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I-90 at I-229 - Sioux Falls, SD

Southward view of Interstate 229 from I-90 within their half cloverleaf interchange at Sioux Falls. 08/12/16

Interstate 229 constitutes an 11.345-mile urban loop through Sioux Falls between I-29 in southern parts of the city and I-90 to the northeast. The freeway mostly acts as a commuter route and was completed in 1962. 2015 traffic counts conducted by SDDOT along I-229 range from a high of 44,440 vehicles per day (vpd) between Exits 2 and 3 and 15,740 vpd at the northern terminus.

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Construction started in March 2016 redesigned the trumpet interchange joining I-29 and I-229 in south Sioux Falls. Work expanded I-29 to six overall lanes between the Tea interchange (Exit 73) and the 57th Street overpass. This included replacing both bridges over the ramps with Interstate 229. The southbound lanes were rebuilt in Phase 1, while Phase 2 replaced the concrete surface of the northbound lanes. The $33.8 million project also included expanding Exit 75 to I-229 north from I-29 north to two lanes and reconfiguring the southbound loop to I-229 from I-29. Work was scheduled to wrap up on November 4, 2016,1 and SDDOT announced that the phase was completed on November 17, 2016.2

Future work on I-229 redesigns the folded diamond interchange at Exit 5 as part of a $20.7 million widening project along 26th Street. New ramps will join the south side of I-229 with 26th Street directly. Presently the on and off-ramps tie into Yeager Road, which parallels I-229 south from 26th to 33rd Streets.3

Sioux Falls, SD - 1965

Sioux Falls - 1965. The I-229 interchanges with Louise Avenue, 26th Street and Benson Road were not built.

Interstate 229 scenes
Benson Road east at the diamond interchange (Exit 9) with Interstate 229 in northeast Sioux Falls. Some state-named shields were formerly in place at the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 90. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Benson Road transitions from concrete to dirt east of Interstate 229. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Benson Road ends at Sycamore Avenue, 0.9 miles to the east of I-229. Photo taken 06/17/15.
A rare state-named shield was posted along Benson Road west at Interstate 229. Photo taken 04/20/07.
The state-named shield for I-229 on Benson Road was replaced with this assembly by 2011. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Interstate 229 continues north one mile from Benson Road to conclude at Interstate 90 and Township Road (Minnehaha County Road 125). Photo taken 04/20/07.
A replacement shield assembly for I-229 north was posted on Benson Road west by 2011. Photo taken 06/17/15.

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