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Interstate 295 South
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2 photos
1.75 miles north of the eastern terminus of Virginia 895 (Pocahontas Parkway). The Pocahontas Parkway travels 8.8 miles, culminating with the high-level Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge over the James River. All passenger vehicles are levied a variable toll rate to travel the route. Tolls increased from $2.75 on February 7, 2011. Photo taken 12/30/12. Second photo taken 01/02/08.
Passing over Portugee Road, one mile north of Exit 25 to Virginia 895 west. A new interchange opened on January 14, 2011 between Virginia 895 and the Richmond Airport Connector Road north to Richmond International Airport. Virginia 895 also serves as a southeastern bypass for Richmond for through traffic interests to Interstate 64 from Interstate 95. At the present time there are no plans to upgrade the state route to Interstate 895. Photo taken 06/02/03.
Interstate 295 spans White Oak Swamp Creek on the one half mile approach to Exit 25. Connections of Virginia 895 west to Virginia 150 (Chippenham Parkway) lead drivers west to Richmond and Bon Air. Photo taken 12/30/12.
The trumpet interchange (Exit 25) between Interstate 295 and Virginia 895 lies just south of the Charles City Road overpass. Photo taken 12/30/12.
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2 photos
Southbound shield and mileage sign assembly posted after Pocahontas Parkway. 25 miles of I-295 remain with Rocky Mount less than a two hour drive away. Photos taken 12/30/12.
Continuing south, Interstate 295 carries six lanes of traffic between Virginia 895 and Virginia 5. The freeway reduces in traffic significantly on the trek southward to Hopewell and Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/30/12.
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2 photos
Virginia 5 (New Market Road) travels a rural path southeast from Varina to Williamsburg, straddling the James River valley. The state route is part of a Virginia scenic Byway (Jamestown 2007 Discovery Trail). Photo taken 12/30/12. Second photo taken 01/02/08.
Exit 22B departs Interstate 295 south for Virginia 5 (New Market Road) north to Varina, Richmond National Battlefield Park, and Richmond. A 55-mile long route, Virginia 5 ends at U.S. 60 in Richmond and Virginia 143 in Williamsburg. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Heading east, Virginia 5 continues along New Market Road from Exit 22A to a merge with Virginia 156 near Jones Neck and the Malvern Hill unit of Richmond National Battlefield Park. Charles City, county seat of the same county, is a 21-mile drive east. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 295 enters a 6.8-mile exit less stretch that culminates with the Varina-Enon cable-stayed Bridge over the James River. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from the left-lane of the span. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Rocky Mount appears for the first time along Interstate 295 southbound mileage. The North Carolina city is found along the Interstate 95 corridor midway between Petersburg and Fayetteville, North Carolina. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Entering the southbound approach to the Varina-Enon Bridge of Interstate 295 south. The bridge includes a 630' cable-stayed main span and opened to traffic in July 1990.
Exit 16, a new diamond interchange with SSR 618 (Meadowville Technology Parkway) opened to traffic on December 15, 2011 just south of the James River. Photo taken 12/30/12.
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2 photos
A cable-stayed bridge crosses the James River on Interstate 295. Known as the Varina-Enon Bridge, the crossing resembles the SR 1 Chesapeake & Delaware Canal and Interstate 275 Sunshine Skyway Bridges in design. Photo taken 01/02/08. Second photo taken 12/30/12.
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2 photos
Passing by the 145' towers1 of the Varina-Enon Bridge on Interstate 295 south. A tornado crossed over the cable-stayed bridge on August 6, 1993 but fortunately caused no damage.2 Overall the span travels 4,680 feet.3 Photo taken 12/30/12. Second photo taken 01/02/08.
Interstate 295 crosses into Chesterfield County from Henrico County midway across the James River. Photo taken 12/30/12.
SSR 618 stems north from Virginia 10 (Hundred Road) along Rivers Bend Boulevard to Interstate 295 at Meadowville Technology Park. East from Exit 16, SSR 618 follows Meadowville Road to Enon Church Road at Meadowville.
The $11.7-million interchange of Exit 16 was completed in 13 months and includes provisions to be upgraded to a full cloverleaf interchange when traffic counts warrant it.4 Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 295 sees two interchanges for the city of Hopewell. The first junction joins Virginia 10 (East Hundred Road) with the north-south freeway via a full cloverleaf interchange. Attached to the SSR 618 overpass was the 0.75 mile overhead for Exits 15B/A. Photo taken 01/02/08.
