Business Spur I-385 South
Business Spur I-385 follows East North Street three blocks east from U.S. 29 (Church Street) to intersect the northern terminus of U.S. 123 (Academy Street) at Williams Street. 04/14/12
U.S. 123 encircles Downtown Greenville along Academy Street, a four lane boulevard from East North Street to a viaduct across the Reedy River at Broad Street. 07/23/04
This U.S. 123 assembly was posted on the southeast corner of East North and Academy Streets. U.S. 123 constitutes a two-state route traveling just 75 miles from Greenville to Toccoa, Georgia. 12/08/99
Interstate 385 South
Interstate 385 commences as a six lane freeway at the off-ramp (Exit 42) for U.S. 276. U.S. 276 follows Stone Avenue west around Downtown to Rutherford Street north for its exit of Greenville to Travelers Rest. Laurens Road carries the route southeast along a commercial arterial to Mauldin. 08/07/13
Interstate 385 through Greenville was expanded to six lanes from June 2001 to fall 2004. Included in the widening project was the reconfiguring of Exits 40B/A from a cloverleaf into a six-ramp parclo interchange. Elimination of two of the loop ramps removed weaving traffic patterns for I-385 below the Pleasantburg Drive overpass. 08/07/13
The first southbound shield for Interstate 385 resides next to a hill below the Arcadia Hills neighborhood. 06/01/07
Interchange sequence signs were added during the I-385 expansion to list upcoming exits and the distance to Columbia (via I-26 east in 102 miles). 08/07/13
Exit 40B departs Interstate 385 south for S.C. 291 (Pleasantburg Drive) south to Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU), TD Convention Center, the Nicholtown neighborhood and Greenville Technical College. 08/07/13
S.C. 291 (Pleasantburg Drive) continues as a commercial route north from Exit 40A to cross paths with U.S. 29 (Wade Hampton Boulevard) at Bob Jones University. The route turns westward from there toward Piney Mountain and S.C. 253 at U.S. 276 (Poinsett Highway). 08/07/13
Interstate 385 passes by northern reaches of Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 39) with Haywood Road. 01/16/16
Haywood Road leads north from U.S. 276 (Laurens Road) to meet Interstate 385 between Haywood Mall and Butler Hill. North from Exit 39, Haywood Road becomes Howell Road through Cherokee Forest and other northeastern suburbs. 01/16/16
Interstate 385 curves southeast along a heavily developed stretch anchored by Haywood Mall and St. Francis Eastside Hospital. A diamond interchange (Exit 37) at Roper Mountain Road provides access to the adjacent business parks, retail and apartment complexes in 1.5 miles. 01/16/16
Interstate 85 (Exit 36) follows Roper Mountain Road in 1.75 miles while the Capital City is 100 miles to the south. 08/07/13
Interstate 385 expands to seven overall lanes to Exit 37. 08/07/13
Nearing the off-ramp (Exit 37) for Roper Mountain Road, southbound drivers are alerted to the forthcoming directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 36) with Interstate 85. Major construction underway between early 2016 and late 2018 removes the two remaining loop ramps at I-85 and replaces them with flyover ramps. 01/16/16
Roper Mountain Road winds east from nearby S.C. 146 (Woodruff Road) at Verdae Boulevard to suburban areas north of Five Forks. The road derives its name from adjacent Roper Mountain, which is home to the Roper Mountain Science Center. 01/16/16
Expansion of I-385 between 2001 and 2004 concluded at Interstate 85. The freeway reduces to four lanes through the junction before again expanding to six lanes southward to Mauldin. Future widening is planned along that stretch as part of the I-85 interchange upgrade. 01/16/16
Exit 36 carries traffic in unison to Interstate 85 north to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) and Charlotte, North Carolina and south to Anderson and Atlanta, Georgia. 01/16/16
Traffic bound for I-85 leaves Interstate 385 south at Exit 36. The southbound ramp joins a collector distributor roadway ahead of S.C. 146 (Woodruff Road). This configuration will be removed during the I-85 & 385 Gateway project. Construction will result in a direct ramp onto the I-85 southbound mainline from I-385 south. 01/13/16
Button copy signs remain in service for the Exit 36 split to Interstate 85. Interstate 385 ended at a trumpet interchange with I-85 here until completion of the Golden Strip Freeway in 1985.
