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Interstate 225 South
Interstate 225 spans Smith Road and the Union Pacific Railroad line to the immediate south of Interstate 70. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Back to back diamond interchanges (Exit 10) join I-225 with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus over the next 1.1 miles. U.S. 40 & 287 follow Colfax Avenue along the Adams and Arapahoe County line east from forthcoming Exit 10 to Interstate 70 near E-470. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The freeway shifts eastward after crossing Sand Creek on the half mile approach to Exit 10. Sound walls separate Interstate 225 from the adjacent Morris Heights subdivisions on this stretch. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Doubling as Business Loop I-70, U.S. 40 & 287 extend west along a commercial boulevard into Denver at the East Colfax neighborhood. The tandem continue through Downtown to separate at Federal Boulevard. Historically Colfax Avenue also carried a portion of U.S. 36. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Two lanes separate from the southbound Interstate 225 mainline for the collector distributor roadway (Exit 10) to 17th Place and U.S. 40-287 (Colfax Avenue). Business Loop I-70 is omitted from all guide signs at Exit 10. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Construction from 2010 to 2012 extended 17th Place east from the Anschutz (Fitzsimons) medical campus to Interstate 225. The Colfax Avenue (U.S. 40-287 & Business Loop I-70) ramps were realigned onto c/d roadways intersecting 17th Place. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The parallel R-line comes into view as Interstate 225 spans Colfax Avenue. Advancing south, motorists next meet Colorado 30 (East 6th Avenue) at a diamond interchange (Exit 9). Photo taken 08/11/16.
Colorado 30 forms a U-shaped route 20.33 along 6th Avenue, Havana Street and Hampden Avenue west to Interstate 25 at University Hills in Denver and 6th Avenue east and Gun Club Road south to the Lowry Landfill and Quincy Avenue outside east Aurora. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 225 crosses Toll Gate Creek to the east of a number of apartment buildings along Potomac Street. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Exit 9 departs within a half mile for Colorado 30 west to the Lowry Field area in Denver and east to Buckley Air Force Base. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The ensuing exits serve a retail corridor along the east side of I-225 from north of Alameda Avenue to south of Mississippi Avenue. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Southbound I-225 at the two-lane off-ramp (Exit 9) for SH 30 (East 6th Avenue). The arterial route leads west by the Hoffman Town and Grahams neighborhoods to Del Mar Park. Construction here in 2005 eliminated the loop ramp from SH 30 west to Interstate 225 south.1 Photo taken 08/11/16.
The city of Aurora funded construction for the upcoming exit with Alameda Avenue. The hybrid single point urban interchange (SPUI) opened to traffic in fall 2000.1 Photo taken 08/11/16.
A fourth southbound lane opens ahead of the flyover ramp (Exit 8) angling southeast to Alameda Avenue by Town Center at Aurora. Alameda Avenue west constitutes a four-lane divided boulevard west to the Aurora Hills community and golf course en route to the Windsor section of Denver. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 225 passes by several additional apartments and the Aurora City Place retail area on the approach to Exit 8 with Alameda Avenue. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The Abilene Street frontage road system runs southward along the east side of Interstate 225 to the succeeding exits with Mississippi Avenue and Iliff Avenue. Photo taken 08/11/16.
East from Exit 8 and Town Center at Aurora, Alameda Avenue transitions to Alameda Parkway. The Parkway winds east to the Centrepoint and Tollgate Village developments and Tower Road south. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Mississippi Avenue parallels Alameda Avenue one mile to the south as a commercial arterial west to SH 30 (Havana Street) and east to the Aurora City Center master planned development. Photo taken 08/11/16.
One half mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 7) with Mississippi Avenue on I-225 south. The freeway curves southwest beyond Iliff Avenue (Exit 5). Photo taken 08/11/16.
Exit 7 leaves Interstate 225 south for Mississippi Avenue. Mississippi Avenue extends west by Windsor Lake in Denver to end at SH 83 (Parker Road). Beyond Aurora City Center, the arterial continues by the Tollgate Village and Aurora Highlands neighborhoods to become Dunkirk Street south. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Iliff Avenue meets Interstate 225 at a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 5) 1.5 miles south of the Mississippi Avenue overpass. Photo taken 08/11/16.
A pedestrian bridge was constructed across I-225 in 2016 to link office buildings and Aurora Regional Medical Center with adjacent Florida Station of the R-line. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interchange sequence sign outlining the distance to Iliff Avenue (Exit 5), Parker Road (Exit 4) and Yosemite Street (Exit 2B). I-225 leaves the Aurora city limits beyond Exit 4. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Iliff Avenue meets Interstate 225 at a commercialized exit east of the Heather Ridge golf course community and west of the Chaddsford and Woodrim neighborhoods. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Two lanes separate from I-225 south at Exit 5 for Iliff Avenue. Iliff Avenue stretches east through heavily developed areas to Jewell Avenue toward the south end of Buckley A.F.B. Westward, the arterial intersects SH 30 and 83 within 2.25 miles. Photo taken 08/11/16.
SH 83 (Parker Road) southeast and Interstate 225 southwest converge at Exit 4 by the Dam community in southwest Aurora. Photo taken 08/11/16.
