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An east-west freeway between Bangor and Brewer, Interstate 395 joins Interstate 95 with U.S. 1A and points south to the coast. The first section of freeway, known as the Bangor Industrial Spur, opened to traffic in 1959 between Interstate 95 and Main Street (U.S. 1A-202 and SR 9) in Bangor. Completion of the freeway east across the Penobscot River to Brewer followed by 1986.1

Bangor, ME Map
Bangor, ME - 1964

Until 1986, Interstate 395 consisted of just a spur east from I-95 and Odlin Road to a trumpet interchange with U.S. 1A-202 & Maine 9 (Main Street). The U.S. 202 expressway tieing into I-395 at Exit 2 was built in 1965.2

Interstate 395 East
U.S. 2/Route 100 enter Bangor via Hammond Street east and turn northward onto Odlin Road. Where they leave off, Interstate 395 begins. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 eastbound begins and immediately enters a cloverleaf interchange (Exits 1A/B) with I-95/Route 15. Exit 1A quickly departs for I-95 south to Newport and Augusta. 03/23/13
Exit 1B quickly follows onto Interstate 95 & Maine 15 north through Bangor to Orono, Old Town and Houlton. I-95 and U.S. 2 & SR 100 meet at the next northbound interchange (Exit 183); U.S. 2 & SR 100 follow Hammond Street into Downtown. Interstate 395 serves Downtown interests via Exit 3B. 07/01/12
Interstate 395 East Maine Route 15 South
U.S. 202 north merges onto Interstate 395 east & Maine 15 south via a trumpet interchange (Exit 2). U.S. 202 travels northeast from Hampden and East Hampden into Bangor.
Travelers interested in the Bangor war memorials should use Exit 2. However Davenport Park, home of the USS Maine Memorial, is located along Main Street at Cedar Street, north of Exit 3B. 07/01/12
Reassurance shields, the first for Interstate 395 east, posted after the Western Avenue underpass. Maine 15 follows I-395 between I-95 and Exit 4. 06/27/05
Exit 2 takes motorists onto U.S. 202 west from I-395 east / Route 15 south. U.S. 202 meanders southwest from Bangor to China, Augusta and Lewiston parallel to the I-95 corridor. Locally the highway parallels U.S. 1A/Route 9 south to Hampden, a south suburb of Bangor. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 U.S. 202 East Maine Route 15 South
Interstate 395 comprises the first leg of the drive from Interstate 95 east for the long distance destinations of Calais and St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Maine 9 and U.S. 1A provide the second step of the journey out of Brewer. Maine 9, accessible via Exit 4, follows the interior route directly to Calais. U.S. 1A meanwhile connects Interstate 395 with U.S. 1 at Ellsworth. U.S. 1 travels also to Calais, but via a more circuitous route along the coastal reaches of southeast Maine. 04/15/16
Exit 3 provides the last direct exit for Bangor and also for interests south to Hampden via U.S. 1A & Maine 9 along the Penobscot River. 06/27/05
A collector distributor roadway facilitates movements to Exits 3A/B from Interstate 395 east & Maine 15 south. U.S. 202 north departs via Exit 3A, joining U.S. 1A & Maine 9 north along Main Street into Downtown. U.S. 1A & Maine 9 continue south along Main Street to Maine Road and East Hampden. Exit 3A brings traffic onto parallel Farm Road ahead of its intersection with U.S. 1A & Maine 9. 04/15/16
Exit 3A leaves the eastbound c/d roadway for Farm Road and U.S. 1A & Maine 9 (Main Street). U.S. 1A & Maine 9 continue together to Hampden. Once there, Maine 9 turns west and merges with U.S. 202 to Newburgh Center and Augusta. U.S. 1A continues south along the Penobscot River to Winterport and Frankfort, ending at its parent route in Stockton Springs. 04/15/16
U.S. 1A-202 & Maine 9 (Main Street) travel a short distance together to downtown Bangor. U.S. 1A & Maine 9 split via Summer Street north to Union Street east for Brewer. U.S. 202 continues along Main Street to its northern terminus at U.S. 2 & Maine 100 (Hammond and State Streets). Interests to Hollywood Casino & Raceway and Cross Insurance Center, a sports and entertainment venue, should use Exit 3B. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 East Maine Route 15 South
Interstate 395 east & Maine 15 south span the Penobscot River ahead of their split at Exit 4. Maine 15 follows South Main Street through South Brewer. The state route mirrors the Penobscot southward to Orrington and U.S. 1 at Bucksport. 04/15/16
Exit 4 consists of a folded diamond interchange with South Main Street from Interstate 395 & Maine 15. Maine 15 follows South Main Street south of I-395. South Main Street (Maine 15 Business) north heads toward the Brewer business district and U.S. 1A & Maine 9 (Wilson Street). Maine 9 north follows North Main Street to North Brewer and Eddington. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 East
Parkway South meets Interstate 395 at a parclo interchange (Exit 5) at East-West Industrial Park. Parkway South connects the freeway with U.S. 1A (Wilson Street) to the north and South Brewer Drive and Elm Street to the south. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 bisects East-West Industrial Park between Exits 4 and 5. Robertson Boulevard heads north through the park from Parkway South nearby. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 east at the Parkway South off-ramp (Exit 5). Pull through signs continue to indicate Interstate 395 as the route of choice for U.S. 1A south to Ellsworth and the Bar Harbor region. I-95 in conjunction with I-395 and U.S. 1A provides a faster route to the coastal attractions in lieu of the slow moving coastal U.S. 1. 04/15/16
The last eastbound reassurance shield for Interstate 395, posted between Parkway South and the Green Point Road overpass. 06/27/05
