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Interstate 495 East
Frontage roads continue along side Interstate 495 (Long Island Expressway) from Queens as South Service Road and Fairway Drive by Lake Success Golf Club. Exit 33 utilizes the frontage road ahead of Lakeville Road and Community Drive north. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Lakeville Road leads south from Interstate 495 by Lake Success village hall to meet Northern Parkway at its Exit 25. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 33 departs Interstate 495 east for Lakeville Road south to North New Hyde Park and Lakeville Road and Community Drive north to Thomaston and New York 25A (Northern Boulevard). Photo taken 06/13/05.
Meeting Interstate 495 next is New Hyde Park Road north at the Exit 34 diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/13/05.
New Hyde Park Road spurs south from the L.I.E. Service Roads to New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike) by New Hyde Park village hall. Photo taken 06/13/05.
The Community Drive on-ramp adds a fifth eastbound lane to Exit 34 for New Hyde Park Road. Exit 35 for Shelter Rock Road south to Herricks and north to Manhasset follows just east of the New Hyde Park Road overpass. Photo taken 06/13/05.
A reassurance marker for Interstate 495 east appears just ahead of Exit 34 as the freeway lines Deepdale Golf Club and leaves Lake Success. Photo taken 06/13/05.
New Hyde Park Road travels 4.3 miles south from I-495 to Franklin Square. The road sees an interchange with parallel Northern State Parkway just south of the L.I.E. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Shelter Rock Road encircles Searingtown northwest from Herricks and Searingtown Roads to both Northern State Parkway and Interstate 495 at Exit 35. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Just two weeks before their opening, the HOV lane along Interstate 495 sees a series of signs placed at intervals where ingress and egress points are located. Solid double striped pavement markings otherwise prohibit lane changes between the general travel and carpool lanes. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Interstate 495 enters the village of North Hills between Exits 35 and 37. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 36 consists of a diamond interchange with the Service Roads that connects Interstate 495 with Searington Road south to Searingtown and north to Roslyn Estates and eastern Manhasset (Strathmore). Photo taken 06/13/05.
Searingtown Road becomes New York 101 (Port Washington Boulevard) at New York 25A (Northern Boulevard) at Munsey Park. NY 101 constitutes a 3.6-mile route from Northern Boulevard to Port Washington and Sands Point. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Eastbound Interstate 495 at the Exit 36 off-ramp for Searingtown Road. Searingtown Road lines western reaches of Albertson before ending at Herricks Road. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Willis Avenue leads north from Albertson to cross paths with the Long Island Expressway at the Exit 37 diamond interchange in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Northern Parkway, which parallels Interstate 495 just to the south, sees interchanges with Willis Avenue and Roslyn Road before turning southward to Mineola and Carle Place. Exit 38 consists of a wye interchange with an access road tying directly onto the parkway east in 1.5 miles. Photo taken 06/13/05.
An auxiliary lane adds capacity from Exit 36 to Willis Avenue along Interstate 495 east. Willis Avenue provides a direct route to the village center of Mineola at NY 25, 2.5 miles to the south. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Willis Avenue continues north from Interstate 495 as Mineola Avenue through Roslyn Heights to the village of Roslyn and NY 25A. Photo taken 06/13/05.
South from Exit 38, Northern State Parkway leads 1.6 miles to a directional interchange with the southbound beginning of Meadowbrook State Parkway. Meadowbrook Parkway comprises a 12.5-mile route from Northern State Parkway to Bay and Ocean Parkways at Jones Beach. The parkway serves Uniondale and Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (home of the New York Islanders NHL franchise until the 2015-16 season). Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 39, a six-ramp parclo interchange with Glen Cove Road at East Hills, departs immediately after the Exit 38 ramp to Northern State Parkway. Photo taken 06/13/05.
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2 photos
Northern State Parkway veers away from Interstate 495 south to Carle Place before turning east again through Westbury. The 28.9-mile parkway crosses paths with I-495 again at Plainview before concluding at Hauppage. Photos taken 06/13/05.
Glen Cove Road parallels Northern State Parkway south to Mineola, becoming Clinton Road by Roosevelt Field mall en route to Hempstead. Northward the road continues to through East Hills and Greenvale to the city of Glen Cove. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Winding east through the village of Old Westbury to the egress point of the HOV lane for Exit 40. Photo taken 06/13/05.
The HOV lane commenced at Exit 40 until June 30, 2005. Now this stretch of Interstate 495 includes an egress point for Exits 41, 42, and 43. Motorists that departing the HOV lane for Exit 40 can access the forthcoming ramp for New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike), which ventures east from the village of Westbury to meet the L.I.E. at Jericho. Photo taken 06/13/05.
A temporary sign was posted at the Exit 40W off-ramp for New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike) west to Westbury and Mineola. NY 25 previously met Interstate 495 in Queens (Exit 19). Photo taken 06/13/05.
This sign bridge now supports guide signs for Exits 40W/E to New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike). The 105.1-mile state route stretches across the length of Long Island, starting from the Queensboro Bridge in NYC and ending at the Orient Point. Photo taken 06/13/05.
The egress point for the HOV lane for Exits 41 through 43 departs just beyond Exit 40W. This movement replaces the previous ingress point at the 2005-start of the HOV lane. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 40E joins the left side of New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike) east to Syosset. The state route meets Interstate 495 again at the eastern terminus in Riverhead. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Signs periodically warn motorists to not cross the divider, or painted median, between the HOV and general purpose lanes. The system of ingress and egress points are also used along the Southern California carpool lanes. Photo taken 06/13/05.