Spartanburg is just a 22-mile drive to the northeast while Atlanta lies 150 miles to the southwest. 01/16/16
S.C. 146, a 33.2-mile route east from Greenville to Cross Anchor, crosses paths with Interstate 385 next at a diamond interchange (Exit 35). 01/13/16
New collector distributor roadways will be added to Interstate 385 from I-85 southward to S.C. 146 (Woodruff Road) as part of the I-85 & I-385 Gateway project. Woodruff Road constitutes a busy commercial route both west and east of Exit 35 with numerous big box retail, strip shopping centers and other traveler services. 08/07/13
Exit 35 expands to three lanes ahead of the ramp end at S.C. 146 (Woodruff Road). S.C. 146 heads west to meet I-85 (Exit 51A) before ending at U.S. 276 (Laurens Road). Eastward the highway combines with S.C. 417 to cross the Enoree River en route to Woodruff along a rural stretch stark in contrast to Woodruff Road in Greenville County. 08/07/13
Southbound reassurance shield posted ahead of the Smith Hines Road overpass. 04/15/12
I-385 was expanded to six lanes from south of Woodruff Road to just south of Interstate 185 (Exit 30) from December 2010 to late 2012. The bulk of the $70-million project utilized concrete for the new road surface.1 Butler Road meets the freeway next at the first of three interchanges for the city of Mauldin. 04/15/12
Exit 34 leaves Interstate 385 south for Butler Road. Butler Road branches south from S.C. 146 (Woodruff Road) to the city center of Mauldin at U.S. 276 (Main Street). A business park and numerous apartment complexes line the five-lane arterial near I-385. 04/15/12
Bridges Road and Interstate 385 come together in 0.75 miles at a diamond interchange (Exit 33). 04/15/12
Bridges Road connects Interstate 385 with Butler and Corn Roads in Mauldin to the west and Bethel Road at Holly Tree Country Club to the east. 04/15/12
Continuing south, Interstate 385 approaches the wye interchange (Exit 31) with Interstate 185 (Southern Connector) north to S.C. 417 (NE Main Street). 04/15/12
Bethel Road crosses over Interstate 385 at this mileage sign posted 28 miles from the Laurens County seat of Laurens and 93 miles from Columbia. 04/15/12
Interstate 385 met S.C. 417 (NE Main Street) directly at a diamond interchange until the Southern Connector opened to traffic. Drivers now briefly join I-185 north to its ramp (Exit 31A) for the state highway linking Mauldin with Simpsonville. 04/15/12
The Southern Connector was constructed between 1998 and 2001 as a tolled extension of Interstate 185 south. The toll road encircles southern reaches of the Greenville metropolitan area for 13.69 miles to Exit 42 of I-85. 05/29/05
One half mile north of the off-ramp (Exit 31) for Interstate 185 south to S.C. 417 (NE Main Street). A 21.5-mile route, S.C. 417 extends South Main Street from U.S. 276 in Mauldin to become NE Main Street alongside S.C. 14 through Simpsonville. This portion of highway doubles as the former route of U.S. 276. 04/15/12
Interstate 385 south splits with Interstate 185 north at Exit 31. The two Interstates parallel one another to U.S. 276.