SH 83 originates from SH 2 (Colorado Boulevard) at Bayaud Avenue in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver. The state highway angles southeast along Leetsdale Drive through Washington Virginia Vale in Denver, and Parker Road from Indian Creek in Denver to Interstate 225 at Exit 4. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The last three mainline exits from Interstate 225 depart over the course of 3.25 miles as the freeway straddles the Denver city line. Photo taken 08/11/16.
An array of apartments, town home communities and office buildings line both sides of Interstate 225 by this confirming marker. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The R-line shifts from the east to occupy the median of I-225 southwest to Interstate 25. Exit 4 departs from the right for Colorado 83 (Parker Road). South from Interstate 225, Colorado 83 remains suburban to Foxfield, Parker and northeast Douglas County. The 55.90 mile highway ends at Colorado 21 (Powers Boulevard) in Colorado Springs. Photo taken 08/11/16.
A flyover takes motorists from SH 83 north onto I-225 south. The high speed ramp and the a nearby loop ramp for SH 83 south from Exit 4, were added by spring 2002.1 Photo taken 08/11/16.
The front range comes into view as Interstate 225 makes an S-curve between John F. Kennedy Park and Cherry Creek Dam. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Cherry Creek Dam rises to the south of Interstate 225 between mileposts 3 and 2. Dam Road lines the top of the dam, providing vehicle access southwest to Village Green Park at Union Avenue. Green space surrounding Cherry Creek Reservoir falls within Cherry Creek State Park. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Office buildings within Denver Tech Center rise along the western horizon beyond this reassurance marker along Kennedy Golf Course in Denver. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 225 wholly enters the city and county of Denver at the Yosemite Street off-ramp (Exit 2B) in one mile. The freeway concludes in 2.25 miles at the semi-directional T interchange with Interstate 25. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Yosemite Street leads south from Exit 2B to the Cherry Creek Village community, Cherry Creek High School and the south side of Denver Tech Center. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Southbound travelers headed to Colorado Springs or Pueblo join Interstate 25 in a mile and a half. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The Dayton Station (R-line) pedestrian bridge spans I-225 south from Dallas Street and the Hampden Town Center condominiums. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 225 nips the northern city limits of Greenwood Village ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 2B) with Yosemite Street. Yosemite Street heads north 0.9 miles to SH 30 (Hampden Avenue) and the Hampden neighborhood of south Denver. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Two lanes continue to the split of Exits 1A/B for Interstate 25 & U.S. 87, the Valley Highway. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 25 winds north around Downtown Denver as a heavily traveled freeway from University Hills and Baker to Globeville. Exits 1B/A separate in one mile, with the Denver Central Business District located another ten miles to the north. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Exit 2A follows for DTC Boulevard south into Denver Technology Center and Tamarac Street Parkway north. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Two lanes advance west through the diamond interchange (Exit 2A) with DTC Boulevard to Interstate 25. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Tamarac Street Parkway curves northwest to become Quincy Avenue west from Rosamond Park to a cluster of apartments along the north side of I-225. Tamarac Street branches north from a separate section of Quincy Avenue as a residential street through the Hampden South community. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The southbound lanes pass below the adjacent R-line and ramps from I-25 to I-225 north. Quebec Street winds below the ending freeway beyond this set of painted shields. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Exits 1A/B expand to two lanes for Interstate 25 north through Denver and south through Centennial, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Shields accompany the ramp split for Interstate 25. The freeway travels 298.88 miles overall across the state, north to Fort Collins and Cheyenne, Wyoming and south from Trinidad to Raton, New Mexico. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The ramp for I-25 south separates with a slip ramp for the distributor roadway (Exit 199) to Colorado 88 (Belleview Avenue) at Greenwood Village. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The exchange with Interstate 25 was redesigned as part of the TREX project. Completed in late 2003,1 the I-25 mainline was relocated to eliminate left side ramps with the freeway southbound. Exit 1A was lowered through a tunnel. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Colorado 88 stems west from I-25 along the Cherry Hills Village and Greenwood Village line. The state highway joins the freeway south as Belleview Avenue extends east from Exit 199 through the Denver Technology Center. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 225 Archive - south
Interstate 225 south between I-70 and the diamond interchange (Exit 10) with U.S. 40-287 & Business Loop I-70 (Colfax Avenue). Photo taken 08/29/04.
The original ramp departure of (Exit 10) for Colfax Avenue. A c/d roadway now travels alongside I-225 south here from East 17th Place. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Former overhead assembly for Exit 9 and Colorado 30 posted at the bridge above U.S. 40-287. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Interstate 225 retained rural characteristics prior to widening of the freeway south to Mississippi Avenue in 2010. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Expansion of I-225 to six lanes replaced the grassy median here with a concrete barrier. The R-line elevates over the east side of the interchange at Exit 7 now. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Closer look at a confirming marker for Interstate 225 posted south of Mississippi Avenue. Photo taken 08/29/04.
The addition of auxiliary lanes between Exits 7 and 5 bring Interstate 225 to eight overall lanes over what was previously a four-lane roadway. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Iliff Avenue and I-225 came together originally at a diamond interchange. Loop ramps were added from the arterial to the freeway in both directions. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Passing under the original Yale Avenue overpass on Interstate 25 south. The span was replaced to accommodate the adjacent R-line. Photo taken 08/29/04.
I-225 south at Exit 4 for Colorado 83 (Parker Road). The R-line light rail corridor now occupies the freeway median from this point southward. Photo taken 08/29/04.

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