Interstate 395 ends - one mile sign posted ahead of the trumpet interchange merge with U.S. 1A (Wilson Street). 06/27/05
Interstate 395 splits into ramps to U.S. 1A (Main Road) east to Holden Center and Wilson Street back west into Brewer at Exit 6. U.S. 1A continues the drive southeast to Ellsworth and Bar Harbor (via Maine 3). 07/01/12
Eastbound at the ramp split of Exits 6A/B to U.S. 1A (Wilson Street / Main Road). U.S. 1A (Wilson Street) west heads to Pierce Road, South Parkway and its split with State Street; U.S. 1A (Main Road) east continues to Holden Center, East Holden, Ellsworth Falls and Ellsworth (U.S. 1). 07/01/12
Interstate 395 ends as traffic merges partitions to U.S. 1A. If approved, the proposed I-395/Route 9 connector will extend north from a rebuilt interchange here. The connector will be a two-lane limited access route between I-395 and SR 9 west of East Eddington. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 West
Traffic loops away from U.S. 1A (Wilson Street) onto the beginning of Interstate 395 west on the eastern outskirts of Brewer. 04/15/16
The freeway curves southwest initially before paralleling Wilson Street west twoard the Penobscot River. 04/15/16
Attached to the Green Point Road overpass is the initial sign for Exit 5 (Parkway South). Parkway South joins I-395 with U.S. 1A (Wilson Road) to the north and Elm Street to the south. 04/15/16
Westbound I-395 at the parclo interchange (Exit 5) with Parkway South. Parkway South connects the freeway with Brewer's East-West Industrial Park. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 passes through East-West Industrial Park between Exits 5 and 4. Exit 4 consists of a folded diamond interchange with Maine 15 (South Main Street) south along the east banks of the Penobscot River. SR 15 follows the Penobscot southward through South Brewer and Orrington. 04/15/16
Robertson Boulevard passes over Interstate 395 ahead of the off-ramp (Exit 4) to South Main Street. Maine 15 travels north from Bucksport (U.S. 1) to I-395 west. The state route begins at Stonington along Penobscot Bay and ends at Jackman in far northwestern Maine. 04/15/16
Drivers bound for Maine 15 south and Maine 15 Business (Main Street) north depart Interstate 395 west. SR 15 Business extends north along Main Street to U.S. 1A (Wilson Street) and SR 9 (North Main Street) at the Brewer city center. U.S. 1A & SR 9 combine across the Penobscot River to Union Street in Bangor while SR 15 Business takes State Street across the river. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 West Maine Route 15 North
The first sign for Interstate 95 (Exits 1B/A) appears at the Penobscot River bridge on Interstate 395 west & Maine 15 north. The I-95 sign features the ubiquitous control points of "all points north and south", which is also found along Main Street south for I-395. Exit 3 otherwise joins the freeway with U.S. 1A-202 & Maine 9 (Main Street) south of Downtown Bangor. 04/03/14
U.S. 202 begins in Downtown Bangor at U.S. 2/Route 100 (Hammond and State Streets). U.S. 202 follows Main Street south a short distance to merge with U.S. 1A/Route 9 south ahead of I-395 at Farm Road.
U.S. 1A/Route 9 proceed southward from I-395 to East Hampden and Hampden. Points of interest for Exit 3 include Hollywood Casino & Raceway and the Cross Insurance Center at Bass Park. 04/03/14
Interstate 395 U.S. 202 West Maine Route 15 North
U.S. 202 south joins Interstate 395 west & Maine 15 north briefly from Main Street. The US route leaves the freeway for Hampden at the adjacent trumpet interchange (Exit 2). Use Exit 2 for Bangor's World War II, Vietnam War, and Purple Heart Memorials. 04/15/16
Interstate 395 west & Maine 15 northbound reassurance markers posted after the on-ramps from Main Street; U.S. 202 is omitted. 04/15/16
U.S. 202 leaves I-395 west one half mile east of I-95. U.S. 202 travels a short distance southwest to Hampden where it merges with Route 9 to Newburgh Center, China and Augusta. The pull through panel references the freeway end at U.S. 2/Route 100 (New Hammond Street, Odlin Road). 04/03/14
Interstate 395 West Maine Route 15 North
Maine 15 leaves I-395 west for an overlap with I-95 north via Exit 1B . Travelers are advised of this and the connection to Bangor International Airport (BGR) at the U.S. 202 over crossing. SR 15 follows Interstate 95 to Exit 185; BGR Airport is west of Interstate 95 via SR 222 (Exit 184). 04/03/14
The final confirming marker for I-395 west stands just south of Bangor Municipal Golf Course. 09/27/19
Merely a formality at this point, a junction shield assembly lies ahead of the cloverleaf interchange (Exits 1B/A) with Interstate 95 at the Western Avenue underpass. 04/03/14
Exit 1B departs Interstate 395 west for Interstate 95 & Maine 15 north. Interstate 95 travels through Bangor to Orono, Old Town and Houlton. Maine 15 departs the freeway via Broadway on its drive to Dover-Foxcroft. 04/03/14
Interstate 395 West
Exit 1A loops away from I-395 west to I-95 south. Interstate 95 travels west from Bangor to Newport and Pittsfield and south to Augusta and Portland. 04/15/16
An end shield for Interstate 395 stands between the Interstate 95 ramps and U.S. 2 & Maine 100 (New Hammond Street, Odlin Road). 06/27/05
Sign bridge posted at the end of Interstate 395. U.S. 2 & Maine 100 travel Odlin Road south to circumvent Bangor International Airport (BGR) between separate segments of Hammond Street. The pair resume a western heading at the freeway end to West Bangor, Hermon and Newport. Odlin Road extends south and west to Cold Brook Road near Exit 180 of I-95. 04/15/16

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