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Interstate 285 North
Interstate 285 leads away from the interchange complex with I-85 and SR 14 Spur (South Fulton Parkway) and heads north to the city of East Point and Exit 1 with Washington Road. 06/30/17
The Perimeter Highway meets I-20 in west Atlanta in nine miles and I-75 by Smyrna in 19 miles. Interstate 285 and 85 converge again at Spaghetti Junction in 33 miles. 06/30/17
Washington Road stems north from U.S. 29/SR 14 (Roosevelt Highway) to cross paths with Interstate 85 in one half mile. 06/30/17
A parclo interchange (Exit 1) joins the Atlanta Beltway with Washington Road. Washington Road / Avenue curves northeast 4.5 miles to U.S. 29/SR 139 (Main Street) at Downtown East Point. 06/30/17
Upcoming Camp Creek Parkway provides a direct route from the west side of the Atlanta Beltway to the Domestic Terminal of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). The arterial route doubles as Georgia 6 east through College Park to I-85. 06/30/17
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 2) with Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6) on I-285 north. An array of big box retail lines the parkway west. SR 6 arcs northwest to U.S. 78 and U.S. 278 at Austell. 06/30/17
I-285 crosses into the Greenbriar neighborhood of Atlanta a short distance north of Camp Creek Parkway. Meeting the beltway next is SR 154/166 (Langford Parkway), a freeway leading east along the Atlanta and East Point city line to the Downtown Connector (I-75/85). 06/30/17
SR 154 follows Langford Parkway east to U.S. 29 at Fort McPherson in Atlanta. SR 166 extends east to the freeway end at Lakewood Avenue at the Polar Rock community. 06/30/17
A directional cloverleaf interchange joins I-285 with SR 154/166 (Langford Parkway). Langford Parkway was named Lakewood Freeway prior to 1995. The urban expressway was intended to continue east to I-20 at Gresham Park in Dekalb County as part of Interstate 420. 06/30/17
West from I-285 (Exit 5B), SR 154/166 shift onto Campbellton Road, a commercial boulevard through the Ben Hill Acres and Kings Forest communities. The two routes overlap another 10.5 miles west into Douglas County. 06/30/17
Interstate 285 makes a gradual curve between the Heritage Valley and Southwest Atlanta neighborhoods with eight overall lanes. Exit 7 departs in one mile for Cascade Road, the former alignment of Georgia 154. 06/30/17
Cascade Road heads east from a diamond interchange (Exit 7) with the Atlanta Beltway to the Cascade Heights and Adams Park communities. 06/30/17
West from I-285 and Exit 7, Cascade Road leaves the Atlanta city limits en route to SR 70 at South Fulton Industrial Park. 06/30/17
Continuing north, Interstate 285 reenters Atlanta at the Mays neighborhood. The succeeding exits link the Perimeter Highway with SR 139 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive) and Interstate 20 at Adamsville. 06/30/17
SR 139 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive) parallels Interstate 20 west to Fulton County Airport-Brown Field and east to the Westview neighborhood in Atlanta. I-20 winds eastward six miles from I-285 to the Capitol Hill Interchange with I-75/85. 06/30/17
A wye interchange (Exit 10A) takes motorists from Interstate 285 north to I-20 east for Downtown, while a left side ramp (Exit 10B) connects the beltway with I-20 west to Douglasville.
This diagrammatic overhead was replaced with an arrow per lane (APL) sign. 06/30/17
SR 139 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive) winds east along a five-lane boulevard from Exit 9 to Westhaven and the Hamilton E. Holmes Transit (MARTA) Station near SR 280. 06/30/17
Interstate 20 crosses the city of Atlanta east to Gresham Park. The freeway carries at least exit lanes east to Covington (Exit 93) and west to Villa Rica (Exit 24). 06/30/17
Exit 10A partitions with I-285 north for Interstate 20 east to the West End, Grant Park and East Atlanta communities. Within the Perimeter Highway, the freeway is named after civil rights leader Ralph D. Abernathy (1926-1990). 06/30/17
West from I-285 and Atlanta, Interstate 20 travels 135 miles to its merge with Interstate 59 south in Birmingham, Alabama. Within Georgia, the freeway is named after Tom Murphy (1924-2007), who was the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives for 30 years. 09/28/10
U.S. 78/278 (Hollowell Parkway) cross paths with Interstate 285 north at a diamond interchange (Exit 12) one mile north of I-20. 09/28/10
Mileage signs list the distances to the beltway junctions with the radial Interstates appear along both directions of the Perimeter Highway. Only the northern quadrant uses interchange sequence signs otherwise. 06/21/05
U.S. 78/278 (Hollowell Parkway) overlap east from upcoming Exit 12 to Collier Heights, Center Hill, Grove Park and Bankhead. The pair combine with U.S. 29 across the north side of Downtown. 09/28/10
Northbound I-285 reaches the off-ramp (Exit 12) for Hollowell Parkway. West from Atlanta, U.S. 78 follows the Bankhead Highway to Birmingham. The US highway shadows Interstate 20 westward to Douglasville, Breman and Anniston, Alabama. U.S. 278 branches northwest from U.S. 78 at Austell en route to Powder Springs, Dallas and Cedartown. 09/28/10
