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Interstate 435 constitutes a rural four-lane freeway across the Northland of Kansas City. This scene looks west from the Woodland Avenue overpass near Nashua. Photo taken June 19, 2015.

Interstate 435 encircles Kansas City from Leawood, Kansas east to the Three Trails Crossing Memorial Highway junction with I-49 and I-470, north to near Smithville, west to Kansas City International Airport (MCI) and south across the Missouri River to Kansas City, Kansas. The route provides both a bypass for through traffic between St. Joseph and St. Louis and a commuter route for the suburbs of Claycomo, Independence and Overland Park, Kansas. I-435 also shares a 3.58 mile concurrency with Interstate 29 between MCI Airport and Platte City.

The Kansas City beltway totals 55.179 miles through Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties. The portion north from Pleasant Valley to MCI Airport and southwest to Parkville is still rural generally with four lanes. Further south through east Kansas City and toward Grandview, I-435 becomes an extremely busy route with 2015 traffic counts ranging from 70,377 vehicles per day (vpd) at Claycomo to 138,952 vpd east of the Kansas state line.

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Eight years of construction, completed in May 2008, redesigned the former Grandview Triangle Interchange in south Kansas City. The exchange joined Interstates 435 and 470 with U.S. 71 north to Broadway and south to Grandview. Directional and semi directional T interchanges connected the three freeways with left-hand ramps and weaving traffic patterns. The $300 million project added lanes, removed left-hand ramps and reconfigured three adjacent interchanges along U.S. 71 (now I-49) to the south.1 A formal ceremony held near monuments for the Santa Fe, Oregon and California Trails on Marion Park Drive renamed the interchange the 3-Trails Crossing Memorial Highway on October 3, 2006.2 The name was approved by the Missouri General Assembly in 2005 for the three historic trails.1

The cloverstack joining Interstate 435 with Interstate 70 by the Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadium complex in east Kansas City was improved between 2010 and 2012. With alternatives evaluated in 1999, and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) started in 2005, the upgrades to the exchange were added to the statewide transportation improvement plan in 2007. The $32.4 million project was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). It added new ramps to U.S. 40 from I-435 south and from U.S. 40 to I-435 north while adding a collector distributor roadway to Interstate 70 eastbound from the beltway east to Blue Ridge Cutoff. The new traffic pattern better separates stadium traffic on I-70 east while providing an alternate route to I-435 via U.S. 40.3

A $47 million project reconfigures the exchange joining I-70 with Interstate 435 into a partial turbine interchange. Work eliminating the left exit ramps from I-435 to I-70 and improving the loop ramps from I-70 to I-435 started in Spring 2019. New directional ramps are being built from I-435 north to I-70 west and from I-435 south to I-70 east. Construction is scheduled for completion in December 2020.

Interstate 435 scenes
Woodland Avenue north at Interstate 435 by the Nashua community in the Kansas City Northland. I-435 control cities reflect the connections with I-29 and I-70 respectively. 06/19/15
State named shield directing motorists from Woodland Avenue north onto Interstate 435 east. I-435 switches to south cardinal direction banners beyond Exit 45, the next eastbound interchange. 06/19/15
Interstate 435 travels west from Nashua to merge with Interstate 29 by Kansas City International Airport (MCI). 06/19/15
Woodland Avenue extends a short distance north from I-435 to NE 126th Street while the beltway meets the U.S. 169 freeway nearby. 06/19/15
Crossing over Interstate 435 on Woodland Avenue south ahead of the Nashua community. 06/19/15
Interstate 435 turns southward two miles to the east en route to Liberty, Claycomo and Independence before meeting I-70. 06/19/15
The bulk of the Kansas City beltway through the Northland is still rural. Subdivisions are located near the freeway, but several of the interchanges remain undeveloped. 06/19/15
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
Missouri 12 (Truman Road) west at Interstate 435 in Blue Summit. 10/17/04

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