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Interstate 530 U.S. 65 North U.S. 63 U.S. 79 South
Interstate 530 commences at Exit 46 to Arkansas 190 west and U.S. 63 & 79 and U.S. 65 Business north to Downtown Pine Bluff. The 1999 commissioned interstate designation will follow U.S. 65 for 46.65 miles northward to Interstate 30 in Little Rock. Photo taken 05/07/12.
Harding Avenue will carry Arkansas 190 west to Ohio Street where the state highway turns north toward U.S. 65 Business (Martha Mitchell Expressway). Otherwise follow U.S. 63 & 79 north along with U.S. 65 Business to reach the downtown area of Pine Bluff. The University of Arkansas Pine Bluff campus and the Delta Rivers Nature Center are also accessed via the U.S. highways north. Photo taken 05/07/12.
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Confirming markers for all routes along I-530 appear beyond Exit 46. Typically any acknowledgement of the concurrent U.S. highways along the freeway are omitted in signage. A second solo I-530 reassurance shield stands further down the freeway. The loop around south and west Pine Bluff is also referenced as the Wiley A. Branton Sr. Highway, named after a civil rights leader who was instrumental in ending inequality in Arkansas. Interstate 530 and company will next meet Arkansas 530 (Exit 44). Photos taken 05/07/12.
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Interstate 530 reaches the high-speed directional interchange with Arkansas 530 south to Star City and Monticello as it passes over Imbeau Bayou. Arkansas 530 stems south for 18 miles to Arkansas 114 west of Star City with a further extension set to open in late 2014 to a connector road linking Arkansas 11 and U.S. 425. Overall, Arkansas 530 will eventually connect Pine Bluff with the future Interstate 69 corridor near Monticello and will carry Interstate 530. These 2012 scenes show progress being made on the unopened interchange. Photos taken 05/07/12.
Still within the directional interchange with Arkansas 530, Interstate 530 approaches Exit 43 for U.S. 63 south and U.S. 63 Business north in one mile. Photo taken 05/07/12.
U.S. 63 south will leave I-530 and U.S. 65 & 79 at the Exit 43 departure ramp. The U.S. highway continues through south central Arkansas linking Pine Bluff with Warren and El Dorado. Photo taken 05/07/12.
U.S. 63 Business north follows the former routing of U.S. 63 through Pine Bluff, circumventing the city only to meet its parent 0.8 miles north of Interstate 530 and Exit 46. Warren is located 42.5 miles to the south in Bradley County. Photo taken 05/07/12.
Interstate 530 U.S. 65 U.S. 167 North
Interstate 530 continues north from Arkansas 338 (Dixon Road) for its final three miles to the merge with I-30 east. Photo taken 05/20/14.
A portion of the Little Rock skyline comes into view as the freeway approaches the interchange between Interstate 30 and Interstate 440 (Exits 1AB). Photo taken 05/20/14.
I-530 will end its nearly 47 mile trek from Pine Bluff at the merge with Interstate 30 east in one mile. The upcoming interchange also connects with I-30 west to Hot Springs and Interstate 440 east to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (formerly Little Rock National Airport)(LIT) and Interstate 40 to Memphis. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Vehicles carrying any hazardous materials are warned not to use Interstate 30 east through Little Rock. Viable options include either Interstate 440 east or I-30 west to Interstate 430 north. Photo taken 05/20/14.
On the half-mile approach to Interstate 30 west and Interstate 440 east. The latter freeway was often referred to as the East Belt Freeway during its planning and construction phases as it forms a quarter loop around Little Rock. A 4.5 mile extension north from Interstate 40 to the U.S. 67 & 167 freeway opened in 2003 and is currently designated Arkansas 440. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Motorists prepare to depart for Interstate 30 west (Exit 1B) to Hot Springs and Texarkana. Hot Springs lies along the U.S. 70 & 270 corridor 51.6 miles from Exit 1B and is a popular tourist destination. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Interstate 30 west spokes southwest from the Little Rock and Benton area toward southwest Arkansas and Texarkana. The city lies on the Texas and Arkansas border 140 miles away. Interstate 30 ultimately travels further southwest toward the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and sees an end with Interstate 20 on the west side of Fort Worth. Photo taken 05/20/14.
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Interstate 530 comes to a close as Interstate 440 east (Exit 1A) leaves for the National Airport and the Little Rock River Port. The freeway passes mainly through industrial areas on its 10 mile stint to Interstate 40 east to Memphis. U.S. 65 & 167 continue north along Interstate 30 east through Little Rock to its end at Interstate 40 (Exit 142). U.S. 65 will depart for I-40 west to Conway while U.S. 167 joins I-40 briefly before stemming northeast with U.S. 67 toward Jacksonville. Photos taken 05/20/14.

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