Better known by its nickname, the Big Mac Bridge, the Beard Bridge over the Ohio River opened in September 1976 as a local route between city streets in Cincinnati and Newport. 11/08/09

Interstate 471 provides one of two freeways from the Covington, Newport and Bellevue urban area in northern Kentucky to central Cincinnati. The freeway connects the Dan Beard Bridge to I-71 in Ohio with I-275 and U.S. 27 at the city of Highland Heights. The six lane highway comprises a commuter route through the cities of Southgate and Fort Thomas to the Newport Pavilion retail area and Downtown Cincinnati.

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Interstate 471 scenes
KY 1892 (Grand Avenue) travels an S-curve through the modified diamond interchange with Interstate 471. A directional ramp joins the state route west ahead of Newport Pavilion. 11/04/11
A left turn takes motorists onto I-471 south from KY 1892 west to Southgate and Interstate 275 at Highland Heights. 11/04/11
KY 1892 follows Carothers Road west to Newport Plaza II shopping center and other retail from Grand Avenue and I-471 to end at U.S. 27 (Monmouth Street). 11/04/11
Leaving the Newport Pavilion area, KY 1892 transitions from Carothers Road to Grand Avenue to ramps with Interstate 471. 11/04/11
The southbound on-ramp references Alexandria for U.S. 27 south of the I-471 freeway end at Highland Heights. 11/04/11
Interstate 471 winds south between Fort Thomas and Southgate to end at Cincinnati Beltway of Interstate 275. 11/04/11
State named shields were installed for Interstate 471 along KY 1892 (Grand Avenue) by 2011. The state route curves south to the north side ramps before entering Fort Thomas. 11/04/11

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Interstate 275
U.S. 27

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