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The West Beltway portion of Interstate 295, from I-95 at Greenland and the South Side of Jacksonville to I-95 near Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), represents the original 35.5 miles of the freeway loop around the Jacksonville metropolitan area.

Interstate 295 North
Leading west from the systems interchange with Interstate 95, the West Beltway of I-95 advances nine miles to U.S. 17 and 35.5 miles to the North Interchange with I-95. 03/26/20
The first set of I-295 Express Lanes built accompany the West Beltway northbound from I-95 to the Buckman Bridge. These were constructed from July 2014 to Fall 2018. 09/25/22
I-295 passes southwest of Losco Regional Park through the Greenland neighborhood of Southside Jacksonville. 09/25/22
The I-295 Express Lanes allow commuters to bypass the succeeding interchanges with Old St. Augustine Road and SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard). 09/25/22
The second toll schedule sign for the Express Lanes northbound to U.S. 17 was removed by August 2022. 03/26/20
Advancing west between the Greenland and Mandarin Station neighborhoods, I-295 meets Old St. Augustine Road at a single point urban interchange (SPUI) in one mile. 09/25/22
The ingress point for the I-295 Express Lanes precedes Exit 3 along the West Beltway northbound. 09/25/22
Old St. Augustine Road constitutes a 8.39 mile route from SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) at Beauclerc southeast to U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway) near Bayard. 09/25/22
West from Exit 3, I-295 converges with SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) in 2.5 miles and U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) beyond the St. Johns River in 6.5 miles. 09/25/22
All electronic toll (AET) gantry for the I-295 Express Lanes. 03/26/20
Entering the SPUI (Exit 3) with Old St. Augustine Road at Loretto and Southwood on I-295 northbound. Old St. Augustine Road historically was a part of U.S. 1 between St. Augustine and Jacksonville.1 09/25/22
Forthcoming State Road 13 (San Jose Boulevard) runs 28.2 miles north from SR 16 east the Shands Bridge over the St. Johns River, to Downtown Jacksonville. 03/26/20
Interstate 295 curves northwestward one mile to the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exits 5 A/B) with SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard). 03/26/20
San Jose Boulevard constitutes a commercial boulevard south from Exit 5 B to Mandarin and north from Exit 5 A to Pickwick Park and Arrowhead. 03/26/20
Exit 5 A departs the West Beltway northbound. SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) mirrors the course of the St. Johns River northward to I-95 and U.S. 1/90 at the Acosta Bridge. 03/26/20
Heading south from Mandarin, SR 13 spans Julington Creek to St. Johns and Fruit Cove in St. Johns County. 03/26/20
The I-295 Express Lanes conclude between SR 13 and the Buckman Bridge. 03/26/20
Interstate 295 crosses the St. Johns River on the Henry H. Buckman Bridge. Exit 10 follows with U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) in 3.25 miles. 03/26/20
Measuring 3.1 miles in length, the Henry Holland Buckman Bridge opened to traffic on May 1, 1970, simplifying what was once an hour-long drive from Mandarin and points east to Orange Park.2 10/06/18
Interstate 295 straightens out across the St. Johns River west of Plummers Cove. Accommodating an average of 125,500 vehicles per day,3 the Buckman Bridge carries four overall lanes in each direction between Plummers Point and the northeastern corner of Clay County. 12/30/06, 10/06/18
Jacksonville Naval Air Station appears to the north along the St. Johns River at Mulberry Cove and Black Point. 10/06/18
Visible far to the north from the Buckman Bridge are high rises at Downtown Jacksonville. 03/26/20, 10/06/18
The 16,301 foot long Buckman Bridge crests 62.3 feet above the main channel of the St. Johns River.4 10/06/18
An FDOT safety project through Fall 2020 installed dynamic message signs and CCTV cameras along both directions of the Buckman Bridge. The electronic boards indicate which lanes are free flowing, slowed or blocked.3 03/26/20
Nearing the west end of the Buckman Bridge, traffic partitions with two lanes for U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) at the Ortega Hills community in southwestn Jacksonville. 03/26/20
Roosevelt Boulevard takes U.S. 17 north from Interstate 295 to Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville and the Venetie and Ortega neighborhoods. Orange Park lies just south of the beltway along U.S. 17 (Park Avenue). 03/26/20
Exit 10 separates from I-295 northbound for U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard). U.S. 17 extends north to Riverside and along I-10 east to I-95 and Downtown Jacksonville. 03/26/20
Crossing into Clay County, U.S. 17 follows Park Avenue through Orange Park en route to Green Cove Springs. Green Cove Springs lies 14.6 miles south of I-295 along SR 16. 10/06/18
Straddling the Clay County line, I-295 continues 0.75 miles west from U.S. 17 to Exit 12 for SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) and Collins Road. 03/26/20
