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Interstate 495 East
Exit 41 quickly departs I-495 north beyond the Potomac River for Clara Barton Parkway. Clara Barton Parkway constitutes a limited access highway along the Potomac River between Washington and MacArthur Boulevard, west of the adjacent Naval Surface Warfare Center. Exit 41 connects the Beltway with the nearby communities of Glen Echo and Carderock. Photo taken 08/04/13.
A welcome to Maryland sign faces northbound motorists just beyond the Exit 41 gore point. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Maryland 190 (River Road) crosses paths with the Capital Beltway just north of the wye interchange (Exit 40) with Cabin John Parkway. Inventoried as I-495X by MDOT, Cabin John Parkway is a limited access connector bringing motorists onto I-495 north ahead of River Road (Exit 39) Photo taken 08/03/13.
Maryland 190 (River Road) travels southeast from Interstate 495 through Glen Echo, Somerset, and Friendship Heights to the District of Columbia. River Road ends at Wisconsin Avenue NW at Tenleytown in Washington. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Button copy guide sign, since removed, for MD 190 (Exit 39) on Interstate 495 north / inner loop. A three quarter cloverleaf interchange joins MD 190 with the Capital Beltway alongside Cabin John Creek Park. Photo taken 09/24/04.
Interstate 495 northbound passes over the southbound ramp to Cabin John Parkway (I-495X) ahead of the off-ramp to MD 190 (River Road). Exit 39 combines with a ramp from I-495X north ahead of ramps for MD 190 east and west. River Road passes over I-495 on the westward course to Campbell Corner and Potomac. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Diagrammatic overhead posted two miles south of the split with I-270 Spur north from Interstate 495 east / inner. I-270 Spur links the Capital Beltway (Exit 38) with Interstate 270 (Exit 2) at Montrose. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Exit 39 partitions for Maryland 190 (River Road) east to Glen Echo and Bethesda and west to Potomac and Seneca. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Nondescript overheads at MD 190, since removed, partitioned traffic on the Capital Beltway inner loop for the Interstate 270 Spur westbound. Photo taken 09/24/04.
This one mile sign bridge for Exit 38, Interstate 270 Spur north was replaced with a new assembly further north. Photo taken 09/24/04.
Two lanes default to the left exit at the wye interchange with Interstate 270 Spur north. Signed as either I-270 or "TO I-270", the freeway links with I-270 in two miles.
I-270 Spur was previously designated as I-270 when the I-270 mainline was Interstate 70S and U.S. 240. I-70S was decommissioned in 1973. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Interstate 495 east expands to six lanes ahead of the split with I-270 Spur. Known as the High Technology Corridor, Interstate 270 links Washington with the tech centers of Gaithersburg and Rockville to the northwest. A heavily traveled freeway, I-270 leads northwest from Interstate 495 to Frederick (Interstate 70 & U.S. 40). Photo taken 08/04/13.
The innermost lane of Interstate 495 defaults onto the HOV-2 lane for Interstate 270 Spur north. I-270 splits into a local and express configuration from the merge with I-270 Spur northward to Exit 13. The HOV-2 lane continues northward along the dual freeway to Gaithersburg. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Partitioning of Interstate 495 north / inner commences at the Maryland 191 (Bradley Boulevard) over crossing. Interstate 270 west serves the growing northwest suburbs of the Washington metropolitan area of both Montgomery and Frederick Counties. Interstate 495 meanwhile curves eastward toward Bethesda and Interstate 95 for Baltimore. Photo taken 08/04/13.
I-270 Spur sees an interchange with Democracy Boulevard (Exit 1) nearby before merging onto Interstate 270 north. Photo taken 08/04/13.
The outer loop of the Capital Beltway passes over Interstate 270 Spur westbound at Exit 38.
Interstate 270 enters the Rockville area within four miles and reaches the city of Frederick in 30 miles. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 495 turns almost due east from Exit 38 by s this old set of shields. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 495 next meets Maryland 187 (Old Georgetown Road) at Exit 36. Exit 36 serves interests to both the Strathmore Music Center and Bethesda Norther Conference Center. Photo taken 12/21/12.
