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Interstate 393 constitutes a 4.60-mile freeway spur east from Interstate 93 in Concord to Chichester along side U.S. 4 and U.S. 202. The freeway bypasses the commercial stretch of New Hampshire 9 (Loudon Road) to the north, providing part of a long distance route between the capital city and Spaulding Turnpike at Rochester. U.S. 202 ties into the freeway beginning from Main Street (U.S. 3) to the west. Turn-offs connect the expressway spur west with Commercial Street, though traffic lights preclude this from being a full freeway.

The cloverleaf interchange between Interstates 93 and 393 opened in 1963. It joined the freeway with a multi-lane connector west to U.S. 3-4-202 (Main Street) and east to Fort Eddy Road. A three mile section of I-393 opened east to an at-grade end with New Hampshire 9 (Loudon Road), west of its parclo interchange with New Hampshire 106, in August 1981.1 HB 440 involving the extension of I-393 east to Pembroke was introduced by Representative Gary Dionne in the 1983 legislative session. A study was also authorized during this time period for a limited access highway extending east from Concord to the Spaulding Turnpike at Rochester.2 The eastern leg of Interstate 393 included the realignment of New Hampshire 9. It was completed in December 1988.3

Concord - 1975 New Hampshire Official Highway Map

Concord - 1975 New Hampshire Official Highway Map
Interstate 393 shown as proposed from I-93 east to U.S. 4-202 & NH 9 in northeast Concord.

