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Interstate 295 South
Interstate 295 south passes by Anacostia Park and this reassurance marker. 08/04/13
Continuing south from D.C. 295 and the 11th Street Bridge, Interstate 295 approaches a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exits 3B/A) with Suitland Parkway near its end at South Capitol Street. 08/04/13
Exit 3B departs to Howard Road, an east-west connector to South Capitol Street north to Washington Nationals Park and Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue. 08/04/13
Exit 3A loops onto Suitland Parkway east to Buena Vista, Garfield Heights and Suitland, Maryland. The parkway consists of a controlled access highway maintained by the National Park Service.
Suitland Parkway ends at MD 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue) near the interchange with the Capital Beltway. 08/04/13
The next exit along Interstate 295 (Anacostia Freeway) south is Exit 2, South Capitol Street, Malcolm X Avenue to Bolling Air Force Base. 08/04/13
Reconstructed in 2006, Exit 2 consists of a slip ramp onto adjacent South Capitol Street southbound ahead of its diamond interchange with Malcolm X Avenue east and MacDill Boulevard west. MacDill Boulevard enters Bolling A.F.B. via its main gate while Malcolm X Avenue leads east to Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue at Congress Heights. 08/04/13
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Two reassurance markers for I-295 south line the Anacostia Freeway between the Exit 2 ramp departure and Malcolm X Avenue underpass. 08/04/13
The final exit within the District of Columbia along southbound Interstate 295 is Exit 1 to Overlook Avenue south to the U.S. Naval Research Lab. 08/04/13
Interstate 295 continues four miles to its end at Interstates 95 & 495 adjacent to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The Potomac River span includes a drawbridge portion, which can potentially add delays to through travelers along the Capital Beltway west. 08/04/13
A small trailblazer references I-495 and Maryland south of Malcolm X Avenue. The freeway lines the Shepherd Parkway natural area along this stretch. 08/04/13
Exit 1 consists of a slip ramp onto adjacent Overlook Avenue south to the south gate of Bolling AFB and the Naval Research Lab.
Overlook Avenue branches southwest from South Capitol Street to parallel I-295 south to Bellevue. 08/04/13
Interstate 295 south at the off-ramp (Exit 1) onto Overlook Avenue. Overlook Avenue travels alongside the Anacostia Freeway to the DC Water Department plant at Blue Plains. 08/04/13
The South Capitol Street on-ramp from Overlook Avenue ties into I-295 south just ahead of Exit 1 and this shield assembly. 08/04/13
Shepherd Parkway stems south from the northbound side trumpet interchange opposite Overlook Avenue to D.C. Village. 07/09/10
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2 photos
Continuing south, Interstate 295 advances two miles to I-95/495 (Capital Beltway) and MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) south. 08/04/13
A weigh in motion scales require trucks to use the right lane of I-295 south ahead of the Maryland state line. 08/04/13
Interstate 295 travels between Blue Plains and D.C. Village, one mile ahead of the stack interchange with the Capital Beltway. Construction completed in 2009 added ramps south to National Harbor Boulevard (Exit 1B). 08/04/13
An end sign for Interstate 295 stands just beyond the southbound side weigh station. 08/04/13
Interstate 295 travels a causeway across Oxon Creek just ahead of Prince Georges County, Maryland. Exits 1C & 1B depart next for Interstates 95 & 495 south to Springfield and Richmond and National Harbor Boulevard south from the freeway end. 08/04/13
A left exit joins the Capital Beltway outer loop to Morningside, Andrews AFB and College Park. The Woodrow Wilson Bridge west reaches Alexandria, Virginia. 08/04/13
Entering the state of Maryland along Interstate 295 south. The D.C. line falls within Oxon Hill Farm south of Oxon Cove. 08/04/13
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2 photos
I-295 partitions into three ramps: The right side ramp (Exit 1C) connects with the Capital Beltway west. The mainline splits into ramps for National Harbor Boulevard south and separate flyovers for the Capital Beltway north and MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) south. 08/04/13
Drivers utilizing the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on-ramp are provided with the distances to the first Virginia interchanges. These exits are located along the Local Lanes of the Capital Beltway west. 07/09/10
Advisory sign posted on the Exit 1C ramp to Interstates 95 & 495 south (Local Lanes) for the draw span of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. 07/09/10
Exit 1B follows onto National Harbor Boulevard south and then Exit 1A splits from the MD 210 connector for I-95/495 north. 08/04/13
Exit 1B partitions with a ramp to HarborView Avenue east to MD 414 (Oxon Hill Road) east at Oxon Hill. 08/04/13
Transitioning to National Harbor Boulevard south from I-295. National Harbor is a mixed use development with condos, retail, a marina, hotels, etc. 08/04/13
Exit 1A splits with the I-295 connector to MD 210 for the Capital Beltway outer loop to Baltimore. MD 210 heads south roughly parallel to the eastern shore of the Potomac River en route to Indian Head, with connections to other destinations in southeast Maryland. 06/01/04
Beyond Exit 1A, two lanes continue to MD 210 and Oxon Hill Road to MD 414 east. MD 414 travels 5.11 miles between MD 210 and MD 5. 06/01/04


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