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Interstate 295 north & U.S. 40 east
Interstate 295 north & U.S. 40 lower from Delaware Memorial Bridge into Pennsville township. A second set of guide signs reference the forthcoming separation of I-295 north from U.S. 40 and the New Jersey Turnpike. Photo taken 12/17/17.
U.S. 40 leads east from Interstate 295 to Atlantic City. The route totals 64.32 miles from the Delaware Memorial Bridge to Atlantic and Pacific Avenues Photo taken 12/29/08.
A three quarter cloverleaf interchange connects I-295 & U.S. 40 with New Jersey 49 (Exit 1A) east and U.S. 130 north (Exit 1B). The Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) maintains I-295 from I-95 eastward to the New Jersey Turnpike. Photo taken 12/17/17.
Leaving the Delaware Memorial Bridge, motorists bound for New Jersey 49 (Broadway) east through Pennsville depart I-295 north & U.S. 40 east. New Jersey 49 straddles coastal areas along the Delaware River southeast nine miles to the Salem County seat of Salem. Photo taken 12/17/17.
Traffic partitions with three lanes for U.S. 40 east to Atlantic City and the New Jersey Turnpike north to New York and two for Interstate 295 north to Camden. Exit 1B follows for U.S. 130 (Broadway) north into Deepwater. Photo taken 12/17/17.
Interstate 295 North
Exit 1B loops northward from Interstate 295 east to U.S. 130 (Broadway) north through Deepwater, Carneys Point, and Penns Grove. Intrastate U.S. 130 begins here and ends at New Brunswick at U.S. 1 in North Jersey.
U.S. 40 eastbound splits with the adjacent New Jersey Turnpike nearby for Woodstown, Pole Tavern, Elmer, Mays Landing and Atlantic City. The first four miles of U.S. 40 follow a divided highway with no traffic lights. Photo taken 12/29/08.
A parting shot of the New Jersey Turnpike as I-295 north curves northward by Exit 1B into Carneys Point township. Photo taken 05/20/07.
Hook Road (CR 551) branches north from New Jersey 49 to bypass Pennsville and connect with I-295 north at Exit 1C. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Interstate 295 turns northward at the off-ramp (Exit 1C) to Hook Road (Salem County Route 551). CR 551 travels 4.74 miles south from I-295 to NJ 49 near Harrisonville. Photo taken 03/25/11.
Exit 2A allows Hook Road (Salem County 551) northbound motorists access to Interstate 295 south & U.S. 40 west for the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The loop ramp links with the south end of the New Jersey Turnpike just ahead of its merge with I-295. Photo taken 03/25/11.
Exits 2B-C provide additional access to U.S. 40 east to Atlantic City and U.S. 130 north for Penns Grove. The parclo interchange joins NJ 140 (Hawks Bridge Road) just north of the New Jersey Turnpike split with U.S. 40 (Wiley Road). NJ 140 is a 0.96-mile long route between the two US highways. Photo taken 03/25/11.
NJ 140 (Hawks Bridge Road) passes over I-295 one half mile south of a rest area and tourist information center. NJ 140 transitions into CR 540 south of U.S. 40 en route to NJ 45 outside of Salem. Photo taken 05/20/07.
Privatized and renamed to the Adventure Aquarium in 2004, the former New Jersey State Aquarium opened to visitors in 1995 at the city of Camden. Various signs are posted throughout the state directing motorists to the attraction including one along Interstate 295 northbound at milepost 2. Photo taken 05/20/07.
2 photos
2 photos
The first Interstate 295 confirming marker in the Garden State precedes the New Jersey State Welcome Center at Carneys Point township. Photo taken 10/13/01. Second photo taken 03/25/11.
Mileage sign with secondary control cities posted at the welcome center off-ramp. Interstate 295 originally ended near Ewing at U.S. 206 but was truncated eastward to U.S. 1 when the Somerset Freeway for I-95 was canceled in 1982. Photo taken 03/25/11.
The New Jersey Welcome Center is the lone rest area along Interstate 295 north. Closed in 2003, the second was located in Florence township. Photo taken 03/25/11.
1.25 miles ahead of New Jersey 48 (Exit 4) on Interstate 295 north. New Jersey 48 (Harding Highway) runs 4.26 miles between U.S. 130 (Virginia Avenue) in Penns Grove and U.S. 40 (Wiley Road). Photo taken 03/25/11.
A weigh station for commercial trucks lies just north of the Hollywood Avenue (CR 618) underpass along I-295. Photo taken 03/25/11.
Georgetown Road (CR 629) crosses I-295 a quarter mile south of Exit 4 to NJ 48. NJ 48 once linked the state of New Jersey with the city of Wilmington, Delaware via the Wilmington-Penns Grove Ferry. A companion SR 48 continued from the ferry launch northwest to Downtown Wilmington at that time. When the first span of the Delaware Memorial Bridge opened in 1951, ferry service was discontinued. NJ 48 ends at U.S. 130 in Penns Grove and SR 48 was turned back to U.S. 13 Business in Wilmington. Photo taken 03/25/11.