Interstate 393 U.S. 202 East
U.S. 202 turns east from U.S. 3 (Main Street) north onto an expressway over a Northern Main Line railroad. A reassurance sign appears giving premature status to the route as I-393. The Interstate portion officially begins at Interstate 93. 07/30/07
A turn-off connects U.S. 202 east with Commercial Street south to Constitution Avenue, which leads north to a business park along Horseshoe Pond. A concrete barrier prevents cross traffic, but the ramp is signalized nonetheless. 07/30/07
The southbound on-ramp to Interstate 93 through Concord leaves immediately after the traffic light. 07/30/07
The ramp to I-93 south includes access to Stickney Avenue, a south side frontage road to the freeway to New Hampshire 9 (Loudon Road). 06/27/05
Spanning Constitution Avenue, Interstate 393 & U.S. 202 east approach the loop ramp for Interstate 93 north & U.S. 4 west to Penacook and Plymouth. 07/30/07
Interstate 393 U.S. 4 U.S. 202 East
U.S. 4 east combines with I-393 & U.S. 202 across I-93 as the northbound off-ramp departs for Plymouth, the White Mountains Region and Littleton. 10/06/14
I-93 north & U.S. 4 west overlap for 9.6 miles through north Concord. The freeway extends another 104 miles north to I-91 at St. Johnsberry, Vermont. 10/06/14
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2 photos
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 1) quickly follows on I-393 & U.S. 4-202 east with Fort Eddy Road south to NH 9 (Loudon Road) and College Drive north to NHTI Community College. 07/30/07, 10/06/14
Spanning the Merrimack River, Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 cross the Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Memorial Bridge. 10/06/14
Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 traverses a causeway leading east to New Hampshire 132 (East Side Drive). 10/06/14
The remaining two interchanges along the Interstate 393 mainline serve eastern reaches of Concord. Exit 2 joins I-393 & U.S. 4-202 with New Hampshire 132, a 40.1-mile route traveling north from NH 9 (Loudon Road) nearby to Ashland. 10/06/14
Hazen Drive arcs northeast from New Hampshire 9 (Loudon Road) at Airport Road to the New Hampshire State Offices just south of Interstate 393. The arterial ties into New Hampshire 132 (East Side Drive) close by. 10/06/14
New Hampshire 9 (Loudon Road) passes through Concord Heights as a busy commercial arterial. Steeplegate Mall lies along Loudon Road midway between NH 132 (East Side Drive) and NH 106 (Sheep Davis Road). 07/30/07
2 photos
2 photos
Entering the folded diamond interchange (Exit 2) with New Hampshire 132 (East Side Drive) on Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 east. East Side Drive angles northwest from Concord Heights to become Mountain Road at the connector to I-93 & U.S. 4 (Exit 16). 10/06/14, 07/30/07
Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 advance eastward to cross over Portsmouth Street. The freeway ended at forthcoming New Hampshire 106 (Exit 3) until December 1988. 10/06/14
New Hampshire 106 (Sheep Davis Road) crosses paths with I-393 & U.S. 4-202 at a diamond interchange (Exit 3) just north of its intersection with New Hampshire 9 (Loudon Road). 10/06/14
Heading north from Exit 3, New Hampshire 106 joins Concord with the Loudon town center (four miles), New Hampshire Motor Speedway (nine miles) and Belmont (18 miles) while en route to Laconia (21 miles). 10/06/14
Exit 3 leaves Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 east for New Hampshire 106 (Sheep Davis Road). The 34.5-mile overall route takes NH 106 south from Concord to U.S. 3 in Pembroke. The state route northbound concludes at U.S. 3 in Meredith. 10/06/14
Overpasses carry both New Hampshire 106 and 9 above Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202. Building this stretch of freeway involved the realigning of NH 9 southward from its original interchange with NH 106. The old interchange was replaced by Exit 3. A portion of former NH 9 remains in place today as Old Dover Road 07/30/07
A pair of end signs line Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 east at the crossing of the Soucook River. 10/06/14
A closer look at the I-393 ends 2,500 feet sign posted within the freeway median. Similar countdown end signs appear along Interstates 175 and 375 in St. Petersburg, Florida. 10/06/14
The right lane ends at the Horse Corner Road underpass as speed limits reduce to 45 MPH for the freeway merge with Dover Road (New Hampshire 9). 10/06/14
Just beyond milepost 4 is a reassurance sign showing just U.S. 4 & 202 east. The US highway tandem combine with New Hampshire 9 east for 16.4 miles to Northwood. 10/06/14
The final milepost for I-393 stands at the wye interchange with New Hampshire 9 (Dover Road) east. 07/30/07
U.S. 4 U.S. 202 NH 9 East
U.S. 4-202 & New Hampshire 9 (Dover Road) lead away from I-393 into the town of Chichester with two overall lanes. 10/06/14
A Purple Heart Trail sign stands alongside U.S. 4-202 & NH 9 (Dover Road) eastbound ahead of Baily Road south and Trap Road north. U.S. 202 and NH 9 overlap for 21.3 miles to Barrington. 07/30/07
U.S. 4 U.S. 202 NH 9 West
U.S. 4-202 & New Hampshire 9 (Dover Road) west approach the wye interchange with Interstate 393 at the Pembroke town line. 06/20/12
I-393 west provides a high speed route to I-93 south through Concord for I-89 north at Bow and the White Mountains to the north. 07/30/07
New Hampshire 9 continues west onto Loudon Road to Concord Heights as U.S. 4 & 202 west combine with Interstate 393 to the north. 06/20/12
U.S. 202 west meets New Hampshire 9 again outside Downtown Concord. New Hampshire 9 otherwise transitions into a busy commercial arterial west by Steeplegate Mall to the city center. 06/20/12
U.S. 4 bypasses Concord to the north via I-393 west and I-93 north. 06/20/12
Interstate 393 U.S. 4 U.S. 202 West
Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 circle south to bypass New Hampshire 9 (Loudon Road) to the Soucook River and NH 106 (Sheep Davis Road). 10/06/14
New Hampshire 106 travels south from Meredith to Pembroke as part of a 34.5-mile route. A diamond interchange (Exit 2) joins the state route with I-393 in one half mile. 10/06/14
Heading north from Concord, New Hampshire 106 provides the main route to New Hampshire Motor Speedway within the town of Loudon. Belmont, 18 miles to the north, follows along the state route north. 10/06/14
2 photos
2 photos
Now within the city of Concord, Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 west reach the off-ramp (Exit 3) to New Hampshire 106. NH 9 spans the freeway here ahead of its intersection with NH 106. 06/27/05, 06/20/12
Taking Exit 3, motorists approach New Hampshire 106 (Sheep Davis Road). NH 106 ventures north 21 miles to Laconia and 4.2 miles south to end at U.S. 3 in Pembroke.
I-393 replaced an original parclo interchange with NH 9 and 106 when it was built here in 1988. 06/20/12
Westbound reassurance sign for Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 posted as the freeway hugs the hillside north of the Concord Heights business district. 10/06/14
Drivers joining I-393 west from NH 106 and New Hampshire Motor Speedway are provided with a trailblazer for I-93 and its connection to I-89. 10/06/14
Meeting Interstate 393 at the next Concord exit is New Hampshire 132 (East Side Drive) in one half mile. 10/06/14
Exit 2 serves interests to the New Hampshire State Offices along Hazen Drive. Hazen Drive stems west from NH 132 (East Side Drive) just south of Exit 2 to NH 9 at Airport Road. 07/30/07
Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 west at the folded diamond interchange (Exit 2) with New Hampshire 132 (East Side Drive). NH 132 ends at NH 9 (Loudon Road) just to the south. The state route angles northwest to East Concord, where it takes Mountain Road north parallel to I-93. 10/06/14
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2 photos
The Merrimack River valley spreads into view as Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 lower toward Exit 1 to NHTI Community College and the cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 93 10/06/14, 07/30/07
A causeway takes the freeway west from Exit 2 to the Merrimack River 07/30/07
Beyond I-93, a turn-off joins U.S. 202 west with Commercial Street north to the Concord Convention Center. 07/30/07
2 photos
2 photos
A folded diamond interchange facilitates the movement between Interstate 393 with Fort Eddy Road south and College Drive north at Exit 1. 07/30/07, 10/06/14
Interstate 393 & U.S. 4-202 west span the Merrimack River across the Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Memorial Bridge. 07/30/07
2 photos
2 photos
Exit 1 loops away from I-393 west onto Bradleys Island. Fort Eddy Road extends College Drive south from the freeway to a retail area bound by the Merrimack River and I-93. 07/30/07, 10/06/14
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 4 west splits with Interstate 393 & U.S. 202 north to combine with Interstate 93 north to Penacook and Boscawen. 07/30/07, 10/06/14
I-93 continues north from the split with U.S. 4 to Tilton and Plymouth, Littleton and St. Johnsberry, Vermont. 10/06/14
Interstate 393 U.S. 202 West
A loop ramp takes drivers onto Interstate 93 south through Concord to I-89 north to Lebanon and the F.E. Everett Turnpike south to Manchester. 07/30/07
A signalized turn-off joins U.S. 202 west with Commercial Street north to a business park encircling Horseshoe Pond. 06/27/05
The U.S. 202 expressway spans a Northern Main Line ahead of U.S. 3 (Main Street). U.S. 202 west joins U.S. 3 south 0.7 miles through Downtown Concord. 06/27/05
U.S. 3 branches northwest from U.S. 202 and Main Street to follow State Street along Rattlesnake Hill to Penacook. 06/27/05

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