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Interstate 465 North
The full cloverleaf interchange between Interstates 74 and 465 was upgraded to include flyovers from Interstate 74 west onto the beltway and from the beltway south onto Interstate 74 east. Photo taken 10/16/04.
The Interstate 74 mainline consists of a one-lane off-ramp from the Exit 49 c/d roadway onto the freeway leading east to Cincinnati. Interstate 74 presently ends at Interstate 75 in Ohio, but exists again in North Carolina between the Virginia state line and Lumberton. Long range plans call for the two sections to be linked, but it is highly unlikely that Ohio or West Virginia will complete their sections of Interstate 74 freeway. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Continuing through the interchange at the Interstate 74 eastbound split from Interstate 465 north. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Motorists bound for Southeastern Avenue depart via a loop ramp onto the Interstate 74 freeway for its connection to former U.S. 421. Southeastern Avenue continues to Washington Street (former U.S. 40) outside downtown Indianapolis. The Exit 49 c/d roadway otherwise continues north to the wye interchange with Shadeland Avenue (former Indiana 100). Photo taken 11/04/11.
Exit 48 consists of a slip ramp from the Interstate 465 northbound mainline onto the adjacent c/d road for Shadeland Avenue. Shadeland Avenue exists as a freeway between Exit 48 and Washington Street (old U.S. 40). The freeway was built as the predecessor to the Indianapolis beltway and signed as Indiana 100 until 1999. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Traffic that joined the Exit 49 c/d roadway from Interstate 74 splits into ramps for the Interstate 465 mainline or Shadeland Avenue north to Warren Park. Photo taken 11/04/11.
2 photos
2 photos
Two lanes depart Interstate 465 north for the northbound beginning of Shadeland Avenue. Shadeland Avenue parallels the beltway north to Lawrence and again from Exit 40 to Interstate 69 & Indiana 37. Photos taken 11/04/11.
U.S. 52 west merges onto Interstate 465 north from Brookville Road (Exit 47) to Interstate 865 west (Exit 25). The US route enters Indianapolis from Rushville and the Julietta area of southeast Indianapolis. Photo taken 11/04/11.
2 photos
2 photos
Northbound Interstate 465 at the folded diamond interchange with U.S. 52 (Brooksville Road) east. Brookville Road west carried U.S. 52 to English Avenue and its merge with Southeastern Avenue (old U.S. 421) originally. Brookville Road east continues U.S. 52 east from Exit 47 to the county line en route to New Palestine. Photo taken 10/16/04. Second photo taken 11/04/11.
Reassurance shield for Interstate 465 northbound posted after the Baltimore And Ohio Railroad under crossing Photo taken 11/04/11.
One mile south of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 46) with U.S. 40 (Washington Street) east. U.S. 40 follows Interstate 465 along an unmarked concurrency from Exit 12 at Ben Davis to Exit 46 near Warren Park. Photo taken 11/04/11.
One half mile south of the Exit 46 off-ramp to Washington Street along Interstate 465 north. U.S. 40 continues east along Washington Street to Cumberland and Greenfield. Westward Washington Street travels through the Irvington and Southeast neighborhoods to downtown Indianapolis. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Nearing the interchange for Washington Street (Exit 45) a new Travel Time Sign alerts motorists of the distance and estimated time to reach Interstate 69 and U.S. 31. As of late 2011, the signs were not yet operational. Photo taken 12/17/11.
Interstate 70 appears for the first time 1.50 miles south of Exits 44B/A at the U.S. 40 eastbound off-ramp of Exit 46. A full cloverleaf interchange lies nearby between Washington Street and the expressway portion of Shadeland Avenue (former SR 100) at Warren Park. Washington Place is just east of the freeway at this point. Photo taken 11/04/11.