The Southern Connector opened to traffic on February 27, 2001 as a joint public and private financed roadway. 04/15/12
I-185 (Southern Connector) runs alongside I-385 south to Exit 30 with Old Stage Road. Old Stage Road leads south to Maple Street through Simpsonville and north alongside the U.S. 276 freeway to S.C. 417 (South Main Street) in Mauldin. Standing Springs Road stems southwest from the Exit 30 off-ramp to an adjacent ramp for U.S. 276 north. 04/15/12
U.S. 276 begins a 106-mile route to Cove Creek, North Carolina at a wye interchange from Interstate 385 north. The US route extends the I-385 freeway northward toward the Mauldin city center via South Main Street. 04/15/12
Interstate 385 overtakes U.S. 276 on the freeway leading south from Mauldin to Simpsonville. Georgia Road meanders west from Maple Street in Simpsonville to meet the freeway at a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 29). Expansion of I-385 in 2005-07 included the revamp of the tight cloverleaf interchange at Exit 29 and the realignment and widening of Georgia Road into a four lane arterial. 01/13/16
A new interchange sequence sign added by 2007 lists the distances to Fairview Road (Exit 27), Harrison Bridge Road (Exit 26) and Fairview Street in Fountain Inn (Exit 24). 05/31/07
West Georgia Road meanders southwest from Simpsonville and Exit 29 to the Brashier Campus of Greenville Technical College by a number of suburban tracts to Fork Shoals Road. 01/13/16
Richardson Street passes over Interstate 385 on the 0.75-mile approach to Exit 27 with Fairview Road in Simpsonville. Fairview Road ventures south from S.C. 14 (SE Main Street) to S.C. 110, north of Hickory Tavern in Laurens County. 01/13/16
The last three suburban exits of Interstate 385 serve the city of Fountain Inn over the course of 4.75 miles. 05/31/07
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins Interstate 385 with Fairview Road north to adjacent S.C. 14 (SE Main Street) and south along a commercial corridor to Harrison Bridge Road. Parallel S.C. 14 follows old U.S. 276 through the city centers of both Simpsonville and Fountain Inn. 01/13/16
An antiquated folded-cloverleaf interchange joins I-385 with Fairview Street in 2.25 miles. A similar interchange joined the freeway with Fairview Road originally.
26 miles of Interstate 385 remain to I-26 outside Clinton. 01/13/16
Harrison Bridge Road winds west from S.C. 14 (North Main Street) in Fountain Inn to Fairview Road and growing suburban areas at Neely Ferry Road. 01/13/16
Interstate 385 reduces from six to four overall lanes midway between Exits 26 and 24. The freeway enters Fountain Inn ahead of the off-ramp (Exit 24) to Fairview Street. 01/13/16
Exit 24 loops away from I-385 south onto Fairview Street east to Downtown Fountain Inn. Fairview Street Extension provides a cut-off to S.C. 418 west to Ware Place. 04/15/12
A barrier median was added to Interstate 385 during 2011-12 resurfacing. Overpasses will need reconstruction before the freeway can be expanded to six lanes.
