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Interstate 295 North
Interstate 295 begins south of Petersburg by Second Swamp and Izaak Walton Pond. Pictured here is the first northbound reassurance marker of the 52.56-mile freeway. Photo taken 12/21/12.
The freeway encircles the eastern side of Petersburg on the 12-mile drive north to Hopewell. Washington is featured as the through destination for travelers bypassing Richmond and Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Just about every interchange along Interstate 295 constitutes a full cloverleaf. Exceptions occur at new Exit 16, Virginia 895 (Pocahontas Parkway) and the junctions with Interstates 64 and 95. Meeting the freeway next at the first exit is U.S. 460 (County Drive) between Petersburg and New Bohemia. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Virginia 106 (Courthouse Road) begins from the nearby split of U.S. 460 (Wagner Road) and U.S. 460 Business (County Drive). The state route leads east to the county seat of Prince George, passing under Interstate 295 in three miles.
This sign was removed by 2012. Photo taken 06/25/10.
U.S. 460 (County Drive) leaves the Petersburg area for Suffolk and Hampton Roads. The highway ends 83 miles to the east in Norfolk. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Mileage signs periodically posted along Interstate 295 list the distances to the junctions with Interstates 64 and 95. Richmond International Airport lies just west of the freeway as well. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 3A departs Interstate 295 north for U.S. 460 (County Drive) east. U.S. 460 bee lines southeast six miles to Disputanta and 54 miles to U.S. 13 & 58 in Suffolk. There has been some talk of upgrading the corridor into a high speed toll road. Photo taken 12/21/12.
U.S. 460 (County Drive) continues 0.74 miles west from Exit 3B to the split with U.S. 460 Business. The US route turns west on Wagner Drive to its merge with Interstate 95 north into Petersburg. Photo taken 06/25/10.
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Interstate 295 continues northeast toward Prince George on the seven mile drive to Hopewell. Photos taken 12/21/12.
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Spanning Blackwater Swamp south of Prince George on Interstate 295 north. Waters in Blackwater Swamp flow southeast to form the Blackwater River, which continues south to the Chowan at the North Carolina state line. Photos taken 06/25/10.
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Virginia 36 crosses paths with Interstate 295 at the cloverleaf interchange of Exit 9. The state route provides access to the main site of Petersburg National Battlefield to the west and the City Point unit on the James River to the east.
Bridge mounted signs at SSR 646 (Middle Road) were replaced with ground level assemblies by 2012. Photo taken 06/25/10. Second photo taken 12/21/12.
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Exit 9A provides access into the independent city of Hopewell via Virginia 36 (Oaklawn Boulevard) east. The state route partitions into a one-way street couplet through the Cedar Level and Kenwood communities nearby, using Oaklawn eastbound and Woodlawn Street west. Photos taken 12/21/12.
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Virginia 36 travels 1.7 miles east in Hopewell to meet Virginia 156 (High Avenue). Turning north at that point, Virginia 36 angles to downtown Hopewell, ending at Virginia 10 (Randolph Road) via 6th Avenue. Photos taken 12/21/12.
Exit 9B follows onto Virginia 36 (Oaklawn Boulevard) west to Fort Lee, Petersburg National Battlefield and Petersburg. Virginia 144 (Temple Avenue) begins nearby and provides direct access to Colonial Heights. Overall Virginia 36 travels 16.50 miles between Matoaca and Hopewell. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstates 64 and 95 alternate as a destination on Interstate 295 northbound mileage signs. Fredericksburg, the next control city north of Richmond, accompanies Washington for motorists returning to I-95. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Travelers along Interstate 295 north straddle the Hopewell city and Prince Georges County line to the Appomattox River. Sound walls buffer the adjacent subdivision from the freeway at one notch of Prince Georges County, south of River Road. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 295 spans the Appomattox River into Chesterfield County along the Frederick T. Gray Bridge. Photo taken 06/25/10.
The freeway meanders between suburban areas of southeast Chesterfield County on the one mile approach to Virginia 10 (Exits 15A/B). Virginia 10 (Hundred Road) joins Hopewell with Chester and the county seat of Chesterfield from Interstate 295. Photo taken 06/25/10.