Forthcoming Bolton Road stems northeast from the intersection of U.S. 78/278 (Hollowell Parkway) and SR 70 to the English Park and Riverside neighborhoods. 09/28/10
Bolton Road links the beltway at Exit 13 with SR 280 (James Jackson Parkway) at Whittier Mill Village, and Marietta Boulevard at the Bolton community. 09/28/10
Exit 13 consists of a northbound off-ramp from I-285 and southbound on-ramp from Bolton Road south. 09/28/10
Interstate 285 straights out ahead of both Proctor Creek and the Chattahoochee River. 09/28/10
Crossing into Cobb County, the ensuing exit from the beltway inner loop joins I-285 with SR 280 (South Cobb Drive) on the south side of Smyrna. 09/28/10
A Norfolk Southern Railroad line passes under I- 285 a half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 15) with SR 280 (South Cobb Drive). SR 280 heads north 1.5 miles to the East-West Connector in Smyrna. Paralleling the arterial westward is the Silver Comet Trail, a 61.5 mile long bike and pedestrian path stretching west from Smyrna to the Alabama state line. The trail represents the former Seaboard Air Line railroad, a rail to trail facility that connects with the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama. The Comet Trail was named for a train that ran between Birmingham and Boston by way of Atlanta between 1947 and 1968.1 09/28/10
Exit 15 departs Interstate 285 north for SR 280. Totalling 18.3 miles, SR 280 heads south to SR 139 at Florida Heights in Atlanta and north from Smyrna to Fair Oaks, Marietta and Dobbins Air Reserve Base. 09/28/10
Interstate 285 advances north by a number of apartment complexes to the diamond interchange (Exit 16) with South Atlanta Road. 09/28/10
East from Exit 16, Atlanta Road crosses the Chattahoochee River to become Marietta Boulevard through the Bolton community of Atlanta. 06/21/05
Atlanta Road curves northwest from the Perimeter Highway to the Smyrna city center and around the former Naval Air Station Atlanta to Marietta. 09/28/10
The subsequent exit along Interstate 285 north connects the Atlanta Beltway with Paces Ferry Road to the community of Vinings. Paces Ferry Road and Paces Mill Road were named after Hardy Pace, an early settler who set up a ferry operation across the Chattahoochee River, a gristmill operation, and tavern near the early settlement of Vinings.2 09/28/10
Paces Ferry Road winds 1.75 miles east from South Atlanta Road to Paces Mill Road in Vinings and 2.6 miles across the Chattahoochee River into the Paces neighborhood of Atlanta. 09/28/10
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 18) with Paces Ferry Road on Interstate 285 north. The community of Vinings began as a stop along the Western & Atlantic Railroad in 1836. The original railroad village was headed by a engineer whose last name was Vinings. Vinings was largely a railroad town and a weekend getaway destination for Atlantans until the early 1900s. By the late 1960s, Atlanta developer Felix Cochran embarked on a process to create a town center, named Vinings Jubilee, with a Victorian architectural element. His project was complete by 1986.2 09/28/10
Back to back off-ramps depart in quick succession from I-285 north for U.S. 41 (Exit 19) and Interstate 75 (Exit 20) in 1.5 miles. The two routes parallel one another throughout the state of Georgia. 09/28/10
U.S. 41 travels northwest along Cobb Parkway, a busy commercial arterial through east Smyrna and Marietta to Dobbins A.R.B. and Kennesaw. Southward, U.S. 41 becomes Northside Parkway once it enters the city of Atlanta at the Paces neighborhood. 09/28/10
This diagrammatic sign was posted at the CSX Railroad overpass until 2015. A diamond interchange follows with U.S. 41 (Cobb Parkway) by Suntrust Park, the 2017 completed stadium for the Atlanta Braves MLB franchise. A myriad of retail lines Cobb Parkway nearby, including the Cobb Galleria Centre and Cumberland Mall. 09/28/10
Interstate 285 narrows to six lanes through the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 20) with Interstate 75. A two-lane off-ramp separates from the freeway mainline for U.S. 41 (Exit 19), followed by a two-lane collector distributor road for I-75. 09/28/10
An APL overhead replaced this pair of signs at the Exit 20 c/d roadway to I-75. Construction for the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes from October 2014 to December 2017, adds flyovers linking the Perimeter Highway with the toll lanes extending north along I-75 to I-575. 09/28/10
Traffic joins the Exit 20 c/d roadway from U.S. 41 (Cobb Parkway) ahead of the ramp split for Interstate 75 south into Atlanta and north to Marietta, Dalton and Chattanooga, Tennessee. 09/28/10
The "Freeing the Freeways" megaproject reconfigured the exchange at I-75/285 to build a new beltway mainline and repurpose the previous roadways as c/d roadways. A flyover was also added from I-75 south to I-285 east. 09/28/10
A grade level ramp departs from the left side of the c/d roadway for Interstate 75 north. I-75 ventures 98 miles northwest to Chattanooga, Tennessee. 09/28/10
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2 photos
Taking the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 75, drivers pass under Akers Mill Road and separate with a slip ramp for the Cumberland Boulevard (Exit 258). 06/21/05

  1. The Silver Comet Trail.
  2. Vinings Historic Preservation Society

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