MD 187 constitutes a 5.32-mile route from MD 355 (Wisconsin Avenue) at Bethesda to MD 355 again, south of Rockville. Photo taken 12/21/12.
There is no direct access to MD 355 (Rockville Pike) north from Interstate 495 east at Exit 34. Motorists bound for Garrett Park and Rockville are directed onto MD 187 north instead. Photo taken 12/21/12.
One half mile out from the diamond interchange at Exit 36 on I-495 east. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 36 leaves Interstate 495 east for Old Georgetown Road. The right lane follows in one mile for Maryland 355 (Wisconsin Avenue) south as Interstate 270 merges in from the left. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Traffic slows as Interstate 495 curves around Pooks Hill toward both a diamond interchange (Exit 34) with Maryland 355 and the wye merge with Interstate 270 east. Photo taken 12/21/12.
MD 355 (Wisconsin Avenue) travels south from Rockville to the campus of the National Institute of Health and National Naval Medical Center to Chevy Chase, Somerset and the District of Columbia. MD 355 follows the original U.S. 240 route from Washington northwest to Frederick. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Left side ramps add traffic from both the end of Interstate 270 east and MD 355 (Wisconsin Avenue) south onto Interstate 495 east ahead of Rock Creek Park. Photo taken 09/24/04.
The Capital Beltway winds through Rock Creek Park from Interstate 270 east to Forest Glen. The freeway passes over Cedar Lane 0.75 miles west of the parclo interchange with Maryland 185 (Connecticut Avenue). Photo taken 08/04/13.
Maryland 185 continues Connecticut Avenue northward from Washington, D.C. to Chevy Chase and North Chevy Chase before meeting Interstate 495. The state route continues north from Exit 33 to Chevy Chase View and Kensington. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Interstate 495 east / inner at Exit 33 to Maryland 185 (Connecticut Avenue). Photo taken 08/04/13.
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2 photos
Connecticut Avenue intersects MD 410 (East-West Highway) 1.25 miles to the south and MD 191 (Bradley Lane) in two miles at Chevy Chase. Northward the state route navigates through Kensington to MD 97 at Aspen Hill. Photos taken 08/04/13.
Interstate 495 winds through Rock Creek Park ahead of MD 97 (Georgia Avenue). A multi-state route linking Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with Washington, D.C. at Silver Spring, MD 97 follows Georgia Avenue from the Howard County line southward to U.S. 29 (Colesville Road). Photo taken 12/21/12.
A three quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exits 31A/B) joins Interstate 495 and Maryland 97 (Georgia Avenue) at Forest Glen. U.S. 29 overtakes Georgia Avenue 1.50 miles to the south at Silver Spring to the District of Columbia line at Eastern Avenue. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Traffic to Maryland 97 (Georgia Avenue) southbound leaves Interstate 495 east / inner via Exit 31B to Silver Spring. Maryland 97 links with Maryland 390 (16th Street) southbound into Washington, D.C. as well. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 31A loops onto Maryland 97 (Georgia Avenue) northbound from Interstate 495 east / inner. Georgia Avenue intersects Maryland 192 (Forest Glen Avenue) just north of the Capital Beltway. From there Maryland 97 continues 1.5 miles north to Maryland 586 (Veirs Mill Road) at Westfield Wheaton mall. Georgia Avenue travels through Oakdale to Olney and Brookeville in central Montgomery County. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 495 passes through Sligo Creek Park east of MD 97 and by this trailblazer for the Capital Beltway inner loop. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Passing by Sligo Creek Golf Course, I-495 advances east to a three quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 30) with U.S. 29 (Colesville Road). U.S. 29 constitutes an arterial route between Silver Spring and Hammond in southern Howard County. Heavy development flanks the US highway, offering a slow go for commuters between Washington and Burtonsville. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 30B departs in one quarter mile for U.S. 29 (Colesville Road) south to Silver Spring and Washington, D.C. Colesville Road becomes Maryland 384 at Georgia Avenue (Maryland 97), 1.5 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 12/21/12.