The freeway otherwise advances south one half mile to a diamond interchange (Exit 23) with S.C. 418. 01/16/16
Exit 23 departs I-385 south for S.C. 418 (McCarter Road). A 24.6-mile route, S.C. 418 travels from Ware Place east to S.C. 101 & 146 outside Woodruff. The state route runs northeast through Fountain Inn to outlying suburban areas. 01/13/16
S.C. 14 (South Main Street) parallels a Carolina Piedmont Railroad line south from Downtown Fountain Inn to combine with Interstate 385 at a split-diamond interchange (Exit 22). Exit 22 connects I-385 south with Old Laurens Road west of the railroad line. 04/15/12
The final 22.62 miles of Interstate 385 traverse pine forest and agricultural lands through Laurens County. This stretch of freeway is designated the Veterans Memorial Highway. 04/15/12
Interstate 385 straddles the Fountain Inn city line to Exit 22. 04/15/12
Old Laurens Road follows the west side of the Carolina Piedmont Railroad to North Main Street in the town of Gray Court. 04/15/12
Interstate 385 South South Carolina Highway 14 East
Gray Court lies five miles to the south via S.C. 14 east. Columbia is an 81-mile drive from Fountain Inn. 05/29/05
S.C. 14 east accompanies Interstate 385 south to Exit 19, where the route veers southward through Owings to East Main Street in Gray Court. 09/03/11
Following the old alignment of U.S. 276, S.C. 14 branches westward from the Interstate 385 corridor to Gray Court and the county seat. The state route travels 59 miles overall between I-26 near Landrum and U.S. 76 Business in Laurens. 04/15/12
Interstate 385 South
Interstate 385 turns more eastward to bypass Gray Court on the 78-mile trek to Columbia. 04/15/12
S.C. 101 splits with S.C. 92 east from Gray Court north to a modified diamond interchange (Exit 16) with Interstate 385. S.C. 92 passes over I-385 to Lanford and Enoree without direct access. 04/15/12
Traveling 56 miles overall, S.C. 101 links Gray Court with Hickory Tavern (U.S. 76) to the southwest and the city of Woodruff (U.S. 221) to the north. The state highway concludes at S.C. 11 near Gowensville. 04/15/12
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 385 shield and mileage sign assemblies posted ahead of the S.C. 92 over crossing. Clinton, a city of 8,490 (per the 2010 census) lies 19 miles ahead via Interstate 26. 04/15/12
The surface of Interstate 385 switches from asphalt to concrete just south of S.C. 92. The southernmost 15 miles of freeway was rebuilt between January 4, 2010 and July 2010. 09/03/11
Rolling hills along Interstate 385 south ahead of Warrior Creek and the Lincoln Road overpass. 09/03/11
Metric Road (Road 23) journeys east from S.C. 14 at Barksdale to cross paths with I-385 at a folded-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 10) in one mile. 04/15/12
Road 23 ventures east from Exit 23 to U.S. 221, south of Ora and north of Exit 9. 04/15/12
Hunter Park Industrial Road lines the southbound side of Interstate 385 from Metric Road to U.S. 221. 09/03/11
U.S. 221 follows a CSX Railroad line southward from Woodruff and Enoree to Exit 9 and the city of Laurens. The US highway travels 734 miles overall between Perry, Florida and Lynchburg, Virginia. 05/29/05
Exit 9 consists of a folded diamond interchange with U.S. 221 on the northern outskirts of Laurens. The exit was modernized to accommodate truck traffic from the adjacent Wal-mart and Michelin Distribution Centers. 04/15/12
U.S. 221 winds southward onto Lucas Avenue through Wattsville and Harper Street through downtown Laurens. Beyond Laurens, U.S. 221 continues to Greenwood, Georgia. 05/29/05
Interstate 385 lines a ridge above Duncan Creek that varies between 650 and 680 feet in elevation over the next four miles. 04/15/12
A rest area lies one mile ahead in the median of Interstate 385. The facility serves both directions of travel. 04/15/12
Clinton is now nine miles to the south. Columbia is an hour further south. 04/15/12
Fleming Mill Road crosses over I-385 south ahead of the rest area off-ramp. 04/15/12
19,000 vehicles per day were recorded along this rural stretch of Interstate 385 in 2012. The low traffic counts offset issues with the left side ramps to the rest area. 04/15/12
The roadways of Interstate 385 reconvene at the Exit 5 diamond interchange with S.C. 49. 04/15/12
S.C. 49 branches east from U.S. 221 at Wattsville to Exit 5. The 78.7-mile state highway continues north to Tylersville, Cross Anchor, Union and ultimately York. 04/15/12
This lone sign advises motorists of the Interstate 385 southbound transition onto Interstate 26 east. Posted just south of the Exit 2 parclo interchange with S.C. 308, Interstate 385 enters the final 1.25 mile stretch. 57 miles separate this point from Malfunction Junction (Interstate 20 & 26) at Columbia. 10/15/01

  1. "Meeting tonight to preview I-385 widening project.", November 4, 2012.

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