast of Exit 9 and Road 68 along Burden Boulevard. Adjacent to the entertainment complex is the 1995-opened Gesa Stadium (Dust Devils Stadium), home of the Tri-City Dust Devils minor league baseball team. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Road 68 leaves the city northward to become Taylor Flats Road and heads south from Exit 9 into the unincorporated Riverview community. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Next in line for eastbound drivers is the trumpet interchange with the U.S. 395 freeway leading south to the Blue Bridge and Kennewick (Exit 12A). A parclo interchange (Exit 12B) follows with 20th Avenue. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Speed limits lower to 60 mph on the approach to Exit 12A (U.S. 395 south). The U.S. 395 freeway sees an interchange with West Court Street just south of Interstate 182 & U.S. 12. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A collector distributor roadway joins I-182/U.S. 12 eastbound with U.S. 395 south and 20th Avenue (Exit 12B). 20th Avenue leads north from the Pasco street grid to Columbia Basin College and the passenger terminal of Tri-Cities Airport (PSC). Photo taken 08/28/06.
Eastbound at the partition with the Exit 12 c/d roadway for U.S. 395 south and 20th Avenue. U.S. 395 follows a freeway from Interstate 182 across the Blue Bridge to SR 240 and Columbia Drive. The US Highway continues through southwest Kennewick to Interstate 82 east for Umatilla and Hermiston, Oregon. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Overall U.S. 395 travels 1,305 miles from the Canadian border at Laurier to Hesperia, California. The US Route travels south from the Tri-Cities to Pendleton, Reno, Carson City, and Bishop and used to continue south to San Bernardino and San Diego until truncation in 1973. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 182 U.S. 12 East U.S. 395 North
U.S. 395 northbound merges onto the eastbound freeway from the Exit 12 c/d roadway as Exit 12B departs for 20th Avenue. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Interstate 182, U.S. 12 and U.S. 395 reassurance shield assembly posted after the 20th Avenue on-ramp. A sound wall separates the freeway from the residential areas to the south. Photo taken 08/03/11.
One half mile west of the folded diamond interchange with North 4th Avenue south to the Pasco city center. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Exit 13 leaves Interstate 182, U.S. 12 and U.S. 395 eastbound for North 4th Avenue. 4th Avenue continues north from the freeway to industrial parks along the east side of Tri-Cities Airport and a large rail yard for the BNSF Railroad. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 182-U.S. 12 east & U.S. 395 north on the quarter-mile approach to a full cloverleaf interchange (Exit 14) with the U.S. 395 expressway leading north to Eltopia, Connell and Ritzville and Washington 397 (Oregon Street) south to the Cable Bridge. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Shields for Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east posted at the bridge over the BNSF Railroad yard. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Oregon Avenue carries SR 397 southward from its beginning at Exit 14 to Ainsworth Street near the Port of Pasco. Washington 397 totals 22.31 miles from Interstate 182 southeast to Finley and west over the 2008-completed I-82 to SR 397 Intertie project to Exit 114 of Interstate 82. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 14 leaves the Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 mainline as a collector distributor roadway. U.S. 395 departs the freeway via Exit 14B for a northeasterly course to Spokane (via Interstate 90 east). Photo taken 08/28/06.
Motorists bound for Washington 397 (Oregon Avenue) southbound exit the c/d roadway from Interstate 182 east. Washington 397 crosses the Columbia River along the September 16, 1978-opened Cable Bridge. Photo taken 08/03/11.
U.S. 395 parts ways with Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east, turning northward along a freeway to Kartchner Street. Ritzville and the merge with Interstate 90 lie 71 miles to the northeast.
Meanwhile U.S. 12 continues east from Interstate 182, 47 miles to Walla Walla and 144 miles to its original western terminus at Lewiston, Idaho. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east
Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 turn southeastward and approach a six-ramp parclo interchange with East Lewis Street and Pasco-Kahlotus Road. Pasco-Kahlotus Road winds 41 miles northeastward to Kahlotus and the junction of Washington 260 and 263. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Commercial Avenue, a westbound side frontage road, serves industrial park areas to Kartchner Street and its interchange with U.S. 395. East Lewis Street west from Heritage Boulevard and East Lewis Place represent the original alignment of U.S. 410 and U.S. 12 into the Pasco city center. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A formal end shield for Interstate 182 precedes the Lewis Street off-ramp. U.S. 12 continues as a freeway to the at-grade intersection with East A Street. Photo taken 08/28/06.


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