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Interstate 278 East
Milepost zero for I-278 appears where the freeway departs from U.S. 1/9 north in the city of Linden. I-278 links U.S. 1/9 with Interstate 95 (New Jersey Turnpike) and the Goethals Bridge. A wide grassy median remains from abandoned plans to extend I-278 northwest to I-78 at Springfield. 10/03/04
A wye interchange joins U.S. 1/9 northbound with Interstate 278 east to Brunswick Avenue and Route 439 (Bayway Avenue). 08/29/05
I-278 connects with I-95/New Jersey Turnpike just ahead of the Goethals Bridge. The last exit before tolls is Brunswick Avenue. 10/03/04
Brunswick Avenue serves the Linden Oil complex to the south and the city of Elizabeth to the north. Bayway Avenue stems east to Amboy Avenue near the Hudson River and northwest as Route 439 to Elmora Avenue and U.S. 1/9 (Bayway Circle) in Elizabeth. 08/29/05
The New Jersey Turnpike represents the main corridor joining the greater New York metropolitan area and the George Washington Bridge with Philadelphia and the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 08/29/05
Ramps partition beyond a toll plaza for the Turnpike north to Newark, Secaucus and Fort Lee and south to New Brunswick, Trenton and Camden. 08/29/05
Entrance ramps from Route 439 and Brunswick Avenue merge from the left ahead of the Goethals Bridge taking I-278 across the Arthur Kill River. 10/03/04
The original Goethals Bridge was a four lane cantilever span. Since switched to AET, tolls for the bridge previously varied between E-ZPass/Cash and peak/nonpeak hours for eastbound traffic. Cash tolls in 2012 were $12.00 per passenger vehicle. 10/03/04
Interstate 278 West
Interstate 278 lowers from the Goethals Bridge into Linden ahead of exits for Route 439 (Bayway Avenue) west to U.S. 1/9 North and the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95). 08/29/05
Route 439 constitutes a loop west around Elizabeth between I-278 at Brunswick Avenue and Route 27 (Newark Avenue). The west end of I-278 defaults onto U.S. 1/9 south; traffic headed to U.S. 1/9 north through Elizabeth and Newark are directed onto Bayway Avenue to make the connection. 08/29/05
The exit to Route 439 partitions with ramps for Bayway Avenue east to Amboy Avenue and the industrial area below the Goethals Bridge, and Bayway Avenue west to Brunswick Avenue and the Linden Oil complex. 08/29/05
Interstate 278 reduces to a single lane for the westbound continuation to U.S. 1/9 south. Two left lanes depart for I-95 north to Newark and south to New Brunswick. 08/29/05
The entrance ramp from I-95 to Interstate 278 west includes a connector to Route 439 (Bayway Avenue) at Brunswick Avenue and Pulaski Street. 08/29/05
The on-ramp from the New Jersey Turnpike adds a second westbound lane to Interstate 278 as the freeway passes under Brunswick Avenue. 08/29/05
Continuing west from Brunswick Avenue, Interstate 278 includes a wide grassy median with four overall lanes. 08/29/05
The roadways of I-278 separate at grassy berms leftover from the cancelled extension westward routing to Roselle, Union and Interstate 78. 08/29/05
An end sign for I-278 was posted over the northbound lanes of U.S. 1/9 (Edgar Road). 08/29/05
Interstate 278 concludes southward between the north and south roadways of U.S. 1/9 (Edgar Road). A slip ramp follows for the Bayway Refinery area. 08/29/05
Passing under a railroad spur overpass, slip ramps depart for a turn lane across U.S. 1/9 north to the oil refinery area east of Edgar Road. 08/29/05
Milepost zero for Interstate 278 is beyond the railroad overpasses at the plant entrance turn lane. 08/29/05
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 278 traffic merges to one lane as the U.S. 1/9 southbound mainline enters from beyond the traffic light to the plant entrance. The pair continue south through Linden to Rahway. 08/29/05
Interstate 278 scenes
Brunswick Avenue south at the westbound entrance ramp to Interstate 278 near Route 439 (Bayway Avenue) in Elizabeth. 04/10/00

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