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Interstate 280 West
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2 photos
Drivers descend from the crest of the I-280 Bridge over the Mississippi River into Scott County, Iowa. The state line crosses the span midway through the tied-arch superstructure. Photos taken 05/28/18.
Welcome to Iowa sign posted a half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 8) with Iowa 22 (Rockingham Road). Iowa 22 ends 1.0 miles northward at U.S. 61 (West River Drive). The state route used to continue along Rockingham Road northeast to Blue Grass Road, but that stretch was decommissioned when the West River Drive extension opened November 14, 1958.1 Photo taken 05/28/18.
Drivers bound for Iowa 22 west to Buffalo depart Interstate 280 west at Exit 8. Iowa 22 totals 98 miles from Davenport west to Iowa 21 near Thornburg. Originally Iowa 22 followed the routing of U.S. 61 between Davenport and Muscatine, but the two highways switched paths October 23, 1958.1 Photo taken 05/28/18.
Iowa 22 leads motorists five miles east to Downtown Davenport via U.S. 61 Business (West River Drive) and five miles west to the city of Buffalo. Nahant Marsh lies east of I-280 and south of Iowa 22 along Wapello Avenue. Photo taken 05/28/18.
Continuing north, Interstate 280 next meets West River Drive (U.S. 61 south / U.S. 61 Business north), Locust Street, and Kimberly Road (U.S. 6 east). Photo taken 04/08/13.
U.S. 61 Business, designated in 2010 when U.S. 61 shifted onto I-280 and I-80, follows West Drive Drive outward from Downtown Davenport to meet Interstate 280 at a diamond interchange (Exit 5) near West Lake Park. Photo taken 04/08/13.
State-named shields are posted for Interstate 280 in Iowa such as this assembly near Exit 5. Photo taken 04/08/13.
U.S. 61 joins the Quad Cities area with Blue Grass and Muscatine via a four-lane expressway to the west. U.S. 61 Business commences from Exit 6 and travels into Downtown, briefly merging with U.S. 67 between the Centennial Bridge and South Brady Street, before turning northward to the North Park Mall area and I-80 at Exit 295. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Interstate 280 West U.S. 61 North
Locust Street heads west from Davenport to become CR F65 (160th Street) en route to Little Groves and CR Y40 north of Blue Grass. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Interstate 280 west & U.S. 61 north pass by West Lake County Park to Black Hawk Creek. Photo taken 04/08/13.
One mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 4) with Locust Street east and Scott County Road F65 (160th Street) west. Locust Street provides direct access to Genesis West Medical Center and St. Ambrose University from Interstate 280. Photo taken 04/08/13.
I-280 west & U.S. 61 north at the ramp departure (Exit 4) to Locust Street east and CR F65 (160th Street) west. Interests to Palmer College of Chiropractic and the Putnam Museum are directed to Exit 4 and Locust Street east.
Locust Street carried U.S. 6 from Hickory Grove Road to Bridge Avenue from 1935 until 1937, when Kimberly Road opened. Later the street carried Iowa 122 from Hickory Grove Road (former Iowa 350) / Division Street to Marquette Street until 1960.1 Photo taken 04/08/13.
2 photos
2 photos
Spanning Duck Creek on the two-mile approach to Kimberly Road (Exit 1) on Interstate 280 west & U.S. 61 north. U.S. 6 follows Kimberly Road west throughout the city of Davenport to its merge with Interstate 280. Photos taken 04/08/13.
U.S. 6 was removed from its original alignment west of Exit 1 to an overlap with I-280 west to I-80 west in 1980. The old alignment was signed as Iowa 927 until July 1, 2003, when it was redesignated County Road F58.1 Photo taken 04/08/13.
U.S. 6 follows Kimberly Road southeast to Probstei and the Green Acres area of northwest Davenport. Kimberly Road generally consists of a divided commercial arterial, serving the North Park Mall area to Exit 2 of Interstate 74.
Scott County F58 travels old U.S. 6 west to Walcott and Stockton, transitioning into Cedar and Muscatine County F58 through Durant and Wilton. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Interstate 280 U.S. 6 West U.S. 61 North
Interstate 280 & U.S. 6-61 continue briefly to a directional-T interchange with Interstate 80. I-80 travels through the northeast reaches of the Quad Cities to Le Claire and its crossing of the Mississippi River southward to East Moline and Colona. U.S. 61 joins the freeway to its freeway north from Brady Street. Westward, U.S. 6 follows I-80 to Iowa 38 (Exit 271) near Wilton. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Interstate 280 ends sign bridge posted at the ramp split between Interstate 80 east & U.S. 61 north to Eldridge, Bettendorf and Chicago, Illinois and Interstate 80 & U.S. 6 west to Iowa City and Des Moines. Photo taken 04/08/13.
Typical for Iowa freeway to freeway connections, shields are posted along the ramp for the routes which it connects, in this case the continuation of U.S. 6 west onto Interstate 80 west. Photo taken 04/08/13.

  1. Highways of Davenport and Bettendorf (Jason Hancock).

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