One half mile south Exit 15A to Virginia 10 (Hundred Road) east to Screamersville, Rivermont and Downtown Hopewell. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Virginia 10 travels east from Hopewell along the James River valley to Surry and Smithfield before turning south to end in Suffolk. Overall the state route totals 93.55 miles. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 15B loops onto Virginia 36 (Hundred Road) west at Cameron Hills. The divided highway loops 3.9 miles west to Interstate 95 and 8.4 miles to Chesterfield, where the state highway turns northward toward Richmond and its conclusion at U.S. 360 (Hull Street). Photo taken 06/25/10.
The diamond interchange at Exit 16 opened to traffic on December 15, 2011 between Interstate 295 and SSR 618 (Meadowville Technology Parkway). Exit 16 serves Meadowville Technology Park and the Rivers Bend community along the Old Channel of the James River. Photo taken 12/21/12.
A fourth northbound lane joins Interstate 295 from SR 10 to Exit 16. SSR 618 follows Rivers Bend Boulevard west to Virginia 10 (Hundred Road). Photo taken 12/21/12.
East from Exit 16, SSR 618 leads to Meadowville and Enon Church Road. The interchange with I-295 includes provisions to upgrade it to a full cloverleaf if traffic counts warrant. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 295 kinks northwest from Woodvale toward Exit 16. An Interstate 295 shield was posted at the SSR 618 overpass prior to road work commencing in November 2010. Photo taken 06/25/10.
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Rising onto the Varina-Enon Bridge over the James River on Interstate 295 north. The July 1990-opened crossing includes a 630' long cable-stayed main span. Photos taken 06/25/10.
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Towers of the Varina-Enon Bridge rise to 145 feet.1 The cable-stayed bridge stretches 4,680 feet in length, carrying northbound traffic into Henrico County. Photos taken 06/25/10.
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Traveling by the northern tower of the cable-stayed span over the James River. The Varina-Enon Bridge is similar to design to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge of Interstate 275 over Tampa Bay, Florida and the SR 1 Turnpike Bridge at St. Georges, Delaware. Photos taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 295 touches back down near Fair Hill. Interstate 64 is now just eight miles to the north. Interstate 95 is 23 miles away. Photo taken 12/21/12.
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Virginia 5 (New Market Road) crosses paths with Interstate 295 at the Exit 22 cloverleaf interchange in one mile. The state route angles northwest through growing suburban areas of Varina to Richmond. Photo taken 06/25/10. Second photo taken 12/21/12.
Buffin Road passes over Interstate 295 north on the approach to Exit 22A (Virginia 5 east). Virginia 5 is part of a Virginia scenic Byway (Jamestown 2007 Discovery Trail), linking Richmond with Jamestown and Williamsburg to the east. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Virginia 5 is not considered a truck route for those bound for Williamsburg. Truckers should remain on Interstate 295 north to Interstate 64 east. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 22A leaves Interstate 295 north for Virginia 5 (New Market Road) east to Charles City. The state route concludes 46.6 miles east in Williamsburg at Virginia 143. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Northwestward, Virginia 5 continues from Exit 22B to Richmond National Battlefield Park, Capitol View, Oakland and Richmond, ending at U.S. 60. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 295 undulates over Fourmile Creek northeast of Varina Grove beyond this reassurance shield. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Two miles south of Pocahontas Parkway (Exit 25), an 8.8-mile toll road linking Interstate 295 with Richmond International Airport and Chippenham Parkway (Virginia 150). Photo taken 12/21/12.
This mileage sign predates the new Richmond Airport Connector Road opening by six months. Opened on January 14, 2011, the 1.6-mile highway roads joins the airport terminal with Virginia 895 (Pocahontas Parkway) at the first exit west of Interstate 295. The $50-million road was constructed between early 2009 and 2011.2 Photo taken 12/21/12.
Travelers taking Virginia 895 west are levied tolls to make the drive to Interstate 95 and Virginia 150. Photo taken 12/21/12.
