Business Spur I-196 branches eastward from Interstate 196 at Exit 72 for industrial areas along a CSX Railroad line. The 4.15 mile route follows Chicago Drive eastward to Grandville Avenue / Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard to Franklin Street and Exit 83B of the U.S. 131 freeway.1

The Grand Rapids business route for I-196 follows the former alignment of M-21 Business. Interstate 196 opened to traffic from Exit 69 eastward to I-96 on December 14, 1964 to augment the route of Michigan 21. Business Loop I-196 was established in 1973 over M-21 Business when I-196 was completed between Exits 44 and 69.1

Business Spur I-196 West
Business Spur I-196 commences from U.S. 131 southbound at Exit 83B in Grand Rapids. A sharp ramp connects with Sheridan Avenue west to Franklin Street. The business loop runs 4.15 miles to Wyoming and I-196 at Exit 72. 08/29/07
Exit 83B links Business Spur I-196 with Century Avenue along the west side of U.S. 131 at Rumsey Street. 11/05/09
Business Spur I-196 (Sheridan Avenue) turns onto Franklin Street west beyond Century Avenue. 11/05/09
The first reassurance marker for Business Spur I-196 appears at Sheridan Avenue, just west of U.S. 131. Franklin Street carries the route two blocks to Grandville Avenue / Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard southwest through the Roosevelt Park community. 11/05/09
Business Spur I-196 East
Sheridan Avenue links Business Spur I-196 (Franklin Street) east with Century Avenue and U.S. 131 south. 11/05/09
Sheridan Avenue east intersects Century Avenue across from the entrance ramp for U.S. 131 south to Kalamazoo. 11/05/09
Business Spur I-196 east concludes where Franklin Street meets the ramps with U.S. 131 northbound. The freeway along U.S. 131 leads north past Downtown Grand Rapids to Cadillac and Manton. 11/05/09

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