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Interstate 195 East
Drivers connect to Interstate 195 east from Interstate 95 south via a flyover ramp spanning the 36th Street Interchange. The freeway will see three exits to its end at SR 907 (Alton Road) in Miami Beach. Not signed, SR 112 continues along I-195 east from the Airport Expressway to Alton Road where it joins Arthur Godfrey Road. Photo taken 03/04/14.
I-195 east traffic will meet North Miami Avenue (Exit 2A) at a half diamond interchange in one-quarter mile. Miami Avenue parallels U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard) through central Miami north to SR 826 (NE 167th Street). Photo taken 03/04/14.
A two-lane ramp leaves the I-195 viaduct for North Miami Avenue as three lanes continue east toward the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Miami Avenue serves as the dividing line for the quadrant-based prefix street designations within Miami city limits. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The final mainland exit for Interstate 195 occurs in 0.5 miles at U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard). Exit 2B also serves as the southern terminus for U.S. 27 which follows NE 36th Street parallel to the freeway. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The freeway will reach Miami Beach city limits in three miles on the east side of the Julia Tuttle bridge and causeway system. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 195 prepares to cross over NE 1st Avenue near this reassurance shield. This section of I-195 between the 36th Street Interchange and upcoming U.S. 1 was the final piece built for the spur Interstate. Photo taken 04/01/14.
A loop ramp facilitates movements from I-195 east to NE 36th Street to U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard). U.S. 1 follows Biscayne Boulevard south to Downtown Miami and north to Hallandale Beach. U.S. 27 north meanwhile begins nearby at U.S. 1, following NE 36th Street west to Okeechobee Road and points north. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Traffic merges from NE 36th Street onto Interstate 195 east at the base of the Julia Tuttle Causeway across Biscayne Bay. Opening December 12, 1959 and costing nearly $14 million to build1, the causeway was the first finished section of the Miami expressway system.2 Photo taken 03/04/14.
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3 photos
3 photos
Originally touted as the 36th Street bridge, the Julia Tuttle Causeway was dedicated to the early pioneer who was instrumental in establishing the city of Miami. The causeway system involves this 2,150 foot span over the Intracoastal Waterway and a shorter span (1,138 feet) on the east side of the bay. Stunning views of the Miami skyline and of the high-rises along Miami Beach can be seen from atop the initial span. Photo taken 03/04/14. Second photo taken 03/04/14. Third photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 195 east reaches the island portion of the Julia Tuttle Causeway. The land mass stretches 1.4 miles along the freeway between the two bridges of the causeway system. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The freeway formally enters Miami Beach city limits near the halfway point across the causeway. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Motorists will travel over the second span on the approach to SR 907 (Exit 5). SR 907 follows Alton Road on the west side of Miami Beach linking I-195 with the Miami Beach Convention Center and the Art Deco Historic District. Photo taken 03/04/14.
View of Interstate 195 east from the apex of the second span over Biscayne Bay. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Traffic leaves Interstate 195 for SR 907 as the freeway curves northeast to its end at nearby SR 907A. SR 907 follows a bypass of Alton Road to accommodate the Exit 5 interchange while its counterpart SR 907A remains on the local section of Alton Road. The bypass and local sections of Alton Road reconvene north and south of Exit 5. Use Arthur Godfrey Road (SR 112) to reach Florida A1A. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The ramp from I-195 east toward SR 907 splits ahead to northbound and southbound Alton Road. Use SR 907 north to reach area hospitals (Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Miami Heart Campus) and south to the Miami Beach Convention Center. Photo taken 03/25/06.
Lush landscape and a decorative welcome sign adorn the side of the freeway after the ramp split to SR 907 (Exit 5). Photo taken 03/04/14.
Drivers are advised to reduce speed on the one-quarter mile approach to the end of the I-195 freeway ahead of Alton Road (SR 907A). Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 195 east comes to an official end as it spans the Alton Road bypass ahead of the signalized intersection with Alton Road local. Though not signed Arthur Godfrey Road carries SR 112 for the duration between Alton Road and Florida A1A north (Collins Avenue). An I-195 END shield assembly once stood at roadside but was removed sometime before 2008 and never replaced. Photo taken 03/04/14.
SR 112 east (Arthur Godfrey Road)
Arthur Godfrey Road (SR 112) east meets Alton Road (SR 907A) immediately following the end of the I-195 freeway in Miami Beach. Overall, Alton Road stems north and south providing a western alternative to busy Florida A1A (Collins Avenue). For a brief time period in the early 1960s, Business Spur I-195 followed Arthur Godfrey Road from Alton Road to Florida A1A. Photo taken 03/04/14.
A high-density commercialized corridor, traffic along Arthur Godfrey Road between Meridian Avenue and Florida A1A south (Indian Creek Drive) is often congested and slow going. Meridian Avenue parallels nearby Biscayne Waterway and connects Arthur Godfrey Road with Polo Park. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Immediately following Biscayne Waterway Arthur Godfrey Road encounters a parade of traffic signals, the first being at Chase Avenue. The local road links SR 112 with Miami Beach Golf Club (via SR 907) to the south and Muss Park to the north. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Prairie Avenue is a residential street leading south through the Bayshore neighborhood to Dade Boulevard and north to West 47th Street. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Another residential street, Royal Palm Avenue connects Arthur Godfrey Road to West 28th Street on the south end with West 47th Street on the north end. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Like its two predecessors Sheridan Avenue reaches the residential areas along central Miami Beach, linking with Pine Tree Drive to the north and south. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Arthur Godfrey Road (SR 112) reaches Pine Tree Drive on the approach to Indian Creek. Pine Tree Drive constitutes a divided boulevard stretching from SR 907 (West 63rd Street) south to Dade Boulevard near the Miami Beach Convention Center. Photo taken 03/04/14.
SR 112 east as it nears Florida A1A south (Indian Creek Drive) in the Mid-Beach neighborhood. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Florida A1A south follows Indian Creek Drive through the Mid-Beach neighborhood connecting with Collins Avenue at both ends. Use State Road A1A south to reach Downtown Miami Beach and South Beach. SR 112 continues east one more block to its end at Florida A1A north (Collins Avenue). Photo taken 03/04/14.

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