An elongated trumpet interchange joins Interstate 295 and Virginia 895 (Pocahontas Parkway) west. The toll road becomes Virginia 150 (Chippenham Parkway) west of the James River en route to Richmond and Bon Air. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 25 loops onto the westbound beginning of Virginia 895 (Pocahontas Parkway). Pocahontas Parkway opened in 2002. Since the road is tolled, it is not planned to become an Interstate highway. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Attached to the Charles City Road overpass is the 2.25 mile guide sign for the junction with Interstate 64 & U.S. 60 (Williamsburg Road). Photo taken 12/21/12.
Spanning White Oak Swamp just southeast of Richmond International Airport on Interstate 295 north. Photo taken 12/21/12.
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1.25-mile overhead for Exit 28 (Interstate 64 and U.S. 60) posted at the CSX Railroad and Portugee Road under crossing midway between Virginia 895 and U.S. 60 (Williamsburg Road). Photo taken 08/08/04. Second photo taken 12/21/12.
Approaching the La France Road overpass of Interstate 295 east of the airport. Traffic to the airport is directed via U.S. 60 westbound (Williamsburg Road) from Exit 28 to South Airport Drive. Photo taken 12/21/12.
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Interstate 295 expands to six overall lanes east of the capital city of Richmond. The Exit 28 junction with Interstate 64 provides the departure point for motorists wishing to travel eastward to the vacation destinations of Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. The overhead assembly was replaced with a ground level sign between 2003 and 2004. Photo taken 06/01/03. Second photo taken 12/21/12.
One-half mile south of the Exit 28 collector distributor roadway split from Interstate 295 northbound. Attached to the La France Road overpass is a pull-through panel for Interstate 295 northbound with the Interstate 64 westbound control cities of Charlottesville and Staunton. Interstate 295 ends at Interstate 64 25 miles to the west near Short Pump. Photo taken 12/21/12.
The Exit 28 collector distributor roadway serves the U.S. 60 (Williamsburg Road) and Interstate 64 full cloverleaf interchanges. The individual ramps are not assigned suffixes of Exit 28 however. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 295 northbound c/d roadway at Exit 28(A) for U.S. 60 (Williamsburg Road) eastbound. U.S. 60 overlaps with Virginia 33 & 156 through the cloverleaf interchange. Virginia 156 joins U.S. 60 at Bottoms Bridge two miles to the east. Virginia 33 continues beyond Bottoms Bridge along U.S. 60 to New Kent Highway and Interstate 64 Exit 205. From there eastward, Virginia 33 travels with Interstate 64 to Exit 220 (Elham Road) and West Point. Photo taken 12/21/12.
A truck restriction for trailers exceeding 65 feet in length is in effect for U.S. 60 & Virginia 33-156 east from Interstate 295. Photo taken 12/21/12.
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Interstate 295 northbound c/d roadway at Exit 28(B), the cloverleaf ramp to U.S. 60 (Williamsburg Road) westbound. Williamsburg Road travels through Seven Pines and Sandston to the north of Richmond International Airport. Virginia 33 westbound turns northward along Nine Mile Road at Seven Pines to Fair Oaks and Highland Springs. Virginia 156 carries Airport Drive northward to Interstate 295 Exit 31 and Old Cold Harbor. Photo taken 06/25/10. Second photo taken 12/21/12.
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Entering the Exit 28(C/D) cloverleaf interchange at Interstate 64 via the Interstate 295 c/d roadway northbound. Departing in this scene is the eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 64 for Williamsburg and the Hampton Roads Region. Interstate 64 enters the city limits of Newport News in 47 miles.
A new sign bridge was installed by 2012. Photo taken 08/08/04. Second photo taken 12/21/12.
Traffic to Interstate 64 westbound departs the Exit 28 c/d roadway. Photo taken 12/21/12.
The next westbound interchange of Interstate 64 (Exit 197) links with Virginia 156 (Airport Drive) and Richmond International Airport. The east-west freeway otherwise enters the city of Richmond at Exit 192 (U.S. 360 - Mechanicsville Turnpike). Photo taken 12/21/12.
A sign bridge was used at the loop ramp to Interstate 64 west originally. It was replaced by the two ground-level signs pictured previously. The Exit 28 c/d roadway otherwise returns to I-295 north beyond the Meadow Road overpass. Photo taken 08/08/04.

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