A 4.3 mile long collector distributor ramp leaves Interstate 295 at Exit 12 for both SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) and Collins Road. The ensuing exit is for SR 134 (103rd Street). 03/26/20
Orange Park Mall anchors the commercialized stretch along SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard). The retail center lies just south of I-295 and the Ortega River. 03/26/20
Beginning its northward turn, Interstate 295 crosses the Ortega River. 03/26/20
Like Exit 10 with U.S. 17, Exit 12 at SR 21 is a high-volume interchange. SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) measures 57.4 miles in length, connecting Jacksonville with Orange Park, Lakeside and Middleburg. The state road ends at SR 20, 3.9 miles east of Hawthorne in Putnam County. 03/26/20
Traveling north from SR 21, I-295 meets SR 134 at Oak Hill and SR 208 at Hyde Park within six miles. 03/26/20
Originally the off-ramp at Exit 12 only served Blanding Boulevard. It was extended as a c/d roadway to the exchange with Collins Road in December 2013.5 03/26/20
Two lanes partition from the c/d roadway at Exit 12 for SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) north to the Jacksonville neighborhoods of Duclay Forest and Wesconnect and south to Argyle Forrest. 03/26/20
Curving northwest, Interstate 295 converges with Collins Road at a parclo interchange in a half mile. The local arterial links Blanding Boulevard with the McGirts Creek and Settlers Landing communities to the west. 03/26/20
The exchange joining I-295 with Collins Road was constructed at a cost of $65 million. Designed to further aid in congestion reduction at SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard), the interchange fully opened to traffic December 23, 2013.5 03/26/20
I-295 runs between the Duclay and McGirts Creek neighborhoods north of Collins Road. 03/26/20
Interstate 295 meets I-10 six miles to the north at Normandy Village. 03/26/20
A diamond interchange (Exit 16) joins the West Beltway of I-295 with SR 134 (103rd Street) in one mile. 03/26/20
Cecil Field was a large military facility lying west along SR 134. The base closed its primary operations in 1999, with the NAS Cecil Field Complex repurposed as Cecil Commerce Center and Cecil Airport (VQQ). 03/26/20
SR 134 (103rd Street) extends 7.4 miles west to New World Avenue just south of SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard) and north of Cecil Airport (VQQ). Heading east, SR 134 continues another 3.9 miles to U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) at Venetia. 03/26/20
The confirming marker for Interstate 295 north at the Melvin Road underpass has been missing since 2008. 12/30/06
Wilson Road extends west from Exit 17 to Old Middleburg Road (CR 213) and Fouraker Road at Herlong and east to SR 103 (Lane Avenue) and SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) at Cedar Hills Estates. 03/26/20
State Road 208 links I-295 with SR 103 (Lane Avenue S) north to Hyde Park along a 0.84 mile course east from adjacent Debra Drive. 03/26/20
Old Middleburg Road N (CR 213) spans Interstate 295 northeast to Hyde Park beyond this confirming marker. 03/26/20
SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard) crosses I-295 in one mile at a parclo interchange (Exit 19). Interstate 10 parallels to the north between the Marrietta and Normandy communities in Jacksonville. 03/26/20
SR 228 along Normandy Boulevard originates from U.S. 301 at Maxville, 16.3 miles away in far southwest Jacksonville. The state road travels east to the Jacksonville Equestrian Center and Normandy Estates en route to I-295 at Exit 19. 03/26/20
Exit 19 leaves I-295 north for SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard). Heading east, SR 228 continues to Normandy Village, Hillcrest and U.S. 17 north from Murray Hill. Beyond overlaps with I-10 and I-95 to Downtown, SR 228 follows the Hart Bridge and Commodore Point Expressway southeast to U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard). 03/26/20
Interstate 295 advances one mile north from SR 228 to Exits 21A/B with I-10. Traveling 362.3 miles across the width of Florida, I-10 extends west to the Alabama state line outside Pensacola and east to I-95 southwest of Downtown Jacksonville. 03/26/20
An auxiliary lane opens from the SR 228 entrance ramp to Exit 21A for Interstate 10 east to Downtown Jacksonville. 03/26/20
Reassurance marker posted ahead of the Memorial Park Road underpass by the Rolling Hills neighborhood. 03/26/20
Interstate 10 continues 5.1 miles east of I-295 at the Big I interchange with I-95 and the Fuller Warren Bridge spanning the St. Johns River. 03/26/20
Two lanes separate from I-295 (West Beltway) north for I-10 east to Edgewood, Lackawanna and Mixon Town. A loop ramp (Exit 21B) follows for I-10 west to Whitehouse, Baldwin and Lake City. 03/26/20
Exit 21A adds two lanes to Interstate 10 east leading to the exchange (Exit 357) with SR 103 (Lane Avenue S). 12/30/13
Lake City and the crossroads of I-10/I-75 lies 53.6 miles west from Exit 21B. The state capital of Tallahassee follows in 157 miles. 03/26/20
I-295 (West Beltway) arcs one mile northeast from the exchange with I-10 to Exit 22 for Commonwealth Avenue. 03/26/20
U.S. 90 (W Beaver Street) passes under Interstate 295 without direct access beyond this shield. 03/26/20
I-295 spans a CSX Railroad line and the Cedar River ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 22) with Commonwealth Avenue. 03/26/20