U.S. 29 southbound traffic leaves Interstate 495 east for Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and Washington. U.S. 29 totals 25.91 miles in Maryland and 1,036 miles overall between Mt. Hebron, MD and Pensacola, FL. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 495 eastbound at the U.S. 29 (Colesville Road) northbound off-ramp (Exit 30A). U.S. 29 meets Maryland 193 (University Boulevard) nearby at Four Corners. From there the US highway continues northeast to White Oak, Burtonsville, and Scaggsville on the drive to Columbia. Much of U.S. 29 north of the Howard County line was upgraded from a surface boulevard to freeway in the 1990s. Photo taken 12/21/12.
A short distance separates the U.S. 29 and Maryland 193 interchanges on Interstate 495 eastbound. Maryland 193 loops east from Kensington, Wheaton, and Four Corners south to the Capital Beltway at Exit 29. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Maryland 193 (University Boulevard) and the Capital Beltway come together at a three quarter cloverleaf interchange. Maryland 193 arcs southeast from Exit 29 to Langley Park and from there northeast through College Park. The state route crosses paths with Interstate 495 again at the interchange (Exit 22) with Baltimore-Washington Parkway at Greenbelt. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Nearing the crossing of the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River on Interstate 495 east. A truck weigh station lies at the forthcoming stub end of unconstructed I-95 (Exit 27). Photo taken 12/21/12.
The succeeding interchange along the inner loop of Interstate 495 is Exit 28 with Maryland 650 (New Hampshire Avenue) at Hillandale. The state route travels between the Washington, D.C. line and Maryland 108 north of Laytonsville. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) lies 24 miles to the northeast via I-95 north from Exit 27 to Interstate 195 near Linthicum. Photo taken 12/21/12.
I-495 progresses east between the Hillandale Heights and Oakview neighborhoods to the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 28B/A) with MD 650. MD 650 straddles the Montgomery and Prince Georges County line from Interstate 495 southward to Takoma Park and the District of Columbia. New Hampshire Avenue continues to U.S. 29 (Georgia Avenue) and Park Road in the Petworth section of Washington. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Maryland 650 (New Hampshire Avenue) south from Interstate 495 leads to Adelphi, Lewisdale, and Chillum via connections with Maryland 212 (Riggs Road). The merge with Interstate 95 south lies one mile ahead. Photo taken 12/21/12.
I-495 east / inner crosses over MD 650 (New Hampshire Avenue) ahead of Exit 28A. MD 650 meets U.S. 29 (Columbia Pike) via an interchange at White Oak two miles to the northwest. New Hampshire Avenue continues north from there to Colesville and Browns Corner. Powder Mill Road east from MD 650 leads to MD 212 at Knollwood as well. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 495 crosses the Prince Georges County line at Hillandale. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Maryland 212 (Riggs Road) travels over Interstate 495 within one half mile of the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 27) with I-95. Interstate 95 southbound merges onto I-495 east / inner along the eastern half of the Capital Beltway between College Park and Springfield, Virginia. Photo taken 12/21/12.
The weigh station at Exit 27 lies adjacent to a park and ride lot between the north and south roadways of unconstructed Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Two lanes leave Interstate 495 east / inner via Exit 27 for I-95 north to Laurel and Baltimore. Interstate 95 comprises an eight lane freeway between the Capital and Baltimore Beltways. 23 miles separate Exit 27 from the Baltimore city line along I-95 north. Photo taken 12/21/12.
New York debuts as a control city for Interstate 95 north along off-ramp from Interstate 495 east / inner. A second ramp leaves Exit 27 for both the Park & Ride facility and weigh station. While I-95 was never completed south into Washington, a full interchange between the unconstructed freeway and Capital Beltway was built. Photo taken 12/21/12.
A parting shot of the 0.75-mile overhead for U.S. 1 (Baltimore Avenue) at College Park. Exit 25 leaves the I-495 mainline ahead of the left side merge with I-95 south. Photo taken 12/21/12.


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