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Interstate 295 South
Exit 10 leaves just south of the I-495 overpass for Bucknam Road to parallel U.S. 1 and Maine 9. U.S. 1 constitutes a three-lane commercial arterial just to the east. Maine 9 overtakes Middle Road from Longwoods Road to the west to run along side I-295 south to the Presumpscot River and Graves Hill in Portland. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Interstate 295 travels along the west banks of the Presumpscot River from Falmouth south to the East Deering neighborhood of Portland. The freeway winds southwest to combine with U.S. 1 at Veranda Street. Back to back wye interchanges follow with Maine 25 (Washington Avenue) north to Lunts Corner and Baxter Boulevard (former U.S. 1) encircling Back Cove. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Interstate 295 U.S. 1 South
Exit 9 branches away from the freeway as I-295 & U.S. 1 approach Tukey's Bridge across Back Cove. Despite signage referencing U.S. 1 south here, the US route overlaps with I-295 through Portland to Exit 4 as approved by AASHTO on May 4, 2007. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Interstate 295 U.S. 1 / State Route 26 South
Maine 26 south joins Interstate 295 & U.S. 1 south as the freeway expands to eight overall lanes across Tukey's Bridge. The state route leaves in one quarter mile for Washington Avenue south to the East End neighborhood of Portland. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Interstate 295 & U.S. 1 veers west along the south shore of Back Cove as Maine 26 departs at a wye interchange (Exit 8). SR 26 ends at Congress Street.
U.S. 1A begins a loop through Downtown and the Portland Waterfront at the following trumpet interchange (Exit 7). Photo taken 07/08/12.
Interstate 295 U.S. 1 South
U.S. 1A takes Franklin Street southeast to Commercial Street west at the State Pier. Commercial Street winds along the Fore River to the West End of Portland. Photo taken 07/08/12.
West from Franklin Street, I-295 & U.S. 1 line Back Cove Park to a cloverleaf interchange (Exits 6B/A) with Forest Avenue. Forest Avenue doubles as U.S. 302 west & Maine 100 north to Woodfords Corner and Allen Avenue. Photo taken 07/08/12.
U.S. 302 begins a 171-mile trek to Montpelier, Vermont via Exit 6B. Maine 100 also commences here, running nearly 140 miles north to Bangor.
Forest Avenue was also a part of U.S. 1 between Baxter Boulevard and Park Avenue until 2007. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Exit 6A loops onto Forest Avenue south as U.S. 302 east & SR 100 south end. SR 77 ties in from State Street and Deering Oaks Park nearby. The state route angles southeast through Downtown to the Casco Bay Bridge. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Winding between the University of Southern Maine campus and Deering Oaks Park, Interstate 295 & U.S. 1 south next approach back to back parclo interchanges with Maine 22 (Congress Street) and the return of U.S. 1A (Fore River Parkway). Photo taken 07/08/12.
Exit 5A departs the freeway for Fore River Parkway just south of its end at Congress Street. U.S. 1A meanders south to the Veterans Memorial Bridge and West End while SR 22 ventures west from SR 77 (State Street) to combine with SR 9 at Bradleys Corner. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Interstate 295 & U.S. 1 traverse a causeway across the Fore River to their split at Exit 4 beyond the Portland city line. Photo taken 07/08/12.
U.S. 1 angles southeast from Exit 4 at Ligonia in South Portland to make the connection with Main Street south ahead of Cash Corner. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Exit 4 loops away from Interstate 295 south as an on-ramp passes overhead from the Veterans Memorial Bridge (old U.S. 1). A parclo interchange lies one mile ahead with SR 9 (Westbrook Street). Photo taken 07/08/12.
Interstate 295 South
Long Creek parallels Interstate 295 southwest to the two-lane off-ramp (Exit 9) for Maine 9 (Westbrook Street) at Crocketts Corner. Maine 9 encircles Portland International Jetport (PWM) north from I-295 to Maine 22 (Congress Street). Photo taken 07/08/12.
The Scarborough Connector splits from Interstate 295 south at a wye interchange (Exit 2) just west of SR 9. The limited access spur runs south to U.S 1 & SR 9 in the town of Scarborough. Photo taken 07/08/12.
The Maine Turnpike Access Road constitutes a freeway spur linking U.S. 1 & 9 with Maine Mall Road and Interstate 95 at Exit 45. Exit 1 provides access to the spur westbound from I-295 south. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Beyond Exit 1, Interstate 295 defaults onto the Maine Turnpike southbound ahead of Scarborough. An end shield for I-295 stands ahead of the main line toll plaza. Photo taken 07/08/12.
Drivers pass through an eight lane toll plaza ahead of the wye interchange with Interstate 95 south. Two lanes are dedicated for E-ZPass account holders in lieu of open road tolling Photo taken 07/08/12.


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