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Interstate 280 travels 9.38 miles between its bridge across the Mississippi River to Interstate 80 (Exit 290). The freeway is generally rural through its Iowa portion.

Interstate 280 travels along the southern reaches of Moline and Rock Island before turning northwest across the Mississippi River bridge into Davenport, Iowa. Illinois proposed renumbering the loop in 1990 as Interstate 74, with the original alignment of I-74 north from I-280 in Moline to I-80 in Iowa redesignated as Interstate 174. This plan did not advance due to objections from the state of Iowa.1

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U.S. 61 was relocated from West River Drive, Brady Street, Harrison Street and Welcome Way through Davenport to bypass the city along a combination of Interstate 280 on the west side and Interstate 80 on the north side in 2010. Sign changes were implemented by September 2011, which established a new business route for U.S. 61 along the former surface route through Davenport. I-280 and U.S. 61 combine between Exit 6 (West River Drive) and Interstate 80. U.S. 6 also uses a portion of I-280 between I-80 and Exit 1 (West Kimberly Road).

Interstate 280 spans the Mississippi River southeast across the Sergeant John F. Baker, Jr. Bridge. 05/28/18
A three-wye interchange joins the west end of Interstate 280 with Interstate 80 in this scene north of the U.S. 6 / CR F58 overpass. 01/01/15
Eastward view of Interstates 74-280 at the Big X interchange with I-80 & IL 110 (CKC) outside Colona. 03/11/17
Interstate 280 scenes
1st Avenue leads east from Milan to cross Mill Creek and become Airport Road ahead of the diamond interchange with Interstate 280.
Airport Road replaced the former alignment of IL 92 east to Quad City International Airport (MLI). 05/25/08
Interstate 280 loops south from Airport Road around central Milan to southwest Rock Island and western reaches of Davenport. 05/25/08
Passing under I-280, motorists along Airport Road approach the eastbound on-ramp to Chicago and Downtown Moline. Airport Road provides the connection between the freeway and U.S. 67 in Milan. 05/25/08
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 280 and Airport Road parallel one another east to 27th Street (former U.S. 6/150) ahead of the cloverleaf interchange with I-74/U.S. 6. 05/25/08

  1. Highways of Davenport and Bettendorf (Jason Hancock).

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