This stretch of Interstate 465 doubles as U.S. 31, 36, 52 and 421 and also Indiana 37 and 67. When Interstate 69 is extended southward, it is likely to include that cosigning as well. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Four lanes of Interstate 465 north next meet Interstate 70 (Exits 44B/A). Interstate 70 joins Downtown Indianapolis with Richmond in eastern Indiana along a 156.60 mile trek across the state. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Passing under 16th Street, Interstate 465 continues three quarters of a mile to Exits 44B/A with Interstate 70. A directional cloverleaf interchange joins the two freeways northeast of Warren Park. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Exit 44B departs Interstate 465 north for Interstate 70 east to Richmond, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio. Interstate 70 parallels or shares pavement with U.S. 40 for most of the 2,153-mile journey between Cove Fort, Utah and Baltimore, Maryland. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Interstate 70 continues seven miles west to its merge with Interstate 65 near downtown Indianapolis. The entire freeway within Indiana was completed by 1976.1 Photo taken 11/04/11.
Interstate 465 briefly swells to 13 overall lanes to the viaduct over the CSX Railroad and 30th Street. Meeting the freeway next is Pendleton Pike at the city of Lawrence. Pendleton Pike represents the historic alignment of U.S. 36 west & Indiana 67 south to East 38th Street and Massachusetts Avenue (former Indiana 367). Photo taken 10/16/04.
A diamond interchange joins Pendleton Pike with Interstate 465's split with U.S. 36 east and Indiana 67 north. U.S. 36 follows the beltway from Exit 13 near Lynhurst to the two-lane off-ramp of Exit 42. Indiana 67 joins the circumferential highway at Exit 8 near Valley Mills. Both are unsigned along their freeway overlap. Photo taken 10/16/04.
U.S. 36 east & Indiana 67 continue along Pendleton Pike through Lawrence to Oaklandon and the county line. The tandem split at Huntsville near Interstate 69. Indiana 67 overall travels 199.3 miles between Vincennes and the Ohio state line east of Trinity. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Northbound reassurance marker for Interstate 465 posted between a CSX Railroad underpass and 46th Street at Lawrence. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Shadeland Avenue returns to Interstate 465 via a wye interchange at 52nd Street in Lawrence. The beltway briefly overrides the road at its six-ramp parclo interchange with 56th Street. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Exit 40 carries two lanes from Interstate 465 north and merges with Shadeland Avenue north to form a collector distributor roadway to 56th Street and Fall Creek. Photo taken 10/16/04.
The Exit 40 c/d roadway splits with the ramp to 56th Street. 56th Street constitutes an east-west arterial linking Interstate 465 with Fort Benjamin Harrison to the east and the Brendonwood neighborhood to the west. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Ramps join the c/d roadway from 56th Street ahead of its split with Shadeland Avenue north to 82nd Street and Interstate 69 (Exit 1). Photo taken 10/16/04.
Shadeland Avenue leaves Interstate 465 again via a wye interchange. The arterial lines the northbound side of the beltway, serving a myriad of business parks, apartment complexes and Community Hospital North. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Continuing north, Interstate 465 next approaches the southern terminus of Interstate 69 and the split with Indiana 37 (Exit 37). Photo taken 07/31/09.
Indiana 37 follows Interstate 465 north from 4 to Interstate 69 near Castleton. The state road continues along freeways to Interstate 69 south of Noblesville. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Binford Boulevard (former Indiana 37) forms the northbound beginning of Interstate 69 at East 75th Street south of Exit 37. The freeway spur is a remnant from the unconstructed alignment of Interstate 69 between downtown (Interstates 65 & 70) and the beltway. Interstate 69 otherwise travels 22 miles to Anderson en route to Muncie, Huntington, and Fort Wayne. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Two lanes form the northbound beginning of Interstate 69 from Interstate 465 north at Exit 37. Interstate 69 travels 157.30 miles within Indiana and was completed in its current form by 1970.2 Construction is underway along a new segment of freeway from Interstates 64 & 164 north of Evansville to Indiana 64. Toll road proposals may result in the completion of Interstate 69 between Evansville and southwest Indianapolis, which would see Interstate 69 join the beltway. Photo taken 07/31/09.

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