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SE 8th Street at the diamond interchange (Exit 12) with I-405 in the city of Bellevue. Pictured here was an HOV-dedicated turn lane onto I-405 south. Construction associated with the I-405 expansion between Exits 12 and 10 (I-90) added an HOV-lane to the ramp from SE 8th Street east at 118th Avenue SE. 08/31/06
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
A two-lane ramp (one general purpose, one HOV) joins Interstate 405 north from SE 8th Street from under the flyover to 116th Avenue SE north and the Lake Hills Connector east. 08/31/06
Beyond the SE 8th Street ramp to Interstate 405 north is the historic Wilburton Trestle, a 1904-railroad bridge along a defunct BNSF Railroad line. 08/31/06
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2 photos
All traffic bound for Interstate 405 south departs SE 8th Street via a single turn lane. The on-ramp swells to three lanes (two general purpose and one HOV) before merging onto the five-lane southbound freeway. 08/31/06
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 405 signage posted along 114th Avenue SE between the park and ride lot and SE 8th Street at Exit 12. 08/31/06

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