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Interstate 564 East
SR 337 ends and Interstate 564 begins at the Admiral Taussig Boulevard transition to freeway. 07/04/09
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2 photos
Interstate 564 enters a trumpet interchange with Bellinger Boulevard east (Gate 3) and Bainbridge Avenue north (Gate 3A) for the Norfolk Navy Base. 12/17/01, 07/04/09
Interstate 564 (Admiral Taussig Boulevard) bends southeast from Bellinger Boulevard and Bainbridge Avenue toward Interstate 64. The left lane becomes an HOV-2 facility in one mile. 07/04/09
Passing under a runway facility of Norfolk Naval Base, just south of the first trumpet interchange on Interstate 564 east. 07/04/09
The next three ramps of Interstate 564 lie at the eastern terminus with Interstate 64, U.S. 460 (Granby Street) and SR 165 (Little Creek Road). 07/04/09
Departing Interstate 564 next is the Interstate 64 westbound directional ramp to Hampton, Newport News, and Richmond. 07/04/09
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2 photos
Interstate 564 end advisory sign, posted one mile before the Interstate 64 & U.S. 460 directional cloverleaf interchange. 01/06/01, 07/04/09
The directional ramp to Interstate 64 west partitions with a ramp to U.S. 460 (Granby Street) north to Ocean View and south to Wards Corner. 07/04/09
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2 photos
Interstate 564 east defaults onto Interstate 64 east to Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. The left lane continues onto the HOV-2 reversible lanes of Interstate 64 east. These lanes travel north-south between Interstate 564 and a point just south of Interstate 264. 12/17/01, 07/04/09
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Departing ahead is the ramp to SR 165 (Little Creek Road). Little Creek Road passes underneath Interstate 64 just south of the Interstate 564 terminal interchange. There is no access to Little Creek Road from Interstate 64 eastbound itself. It should be noted that the inclusion of SR 170 onto the guide sign is erroneous. SR 170 formerly followed Admiral Taussig Boulevard (now overlaid with Interstate 564) and then Little Creek Road east in overlapped fashion with SR 165. Today SR 170 begins at the Military Highway split from Little Creek Road 1.5 miles to the east.1 12/17/01, 07/04/09
The on-ramp from SR 406 (International Terminal Boulevard) east splits into ramps to Interstate 64 east and Interstate 64 west & U.S. 460. 07/04/09
Interstate 564 east passes over U.S. 460 (Granby Street) and under the ramp to Interstate 64 west ahead of the ramp departure to SR 165 (Little Creek Road). SR 165 begins from SR 337 (Hampton Boulevard) and arcs east to Virginia Beach, then southwest to U.S. 17 Business at Deep Creek along a 39-mile route. 07/04/09
Interstate 564 splits into ramps for the HOV-2 roadway, the Interstate 64 eastbound mainline to Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, and SR 165 (Little Creek Road) with connections to SR 170. SR 170 constitutes a 2.5-mile route between SR 165 (Military Highway) and U.S. 60 at Little Creek. 07/04/09
Interstate 564 West
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2 photos
The first mainline interchange of Interstate 564 is that of the Exit 2 trumpet interchange with SR 406 (International Terminal Boulevard). International Terminal Boulevard carries SR 406 between SR 337 (Hampton Boulevard) and Interstate 564 along the southern extant of the Norfolk Navy Base. 07/04/09, 12/17/01
Points of interest along SR 406 (Terminal Boulevard) west include Old Dominion University, Joint Forces Staff College and the Port of Virginia's Norfolk International Terminals. 07/04/09
Westbound reassurance shield posted for Interstate 564 ahead of the SR 406 westbound beginning. 07/04/09
Interstate 564 westbound continues with three lanes through the Exit 2 interchange of International Terminal Boulevard. The junction here represents the eastern terminus of SR 406. 07/04/09
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2 photos
0.75 miles east of the trumpet interchange to Navy Base Gates 3 & 3A. The off-ramp ahead departs into an intersection with Bainbridge Avenue and Bellinger Boulevard just east of SR 337 (Admiral Taussig Boulevard). 07/04/09, 12/17/01
Bellinger Boulevard leads east from Interstate 564 through the bay to West Bay Avenue and Exit 274 of Interstate 64. Bainbridge Avenue spurs four blocks north. 07/04/09
Interstate 564 travels underneath a runway facility that is part of the navy base ahead of its west end. 07/04/09
The final one half mile of Interstate 564 westbound at Bainbridge Avenue north and Bellinger Boulevard east. Beyond the trumpet interchange is the transition into four-lane Admiral Taussig Boulevard (SR 337) south. SR 337 continues Admiral Taussig Boulevard west to six-lane Hampton Boulevard south in just under a mile.1 12/17/01
Clearview font now adorns the overhead signs for SR 337 and Naval Station Gates 3A & 3. Note the carbon copying that includes the blank space to the right. 07/04/09
The freeway of Interstate 564 ends just ahead of a signalized intersection with Hammond Avenue south in one half mile. 07/04/09
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2 photos
Interstate 564 ends and SR 337 begins at the Admiral Taussig Boulevard transition from freeway to arterial. 07/04/09
Hammond Avenue northbound at SR 337 (Admiral Taussig Boulevard) just west of I-564. 07/04/09

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