Interstate 295 northbound at the parclo interchange (Exit 4) with NJ 48 (Harding Highway). NJ 48 feeds into U.S. 40 as the main route between Penns Grove and Carneys Point township southeast to Woodstown. Photo taken 03/25/11.
Northbound reassurance shield posted between Exit 4 (New Jersey 48) and the Pennsgrove Auburn Road (CR 641) over crossing. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Forthcoming Exit 7 serves Pedricktown and Auburn in Oldmans township via Straughns Mill Road (CR 643). Photo taken 12/29/08.
One half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 7) with CR 643 at the Perkintown Road (CR 644) overpass above I-295 north. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Exit 7 departs I-295 north for CR 643 north to Five Points, west of Pedricktown, and U.S. 130 and south to CR 551 east to Auburn. Photo taken 05/20/07.
One mile south of Exit 10 to Center Square Road (CR 620) at the Pedricktown Woodstown Road (CR 602) overpass. Center Square Road travels south from U.S. 130 near Nortonville to the borough of Swedesboro. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Interstate 295 crosses Oldmans Creek into Gloucester County. Following the crossing is the parclo interchange (Exit 10) with Center Square Road (CR 620). Photo taken 12/29/08.
Northbound I-295 at Exit 10 to Center Square Road. Swedesboro is located 3.5 miles to the southeast at the junction of CR 551 (Auburn Road) and CR 538 (Franklinville Road). Photo taken 12/29/08.
U.S. 322 crosses paths with Interstate 295 in Logan Township at Exit 11. The US highway represents the second Delaware River crossing from the south, spanning the waterway between Bridgewater and Chester, Pennsylvania via the Commodore Barry Bridge. Photo taken 05/20/07.
Interstate 295 northbound reassurance shield posted after the High Hill Road (CR 662) over crossing. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Exit 11A leaves Interstate 295 north in one half mile for U.S. 322 east toward Swedesboro, Mullica Hill and Glassboro. The US route also provides the first connection between Interstate 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike since the Turnpike beginning at Deepwater. Photo taken 12/29/08.
A three quarter cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 295 with U.S. 322 at Exits 11A/B. U.S. 322 travels six miles to the New Jersey Turnpike at Exit 2 and nine miles to Mullica Hill. Photo taken 05/20/07.
Exit 11B carries northbound motorists onto U.S. 322 west to the community of Bridgeport and the Commodore John Barry Bridge. Opened in 1972, the tolled cantilever bridge offers a direct route from Interstate 295 and Gloucester County to I-95 at Chester, PA. Photo taken 05/20/07.
Interstate 295 traveres an area of wetlands adjacent to Moss Branch by this northbound shield assembly. Photo taken 05/20/07.
U.S. 130 merges onto Interstate 295 at a wye interchange from an expressway leading east from U.S. 322 and Bridgeport. I-295 was built directly over U.S. 130 from Repaupo (Exit 14) and Greenwich township to West Deptford township in the 1960s. Photo taken 05/20/07.
Interstate 295 north & U.S. 130 east
Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 combine ahead of a folded diamond interchange (Exit 14) with CR 684 (Repaupo Station Road). CR 684 connects the freeway with New Jersey 44 (Crown Point Road) 0.75 miles to the north. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Exit 14 loops away from Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 north onto CR 684 (Repaupo Station Road). New Jersey 44 branches eastward 10.28 miles from Main Street in Bridgewater to Gibbstown, Paulsboro and Thorofare north of I-295. The state route represents the original alignment of U.S. 130 through Gloucester County. Photo taken 07/26/12.
Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 run concurrently for 12 miles east through Gloucester County. Resurfacing replaced the concrete surface on this stretch in 2008. Photo taken 05/20/07.
I-295 & U.S. 130 cross Repaupo Creek into Greenwich township on the approach to a compact folded diamond interchange (Exit 15) with CR 607 (Tomlin Station Road). Photo taken 12/29/08.
CR 607 (Tomlin Station Road) begins 1.25 miles to the north of Exit 15 at New Jersey 44 (West Broad Street) in Gibbstown. Southward the 9.39-mile long county route concludes at CR 694 (Monroeville Road) near Harrisonville. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Interstate 295 and U.S. 130 reassurance shields posted by Greenwich Lake Park between Exits 15 and 16A. Photo taken 04/25/04.
CR 653 (Swedesboro Road) and CR 673 (Democrat Road) cross paths with Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 in close proximity. Swedesboro Road meets I-295 at a parclo B2 interchange (Exit 16A) just one quarter mile ahead of the folded diamond (Exit 16B) with Democrat Road. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Exit 16A leaves I-295 & U.S. 130 north for CR 653 (Swedesboro Road). Swedesboro Road meanders 4.8 miles southward to CR 551 and Swedesboro and CR 551. Beyond Exit 16A, CR 653 intersects Democrat Road and Harmony Road, Gibbstown area through roads, on the 1.5 mile stretch to NJ 44 (Broad Street) at Paulsboro. Photo taken 12/29/08.