The on-ramp from SSR 618 adds a third southbound lane to I-295 to Virginia 10. Exit 15B joins Virginia 10 (East Hundred Road) west for the city of Chester. The divided highway sees an interchange at Interstate 95 in 3.9 miles. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Virginia 10 (East Hundred Road) leads west to Dutch Gap and Exit 61 of Interstate 95. Interests to the Citie of Henricus should use Virginia 10 west to Old Stage Road north. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 295 crosses over East Hundred Road ahead of the Exit 15A loop ramp to Virginia 10 east. Virginia 10 crosses the Appomattox River into Hopewell in 3.5 miles. The state route concludes in 67 miles at the Hampton Roads city of Suffolk. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 295 winds southward between several subdivisions, apartments and two schools west of Rivermont and this reassurance shield. Photo taken 12/30/12.
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2 photos
Interstate 295 spans the Frederick T. Gray Bridge over the Appomattox River. The stretch nips the western boundary of the independent city of Hopewell. 14-miles of the freeway remain. Photos taken 12/30/12.
Entering Prince George County on Interstate 295 southbound, one mile north of Exit 9 with Virginia 36 (Oaklawn Boulevard). Photo taken 01/02/08.
Virginia 36 (Oaklawn Boulevard) travels between Petersburg and Downtown Hopewell. The state route also serves the nearby Fort Lee Military Reservation and Petersburg National Battlefield. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Virginia 36 constitutes a 16.5-mile route between Matoaca in Chesterfield County to Virginia 10 in the city of Hopewell. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 295 southbound at Exit 9B for Virginia 36 (Oaklawn Boulevard) westbound. Situated nearby is the eastern terminus of Virginia 144 (Temple Avenue). Temple Avenue constitutes an arterial between Hopewell and the city of Colonial Heights. Contrary to what some maps display, the state route is an at-grade boulevard and not a freeway. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Exit 9A loops onto Virginia 36 east. The state route splits into a one-way street couplet of Oaklawn Boulevard (east) and Woodlawn Street (west) beyond Interstate 295. Use Exit 9A for the Petersburg National Battlefield City Point Unit. Photo taken 12/30/12.
The six-lane portion of Interstate 295 concludes just south of Virginia 36. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 295 circumvents Fort Lee to the east on the eight mile drive to Interstate 95 near south Petersburg. Emporia is 45 miles to the south via I-95. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 295 turns southwesterly from Prince George on the one mile approach to Exit 3 with U.S. 460. Photo taken 12/30/12.
U.S. 460 (County Drive) intersects Interstate 295 just outside the cit limits of Petersburg. Heading northwest, County Drive carries the route three miles to its merge with I-95 north to I-85 south to bypass downtown. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Bull Hill Road passes over Interstate 295 at the ramp departure of Exit 3B. Exit 3B carries motorists northward to Wagner Road and Petersburg National Battlefield. 2.75 miles of I-295 south remain. Photo taken 05/08/10.
The loop ramp (Exit 3A) to U.S. 460 (County Drive) east departs Interstate 295 south. U.S. 460 provides the main route between Petersburg and Hampton Roads. The US route combines with U.S. 13 & 58 on the Suffolk Bypass in 49 miles. Photo taken 12/30/12.
The final southbound shield for Interstate 295, posted west of New Bohemia and Hanzlik Pond. Photo taken 12/30/12.
A pair of signs direct southbound motorists desiring to continue onward to Emporia and Rocky Mount, North Carolina via Interstate 95 southbound into the left lane ahead of the Rives Road overpass. Photo taken 05/08/10.
SSR 629 (Rives Road) travels over the final mile of Interstate 295 southbound. The northbound ramp to Interstate 95 is assigned Exit 1. Photo taken 05/08/10.
A second Interstate 95 southbound Emporia & Rocky Mount, North Carolina sign is posted after the Reves Road overpass. Interstate 95 southbound reaches the city of Emporia in 34 miles. Photo taken 12/30/12.
One quarter mile north of Exit 1 to Interstate 95 northbound. I-95 travels four miles to the northern terminus of Interstate 85. I-85 represents an important corridor for the Southeast United States, serving such cities as Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte, North Carolina, Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. Although taking I-295 requires four miles of backtracking, the bypass route is still a viable alternative for I-85 northbound motorists wishing to travel to Washington, D.C. and points northward. Photo taken 05/08/10.
The interchange between Interstate 95 and 295 provides full access. Exit 1 departs Interstate 295 southbound in this scene with the Interstate 95 southbound ramp to Interstate 295 northbound passing overhead nearby. The mainline defaults onto Interstate 95 via a single lane ramp that enters the I-95 mainline from the left. Exit 45 with U.S. 301 (Crater Road) lies two miles southward. Photo taken 05/08/10.



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