A full cloverleaf interchange (Exits 41S/N) with New York 106 & 107 (Broadway) lies next along Interstate 495 in one half mile. Photo taken 06/13/05.
New York 106 & 107 combine for 2.43-mile miles southward from just north of New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike) through Jericho to Broadway Mall in Hicksville. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Interstate 495 east at the Exit 41S off-ramp to New York 106 & 107 (Broadway) south to Hicksville. NY 107 remains along Broadway southward toward Plainedge and its end at Massapequa while NY 106 travels Newbridge Road to East Meadow and North Bellmore. Photo taken 06/13/05.
New York 107 follows Cedar Swamp Road northwest from Jericho through Brookville and Old Brookville to its end at Pulaski Street in Glen Cove. NY 106 follows Jericho Oyster Bay Road north from New York 25 through Muttontown and East Norwich to an end at Bay Avenue in Oyster Bay. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exits 42 and 43 follow NY 106 & 107 in quick succession for the directional ramp onto the adjacent Northern State Parkway and South Service Road east for South Oyster Bay Road. Photo taken 06/13/05.
The next egress point of the HOV lane, for Exits 44-46, follows the Exit 43 off-ramp for Syosset. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Northern State parkway stays south of Interstate 495 to Exit 46, where the roadway shifts to the north en route to Melville, Commack and Smithtown. This is the last direct access from the L.I.E. to the parkway. Photo taken 06/13/05.
South Oyster Bay Road leads south to New York 107 (Broadway) at Bethpage and north to Jackson Avenue at New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike) in Syosset. Photo taken 06/13/05.
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3 photos
3 photos
Interstate 495 (Long Island Expressway) crosses over the Long Island Railroad and enters Syosset as the HOV lane sees an egress and ingress point. The HOV lanes operate during both the morning and evening commutes. Photos taken 06/13/05.
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2 photos
An on-ramp joins South Service Road east from Robbins Lane ahead of the return ramp for Interstate 495 east below Oyster Bay Road. Exit 43A serves Robbins Lane in the westbound direction. Photos taken 06/13/05.
Four lanes of Interstate 495 east continue 0.75 miles to a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 44S/N) with New York 135. NY 135 (Seaford–Oyster Bay Expressway) constitutes a 10.7-mile route from Seaford to Syosset. Photo taken 06/13/05.
The on-ramp for Robbins Lane joins Interstate 495 east. A second on-ramp adds traffic from South Oyster Bay Road ahead of the Exit 44S ramp for Seaford. Photo taken 06/13/05.
The Seaford–Oyster Bay Expressway was completed in stages starting in June 1962 between Exits 10 (Old Country Road) and 14 (New York 25). The freeway between Exits 4 (Southern State Parkway) and 10 followed in 1963 and between Merrick Road and Exit 4 by late 1969. The freeway was designated as New York 135 by 1964.1< Photo taken 06/13/05.
New York 135 ventures south from Interstate 495 through Plainview, Bethpage, Plainedge and Wantagh before ending at a trumpet interchange with Merrick Road in Seaford. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 45 for Manetto Hill Road in Woodbury departs Interstate 495 east just east of the Exit 44N off-ramp to New York 135 (Seaford–Oyster Bay Expressway) north to Syosset. Photo taken 06/13/05.
New York 135 concludes just one mile north of Exit 44N at a partially built cloverleaf interchange with New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike) in 0.7 miles. An unconstructed extension of the freeway was proposed to Rye across a bridge over Long Island Sound. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Manetto Hill Road links Interstate 495 with Woodbury Road to the north and Old Country Road in Plainview to the south. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 45 leaves Interstate 495 east for Woodbury and Plainview. Exit 46 follows as a diamond interchange with Sunnyside Boulevard, which stems east from Manetto Hill Road to Northern State Parkway (Exit 38). Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 46 forms a two-lane c/d roadway east to Sunnyside Boulevard and Executive Drive. The roadway combines with an on-ramp from Northern State Parkway east. Photo taken 06/13/05.
HOV motorists see the next egress point after the Sunnyside Boulevard overpass for access to Exits 48 through 50. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Two lanes partition from the Exit 46 c/d roadway for Sunnyside Boulevard, which forms an arc east to several business parks from Manetto Hill Road to Woodbury Road. Photo taken 06/13/05.
The Sunnyside Boulevard on-ramp includes a left HOV lane open only during peak times of traffic. The ramp is otherwise governed by ramp meters during commuting hours. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Interstate 495 rises over the Mannetto Hills as HOV motorists merge onto the mainline. A weigh station resides just ahead. Photo taken 06/13/05.
A diamond interchange (Exit 48) with Round Swamp Road lies just east of the weigh station on Interstate 495. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Just beyond Exit 48 is the next ingress point to the HOV lane. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Round Swamp Road leads south from Exit 48 to the communities of Old Bethpage and Farmingdale and north along side West Hills to New York 25 (Jericho Turnpike). Photo taken 06/13/05.
Interstate 495 eastbound travelers cross the Suffolk County line ahead of the Round Swamp Road under crossing. Exit 49S departs the freeway next for South Service Road east to New York 110 (Broad Hollow Road) south in 0.75 miles. A loop ramp links the L.I.E. with NY 110 north directly at Exit 49N. Photo taken 06/13/05.

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