Interstate 470 East
Interstate 470 ascends from the volleyball interchange (Exit 1) with U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 and the Ohio River into the community of Bethlehem. A diamond interchange joins the freeway with SSR 91 (Dans Cutoff Road). 10/15/04
Eastbound reassurance shield posted between the U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 on-ramp and Bethlehem on Interstate 470. 10/15/04
Exit 2 leaves Interstate 470 eastbound for Dans Cutoff Road and Bethlehem. Dans Cutoff Road links 28th Street Boulevard, Interstate 470, and Chapel Road. Chapel Road continues 22nd Street east from Wheeling into Bethlehem to West Virginia 88 (Ridgecrest Road). SSR 18 stems west from Ridgecrest Road to along 29th Street Boulevard to Dans Cutoff Road, Bethlehem Boulevard, and south Wheeling. 10/15/04
A high-level bridge carries Chapel Road (SSR 6) above Interstate 470 to the east of the interchange with Dans Chapel Road. West Virginia 88 loops west from Triadelphia to Chapel Road and south from there to Mount Olivet and Sherrard. 10/15/04
The final eastbound reassurance shield for Interstate 470 resides on the descent from Bethlehem to Interstate 70 in east Wheeling. 10/15/04
Exit 5 departs from Interstate 70 for U.S. 40 (National Road) in east Wheeling just beyond the I-470 end. U.S. 40 overlaps with West Virginia 88 from Bethany Pike in Wheeling to Kruger Street at Elm Grove. 10/15/04
A partial wye interchange constitutes the junction of Interstate 470 & 70 at east Wheeling. The Interstate 470 mainline defaults onto Interstate 70 east for Washington, Pennsylvania. The right lane becomes exit-only for the Exit 5 folded diamond interchange with U.S. 40 & West Virginia 88 (National Road). 10/15/04
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The eastbound conclusion of Interstate 470 at Interstate 70. Milepost 4 lies at the ramp merge near the U.S. 40 & West Virginia 88 (National Road) under crossing in East Wheeling. Elm Grove and Triadelphia lie ahead at the U.S. 40 & West Virginia 88 split near Exit 5. 10/15/04, 0000
Interstate 470 West
The westbound beginning of Interstate 470 and the first reassurance marker for the Wheeling bypass route. The freeway ascends from Interstate 70 Exit 5A to Bethlehem and south Wheeling. 10/15/04
Through traffic interests to Columbus, Ohio should take Interstate 470 to bypass downtown Wheeling and the Wheeling Tunnel. A mileage sign touts the connection with West Virginia 2 (U.S. 250) and the Ohio capital city on the Interstate 470 climb to Bethlehem. 10/15/04
A diamond interchange joins Dans Cutoff Road with Interstate 470 at Exit 2 in the village of Bethlehem. Dans Cutoff Road acts as a connector between the freeway and Chapel Road (SSR 6) to the north and 29th Street Boulevard (SSR Secondary 18) to the south. 10/15/04
Chapel Road crosses over Interstate 470 high above between West Virginia 88 (Ridgecrest Road) & 29th Street Boulevard and Dans Cutoff Road. Chapel Road continues northwest from Dans Cutoff Road to 22nd Street in south Wheeling. 10/15/04
Exit 2 leaves Interstate 470 westbound for Dans Cutoff Road and Bethlehem. Use Dans Cutoff Road south to 29th Street Boulevard west for Bethlehem Boulevard and south Wheeling. West Virginia 88 (Ridgecrest Road) travels south from Chapel Road nearby to Mount Olivet and Sherrard and adjacent Marshall County. 10/15/04
Interstate 470 crests near Exit 2 at Bethlehem. The freeway begins a pronounced descent from the hill to U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 (Exit 1) and the Ohio River. 10/15/04
0.25-mile guide sign posted along Interstate 470 westbound for the Exit 1 volleyball interchange with the U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 freeway. The two freeways see intersecting diamond interchanges between one another due to the limited amount of space and terrain of south Wheeling between Bethlehem and the Ohio River. 10/15/04
All traffic to U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 leaves Interstate 470 westbound at the Exit 1 off-ramp. A pair of intersections lie ahead for the connecting ramps onto the freeway north to downtown Wheeling and south to Moundsville. U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 share pavement between Interstate 70 (Exit 1B) and Moundsville. Plans are underway to extend Interstate 68 northwest from Morgantown to Wheeling. Upon completion, the northern leg of the U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 freeway will become part of the Interstate 68 corridor. 10/15/04
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
Interstate 470 crosses a steel arch bridge between south Wheeling, West Virginia and north Bellaire, Ohio. The four lane bridge spans the Ohio River between the top level of the Exit 1 volleyball interchange with U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 and the Exit 6 trumpet interchange with Ohio 7 (Jefferson Street). 10/15/04
Milepost 0 stands along the west banks of the Ohio River at the Ohio state line. A button copy overhead for Exit 6 to Ohio 7 (Jefferson Street) lies near the west end of the steel-arch bridge. Ohio 7 straddles the west banks of the river between Bellaire to the south and Bridgeport to the north. The state route continues south from Bellaire to Belpre (U.S. 50) near Parkersburg and north from Bridgeport to East Liverpool (U.S. 30). 10/15/04

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