Commonwealth Avenue is an arterial route joining I-295 with Marrietta to the west and industrial areas in the Commonwealth and Paxton communities to the east. 03/26/20
Commonwealth Avenue stretches 6.2 miles between Jones Road and McDuff Avenue. Unsigned CR 21B lines the boulevard 3.35 miles east from I-295 to McDuff Avenue at Woodstock. 03/26/20
I-295 continues north into industrial areas of Biltmore in Jacksonville. 12/19/13
Pritchard Road meets Interstate 295 at Exit 25 in one mile. The local arterial extends east 0.8 miles to connect with Souttel Drive at Old Kings Road. West of the beltway, Pritchard Road serves an area of distribution centers at Cisco Gardens. 08/14/21
I-295 north reaches the diamond interchange (Exit 25) with Pritchard Road. 08/14/21
The West Beltway begins the easterly turn to the North Interchange with Interstate 95 through the Pickettville neighborhood. 08/14/21
Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) lies north of I-295 via Exit 33 / SR 243 in eight miles. SR 105 heads east from I-295 (East Beltway) to the Jaxport Terminals eight miles further. 08/14/21
Converging with I-295 in one mile, U.S. 1/23 (New Kings Road) spokes northwest from Jacksonville toward Callahan and Folkston, Georgia. U.S. 301 joins the two routes in Callahan. 08/14/21
Hilliard is a small town located in Nassau County along U.S. 1-23-301 north of Callahan. Once the main route between Jacksonville and points northwest before New Kings Road was built, Old Kings Road crosses the freeway next. 08/14/21
U.S. 1/23 overlap southward 4.1 miles from the six-ramp parclo interchange at Exit 28A to Grand Park. U.S. 1 follows Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway east from there to U.S. 17 (Main Street) at Brentwood. U.S. 23 angles southeast along Kings Road to Mid Westside. 08/14/21
Exit 28B loops onto U.S. 1/23 north at Dinsmore in Jacksonville. Callahan lies 11.7 miles to the northwest. U.S. 1/23 continue from there to a point just north of Alma, Georgia, where U.S. 23 separates for Macon and U.S. 1 for Baxley. 08/14/21
Traveling northeast to the Copper Hill and Biscayne Terrace neighborhoods, Interstate 295 connects with SR 104 (Dunn Avenue) in one mile. 08/14/21
Crossing the Trout River along I-295 north. Solely located within Duval County (Jacksonville), the Trout River is a tributary of the St. Johns River. 08/14/21
Running west to Forrest Trails and U.S. 1/23 and east to the North Campus of Florida State College and U.S. 17 at Imeson Park, SR 104 (Dunn Avenue) is a major arterial across the north side of Jacksonville. 08/14/21
Interstate 295 arcs northeast around the Garden City community in north Jacksonville beyond Exit 30. 08/14/21
A diamond interchange (Exit 32) joins Interstate 295 with SR 115 (Lem Turner Road) in one mile. 08/14/21
A 37.2 mile long route, SR 115 connects Callahan with Jacksonville. The state road originates from U.S. 1 in South Side and utilizes Southside Boulevard and the Mathews Bridge/Arlington Expressway along its course across Duval County. 08/14/21
Advancing one mile eastward, a parclo interchange (Exit 33) joins I-295 with Duval Road (CR 110) south and International Airport Boulevard (SR 243) north. 08/14/21
A 175 acre site along the south side of I-295 and west of Duval Road was purchased by NP Jacksonville Industrial LLC, NorthPoint for $4.77 million in August 2018. Plans for development of Park 295 Industrial Park outlined 1.8 million square feet of Class A industrial space. Initial construction got underway in January 2019.4 08/14/21
Providing a second access point to Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), the exchange at Exit 33 was a later addition to the West Beltway. 08/14/21
Duval Road angles southwest to SR 104 (Dunn Avenue) at Garden City in Jacksonville. Unsigned CR 110 follows Duval Road 0.42 miles south to Armsdale Road. 08/14/21
Duval Road and International Airport Boulevard north from Exit 33 were incorporated into the 4.87 mile long route of State Road 243. International Airport Boulevard was extended north to Pecan Park Road. 08/14/21
Duval Road and International Airport Boulevard north from Exit 33 were designated as State Road 243. International Airport Boulevard was extended to Pecan Park Road as part of the 4.87 mile route of SR 243. 12/13/17
Passing under Biscayne Boulevard, Interstate 295 continues east toward Exits 35 A/B for I-95. Construction from November 2016 to Spring 2021, Spring 2022 late 2022 Spring 2024 rebuilds the forthcoming exchange into a systems interchange. 09/25/22
The I-95/I-295 North Interchange Operational Improvements Project constructs new ramps for I-95. A high speed flyover will depart well ahead of the previous left Exit 35B for I-95 north toward Savannah. 09/25/22
The left exit joining I-295 north from the East Beltway with I-95 south will also be replaced with a high flyover. The original ramp crossed over the West Beltway beyond this sign for Interstate 95 north. 08/14/21
The ramp for I-95 south back into Jacksonville will depart second in the new configuration at Exit 35. I-95 travels north to SR 102 for JAX Airport and 129 miles to Savannah, Georgia. Northbound I-295 transitions to the East Beltway ahead of Oceanway. 09/25/22

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