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Representing the second shortest Interstate within the national system, Interstate 315 at Great Falls totals just 0.828 miles. The limited access connector joins I-15 near Great Falls International Airport (GTF) with the 10th Avenue South bridge across the Missouri River. I-315 is unsigned, as it overlaps with Business Loop I-15, U.S. 89 and Montana 3 & 200. The freeway serves the Great Falls Marketplace retail area at 14th Street SW and 6th Street SW (old U.S. 91 / U.S. 89 Bypass) north across the Sun River.

Interstate 315 Montana Highway 200 East Business Loop I-15 North U.S. 89 Montana Highway 3 South
Ramps from Interstate 15 come together just ahead of Exit 0 joining I-315, Business Loop I-15 and U.S. 89 with 14th Street SW. 07/07/16
The four companion routes of I-315 are acknowledged on this assembly just ahead of Exit 0. 07/07/16
Opened in October 1995, the folded diamond interchange with 14th Street Southwest was constructed at the cost of $5.67 million. The exit improved access to southwest Great Falls. 07/07/16
Interstate 315 crosses over a BNSF Railroad line and transitions to an at-grade arterial at Fox Farm Road south and 6th Street SW north. Fox Farm Road connects the freeway spur with the Country Club Addition, Montana Addition and Grand Vista neighborhoods. 08/08/16
6th Street SW angles northeast to the Jewel Addition and north to Central Avenue West (Business Loop I-15) and Montana Expo Park. The four lane arterial north to Business Loop I-15 is the historic alignment of U.S. 91 and U.S. 89 Bypass north. 08/08/16
Interstate 315 Montana Highway 200 West Business Loop I-15 South U.S. 89 Montana Highway 3 North
Country Club Boulevard diverges from the adjacent Sun River to intersect 6th Street SW and Fox Farm Road at the westbound beginning of unsigned I-315. Fox Farm Road parallels the Missouri River south through residential areas to the city line near Grande Vista Park. 08/08/16
Prior to 1995, Interstate 315 provided an uninterrupted route for U.S. 89 north & Montana 200 west to Interstate 15. The 14th Street SW off-ramp opened land to the south for development of the Great Falls Marketplace retail area. 08/08/16
Shields for Business Loop I-15 south, U.S. 89-MT 3 north and MT 200 west appear ahead of the BNSF Railroad underpass. The 1967 spans over the railroad line were rebuilt in 1996. 08/08/16
Exit 0 departs for 14th Street SW at 16th Avenue SW and the University Addition. 14th Street SW links I-315 with Sun River Road and residential areas to the north. South of the adjacent big box retail center at Market Place Drive, the street becomes Acadia Way into the Bel-view Palisade Addition neighborhood. 07/07/16
This sign formally recognizes only the roadway west of the BNSF Railroad bridge as a freeway. This coincides with the 0.83 miles listed for I-315 in the FHWA Route Log and Finder List. 08/08/16
Gore Hill rises prominently to the west as I-315 and company approach the trumpet interchange with Interstate 15. 08/08/16
Business Loop I-15 south, I-315 west and MT 3 north end as traffic separates for Interstate 15 south to the capital city and the continuation of U.S. 89 north & MT 200 west to Vaughn. 08/08/16
A sweeping ramp takes drivers onto Interstate 15 south just ahead of Exit 277 to Great Falls International Airport (GTF). 07/07/16
Interstate 315 scenes
14th Street SW expands into a divided boulevard through the exchange with I-315, U.S. 89 and MT 200. The westbound on-ramp references the I-15 control cities of Helena and Shelby. 08/08/16
Trailblazers direct motorists onto the loop ramp for Interstate 15, U.S. 89 north and MT 200 west from 14th Street SW. 08/08/16
The eastbound on-ramp references 10th Avenue South for the continuation of U.S. 89 south & MT 200 east across the Missouri River. 08/08/16
Shields again omit Business Loop I-15 and MT 3 at the on-ramp to the Great Falls freeway spur. 08/08/16
14th Street SW comprises a three-lane commercial boulevard north from Flood Road and the Grand Vista community to Great Falls Marketplace and the eastbound ramp for Interstate 315. 08/08/16
Unsigned I-315 ends a half mile east of 14th Street SW as Business Loop I-15 north, U.S. 89 south and MT 200 east transition into Country Club Boulevard. 08/08/16
An array of shields direct motorists exiting from Great Falls Marketplace directly onto the eastbound ramp connecting 14th Street SW with I-315 east. 08/08/16
14th Street SW transitions into a residential street beyond the westbound ramp for I-315. 08/08/16

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