CR 673 (Democrat Road) travels 3.8 miles southeast from Gibbstown to Mickleton. Changes made to I-295 between 2007 and 2008 added an auxiliary lane between the CR 653 entrance ramp and Exit 16B. Photo taken 12/29/08.
One half mile south of the parclo interchange (Exit 17) with Swedesboro Avenue and CR 680 (Harmony Road). This exchange was upgraded from a tight cloverleaf interchange with 15 mile per hour ramps. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Like CR 673 to the west, CR 680 (Harmony Road) provides a connection between Gibbstown and New Jersey 44 (Broad Street) with Mickleton in East Greenwich township to the south. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Exit 17 departs Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 north for Swedesboro Avenue to CR 680 (Harmony Road). Swedesboro Avenue straddles the Greenwich and East Greenwich township line southwest toward Repaupo and north into Paulsboro. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Traffic from Exit 17 merges onto Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 northbound and forms an auxiliary lane to Exit 18 (CR 678 & 667) at Paulsboro. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Gloucester County Route 678 (Berkley Road) begins one mile west at New Jersey 44 (Broad Street) in Paulsboro. Gloucester County Route 667 lines Delaware Street south from NJ 44 to Exit 18 and Berkley Road. CR 667 follows Cohawkin Road south from CR 678 to Clarksboro while Berkley Road travels easterly to Mount Royal. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 cross a causeway over Mantua Creek between Exit 18 and Gloucester County Route 656 (Mantua Grove Road). Photo taken 12/29/08.
Entering West Deptford township, I-295 & U.S. 130 north reach the parclo interchange (Exit 19) with Gloucester County Route 656. CR 656 runs along Mantua Grove Road for two miles between parallel New Jersey 44 (Crown Point Road) and CR 551 (Kings Highway) at Mantua Grove. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Attached to the Mantua Grove Road overpass is the 1.50-mile overhead for Exit 20. Intersecting the freeway ahead is Mid Atlantic Parkway at the community of Thorofare. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Exit 20 consists of a parclo interchange at the intersection of Mid Atlantic Parkway at Friars Boulevard. Friars Boulevard eastward from the northbound off-ramp to become CR 643 at Grove Road. CR 643 ends nearby at CR 660 (Jessup Road). Photo taken 12/29/08.
Mid Atlantic Parkway spans Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 at Exit 20. The roadway loops southeast from NJ 44 through an industrial park to CR 643 (Grove Road). CR 643 travels south along Grove Road to Mantua Grove (CR 551) and north along Grove Avenue to National Park. CR 660 stems southeast 1.31 miles from CR 643 to CR 551, west of Woodbury. Photo taken 12/29/08.
0.75-mile overhead for Exits 21-22 at the Mid Atlantic Parkway overpass. Forthcoming CR 640 (Delaware Street) joins Thorofare with the Gloucester County seat of Woodbury. Photo taken 12/29/08.
An on-ramp from CR 643 forms a fourth northbound lane to the c/d roadway for CR 640 (Delaware Street) and CR 631 (Crown Point Road). CR 631 represents the former alignment of U.S. 130 along the south side of I-295 from Woodbury Creek east to Exit 23. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 partitions with the Exit 21-22 c/d roadway. A parclo interchange links with CR 640 (Delaware Street) south of adjacent NJ 44. Delaware Street heads east to Woodbury city hall and NJ 45 (Broad Street). Photo taken 12/29/08.
Exit 21 leaves I-295 & U.S. 130 north for CR 640 (Delaware Street) for Woodbury and the borough of National Park (via CR 643 north). Photo taken 12/29/08.
Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 overtake NJ 44 and the former U.S. 130 alignment as the c/d roadway splits with CR 641 (Crown Point Road) east. Crown Point Road continues alongside the freeway to CR 644 (Red Bank Avenue) and CR 642 (Hessian Avenue) in West Deptford township. CR 644 ventures north from Woodbury to Red Bank on the Delaware River while CR 642 angles east between Naitonal Park and NJ 45. Photo taken 12/29/08.
One half mile ahead of their split, Interstate 295 & U.S. 130 pass over CR 644 (Red Bank Avenue). Photo taken 12/29/08.
U.S. 130 parts ways with Interstate 295 at a three quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 23) with Crown Point Road. The US highway rejoins Crown Point Road en route through Westville, Brooklawn and Gloucester City. Ramps to U.S. 130 also tie into Academy Avenue nearby. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Interstate 295 runs across the original Crown Point Road alignment and curves east to circumvent Westville and Bellmawr. U.S. 130 turns more northerly from Exit 23 to Gloucester City and the east side of Camden. The two routes converge again at Exit 57. Photo taken 07/26/12.


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