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State Route 21 North
Bull Street south and White Bluff Road north come together at SR 21 (DeRenne Avenue) midway between SR 204 (Abercorn Street) and the beginning of Interstate 516 west. 07/25/22
White Bluff Road lines the east side of Hunter Army Airfield from SR 204 (Abercorn Street) north to Poplar Place and SR 21 (DeRenne Avenue). SR 21 leads west 0.3 miles to become Interstate 516 at Montgomery Street while ending east in one block. 01/03/14
Montgomery Street curves northward from the Duncan Drive gate into Hunter AAF to intersect SR 21 (DeRenne Avenue) en route to Downtown Savannah. 07/25/22
Interstate 516 West State Route 21 North
SR 21 (DeRenne Avenue) transitions into Interstate 516 west after Montgomery Street. 07/25/22
Mildred Street ties into I-516/SR 21 (W.F. Lynes Parkway) west at a right in right out (RIRO) intersection from the Tatemville community. 07/25/22
A new shield assembly for I-516 west / SR 21 north was added after Mildred Street by 2013. The freeway travels along the northern boundary of Hunter Army Airfield to a CSX Railroad under crossing. 07/25/22
A trumpet interchange (Exit 2) joins Lynes Parkway with Veterans Parkway in one mile. Maintained by Chatham County, Veterans Parkway comprises a freeway southwest from I-516/SR 21 through marshes west of Hunter Army Airfield to SR 204 (Abercorn Street Extension). 07/25/22
Interstate 516 elevates above northern reaches of the CSX Southover Yard and leaves the city limits of Savannah. The four lane crossing was built in 1966. 07/25/22
Liberty Parkway crosses I-516/SR 21 (Lynes Parkway) ahead of Exit 2 for Veterans Parkway. An unnumbered route, Veterans Parkway was originally named the Southwest Bypass. 07/25/22
I-516/SR 21 curves northwest at Exit 2 toward U.S. 17/80 (Ogeechee Road). Veterans Parkway connects with Chatham Parkway nearby along a 6.82 mile long course. 07/25/22
Veterans Parkway, in conjunction with SR 204, provides a direct route to U.S. 17/SR 25 (Coastal Highway) and Interstate 95 south for Richmond Hill and Brunswick. 07/25/22
U.S. 17/SR 25 follow Ogeechee Road north from SR 204 through Silk Hope to combine with I-516/SR 21 at Exit 3. 07/25/22
I-516/SR 21 north at the diamond interchange (Exit 3) with Ogeechee Road. U.S. 80/SR 26 west join Lynes Parkway from Victory Drive and Midtown Savannah. U.S. 80 originates 20.7 miles to the east on Tybee Island, just off the Atlantic Ocean. 07/25/22
Interstate 516 U.S. 80 State Route 26 West U.S. 17 State Route 21 State Route 25 North
A directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 5) joins I-516 with I-16 in one half mile. U.S. 17 overlaps with I-16 east to the Talmadge Bridge, while I-16 spurs into the Savannah Historic District. 07/25/22
U.S. 17 follows I-516 west to I-16 east while U.S. 80 remains on Lynes Parkway north to Augusta Avenue. 07/25/22
An auxiliary lanes opens along I-516 from Tremont Road north to Exit 5 for Interstate 16. I-16 west to I-95 north leads motorists to Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport (SAV). 07/25/22
A U.S. 17 trailblazer references the relocation of the route in 1994 from I-516 west into Garden City onto I-16 east to the Talmadge Bridge. 07/25/22
Exit 5 departs I-516 west for I-16 and the continuation of U.S. 17 north. Interstate 16 ends in 2.4 miles at Montgomery Street while U.S. 17 reaches Hutchinson Island in four miles. 07/25/22
Exit 5 partitions into separate ramps for I-16 east / U.S. 17 north into Savannah and I-16 west to Pooler, Bloomingdale and Macon. Joining Southeast Grorgia with Atlanta via I-75 north, I-16 stretches 166.81 miles west from Chatham County to Macon-Bibb County. 09/16/21
Interstate 516 U.S. 80 State Route 26 West State Route 21 State Route 25 North
A half diamond interchange (Exit 6) joins Lynes Parkway north with Gwinnett Street in one quarter mile. 07/25/22
Gwinnett Street meanders through the Carver Heights area of West Savannah to meet I-516 just east of Telfair Road near the Savannah Amtrak Station. 07/25/22
I-516 west continues one half mile to the split with U.S. 80/SR 26 west (Exit 7A). U.S. 80/SR 26 follow Augusta Avenue west from a half diamond interchange onto Bay Street parallel to Lynes Parkway. 07/25/22
Reassurance shields posted for I-516, U.S. 80 and SR 21-25 near the CSX and Norfolk Southern Railroad underpasses. 07/25/22
Exit 7 leaves I-516 beyond the Louisville Road underpass for U.S. 80/SR 26 west and SR 25CO east. SR 25CO follows Bay Street to Downtown Savannah and the Talmadge Bridge via Oglethorpe Avenue. 07/25/22
Beyond the parallel alignment to I-516 from Exit 7 A, U.S. 80/SR 26 branch southward from SR 21 and SR 25 (Main Street) to Louisville Road and Pooler. Exit 7 A quickly follows onto Lathrop Avenue at Hudson Street. 07/25/22
Interstate 516 West State Route 21 State Route 25 North
Sign changes made to Exit 7 B reflect the Georgia Ports Authority - Ocean Terminal, where Lathrop Avenue leads northeast from SR 25 Connector and I-516. 07/25/22
SR 25 parts ways with SR 21 north at a parclo interchange (Exit 8) with Burnsed Boulevard in one half mile. SR 25 turns northward onto Main Street through Garden City and Port Wentworth along the pre-1993 alignment of U.S. 17. 07/25/22
The final reassurance marker for Interstate 516 west follows the entrance ramp from SR 25 Connector (Bay Street). 07/25/22
I-516/SR 21-25 (Lynes Parkway) lines Mary Calder Golf Club over the next quarter mile. 07/25/22
Exit 8 leaves Interstate 516 west / SR 21-25 north at the Garden City line. 07/25/22
SR 25 (Main Street) continues north from Burnsed Boulevard to the Port of Savannah - Garden City Terminal, Port Wentworth and the Houlihan Bridge into South Carolina. 05/29/05
The freeway concludes at the signalized intersection with Minus Avenue. SR 21 continues north 6.8 miles to Interstate 95 at Port Wentworth and 22 miles to the Effingham County seat of Springfield. 07/25/22
Interstate 516 West State Route 21 North
An end shield for I-516 west stands by milepost seven and Burnsed Boulevard. SR 21 transitions into commercial arterial (August Road) through Garden City. 05/29/05, 07/25/22

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