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Interstate 530 is a 46.65 mile1 freeway spur connecting Little Rock with Pine Bluff in central Arkansas. Commissioned in 1999, I-530 overlaid the existing U.S. 65 freeway southward from the exchange with I-30 and I-440 in Little Rock to Pine Bluff where the freeway ends at U.S. 63/79 and the northern terminus of U.S. 425. Future aspirations for Interstate 530 extend the route south toward Monticello along the AR 530 corridor. AR 530 constitutes a two lane expressway between the Pine Bluff Bypass 24 miles to AR 11 east of Cornerville. Measuring 4.5 miles in length, a second segment links U.S. 278, east of Wilmar, with AR 35 northwest of Monticello.

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Interstate 530 U.S. 65 scenes
U.S. 63-79 and U.S. 65 Business south enter the systems interchange (Exit 46) with I-530, U.S. 65 and AR 190. U.S. 65 Business comes to an end while U.S. 63/79 combine with I-530/U.S. 65 north along the Wiley A. Branton Sr. Highway. U.S. 63 accompanies the freeway west to Exit 43 for Warren with U.S. 79 leaving for Rison at Exit 39. 05/07/12
U.S. 65 continues south from U.S. 63/79 to Dumas, McGehee and Lake Village. Dumas lies 38.2 miles to the southeast with McGehee and Lake Village lying 57.2 and 79.2 miles away, respectively. Harding Avenue carries AR 190 northwest from Exit 46 to Ohio Street. AR 190 west navigates along 5th Avenue through Downtown Pine Bluff. 05/07/12
The exchange joining U.S. 63/79 with I-530/U.S. 65 also signifies the beginning of U.S. 425 south to Monticello. 05/07/12
AR 190 (Harding Avenue) angles southeast from Pine Bluff into the exchange with I-530, U.S. 63-65-79-425. Harding Avenue defaults onto U.S. 65/425 southbound for Dumas, McGehee and Lake Village while a ramp leads motorists to I-530/U.S. 65 north and U.S. 63/79 south toward Little Rock. 05/07/12
U.S. 270 concludes a 158 mile course through Arkansas at a diamond interchange with I-530/U.S. 65 near White Hall. The freeway provides connections to Pine Bluff, 6.9 miles to the southeast and the capital city of Little Rock 37.7 miles to the north. Following the former alignment of U.S. 270 to AR 365 (former U.S. 65), AR 365 Spur extends 2.2 miles eastward. 05/07/12
Highway 46 east at I-530/U.S. 65 to Little Rock and Pine Bluff. The state highway continues another 0.7 miles to Redfield where it ends at Highway 365. 05/07/12
The northbound entrance ramp for I-530/U.S. 65 from AR 338 (Dixon Road) departs from Shamburger Lane just ahead of the Granite Mountain Quarries plant. 05/20/14

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