Interstate 579 is a 1.5 mile long spur in Pittsburgh. The urban expressway lines Crosstown Boulevard north from Diamond Street between Downtown and Duquesne University to I-279 at the East Allegheny neighborhood. I-579 spans the Allegheny River across the Veterans Bridge from PA 380 (Bigelow Boulevard) near PPG Paints Arena (home of the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL franchise) and PA 28 (E Ohio Street) at the North Shore.

Crosstown Boulevard (SR 3069) extends south from I-579 and ramps with PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) to the Liberty Bridge spanning both I-376/U.S. 22-30 (Penn-Lincoln Parkway East) and the Monongahela River. The Liberty Bridge connects I-579 with the Liberty Tunnel at P.J. McArdle Road. The four lane tunnel extends south to an exchange joining U.S. 19 Truck (W Liberty Avenue) and PA 51 (Saw Mill Run Boulevard) by the Beechview and West Liberty neighborhoods.

A steel cantilever bridge with all of the support structure below the deck, the Liberty Bridge opened in 1928. The span predates the construction of Crosstown Boulevard, which preceded modern Interstate 579 by several decades.1 The Veterans Bridge was built in 1987, the year that I-579 was fully constructed.2

Liberty Tunnel - North
W Liberty Avenue (SR 3069) extends north from U.S. 19 Truck and the exchange with PA 51 (Saw Mill Run Boulevard) into the Liberty Tunnels. 06/13/10
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2 photos
Passing under Mount Washington, the Liberty Tunnels are 5,889 feet long. The twin bores opened to traffic in 1924.3 06/13/10
The north end of the Liberty Tunnels ties into a signalized intersection with P.J. McArdle Roadway onto Mount Washington and to PA 837 (E Carson Street) at the South Side Flats. 06/13/10
SR 3069 continues north onto the Liberty Bridge across the Monongahela River to Crosstown Boulevard. The ensuing exit joins Boulevard of the Allies (PA 885 east). 06/13/10
Interstate 579 commences north beyond the Crosstown Boulevard exit for Forbes Avenue to PPG Paints Arena (home of the Pittsburgh Penguins) and 6th Avenue toward the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. 06/13/10
The Downtown Pittsburgh skyline spreads to the northwest of the Liberty Bridge. 06/13/10
PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) stems east from Crosstown Boulevard to Oakland and an entrance ramp for I-376/U.S. 22-30 (Penn-Lincoln Parkway East) to Monroeville. 06/13/10
The Liberty Bridge can be reconfigured with three lanes in one direction and one lane in the other direction, or two lanes per direction. 06/13/10
PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) travels southeast from Uptown to Oakland, Hazelwood and the Glenwood Bridge in Pittsburgh. The state route continues from the Steel City south to PA 837 in Clairton. 06/13/10
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2 photos
Interstate 579 begins along Crosstown Boulevard (SR 3069) north beyond the Boulevard of the Allies overpass and left exit for 6th and Forbes Avenues. 06/13/10
Interstate 579 North
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2 photos
Single lane ramps combine from PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) north and the Liberty Bridge along I-579 ahead of the exit for Center Avenue. 06/13/10
Center Avenue stems east from 6th Avenue to PPG Paints Arena and the Hill District. A left exit joins I-579 north with 7th Avenue west ahead of Court Street in Downtown. 06/13/10
PA 380 commences along Bigelow Boulevard east from a wye interchange with I-579 (Crosstown Boulevard). 06/13/10
PA 380 travels across Pittsburgh to Penn Hills and Plum. 06/13/10
The I-579 HOV roadway originates along a high flyover north from Bedford Avenue to the Veterans Bridge. 06/13/10
Curving northwest onto the Veterans Bridge, Interstate 579 advances across the Strip District and the Allegheny River to PA 28 (E Ohio Street). 06/13/10
The Sixteenth Street (David McCullough) Bridge parallels I-579 (Veterans Bridge) to the east. 06/13/10
PA 28 (E Ohio Street) travels northeast along a freeway paralleling the Allegheny River to Millvale, Etna, Aspinwall and Blawnox. 06/13/10
With the reversible HOV roadway, the Veterans Bridge spans the Allegheny River with seven overall lanes. 06/13/10
Interstate 579 defaults onto I-279 north toward West View and I-79 at Franklin Park. 06/13/10
An end shield for Interstate 579 stands at the two-wye interchange with PA 28 (E Ohio Street) and I-279. 06/13/10
Interstate 579 South
Interstate 579 crosses the Allegheny River on the Veterans Bridge south from a two-wye interchange with I-279 and PA 28 south. 06/13/10
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3 photos
3 photos
The exit for 6th Avenue leads to PPG Paints Arena (home of the Pittsburgh Penguins). 7th Avenue leads west into Downtown Pittsburgh toward the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. 06/13/10
Unlike most other bridges in the Downtown area, there is no visible superstructure on the Veterans Bridge. 06/13/10
The exit for 6th/7th Avenues ties into the west end of PA 380 along Bigelow Boulevard. PA 380 travels toward eastern Pittsburgh and Penn Hills. 06/13/10
I-579 (Crosstown Boulevard) continues south to a trumpet interchange with PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) to I-376/U.S. 22-30 (Penn-Lincoln Parkway) east. 06/13/10
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2 photos
The HOV roadway along I-579 concludes southbound at Bedford Avenue and Logan Street near PPG Paints Arena. 06/13/10
Dropping below grade, Interstate 579 (Crosstown Boulevard) passes between Downtown Pittsburgh and PPG Paints Arena ahead of the flyover for PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) south. 06/13/10
The final confirming marker for Interstate 579 stands alongside the entrance ramp from PA 380 (Bigelow Boulevard) westbound. 06/13/10
PA 885 (Boulevard of the Allies) extends east from the entrance ramp for I-376 to Oakland, the University of Pittsburgh, Schenley Park, Squirrel Hill, Point Breeze and Frick Park. 06/13/10
An end shield for I-579 appears at the ramp separation for PA 885. I-376 ultimately connects with the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) in Monroeville. There is no access from I-579 south to I-376 west. 06/13/10
Crosstown Boulevard - South
A single lane ramp extends south from I-579 onto Crosstown Boulevard (SR 3069) at 2nd Avenue. 06/13/10
An entrance ramp from Boulevard of the Allies (PA 885) combines with Crosstown Boulevard south onto the Liberty Bridge. 06/13/10
The ramp from Boulevard of the Allies joins the Liberty Bridge (SR 3069) at a signalized intersection. 06/13/10
The Liberty Bridge is not divided so that reversible lanes can be implemented during commute hours. 06/13/10
The speed limit on the Liberty Bridge is 40 miles per hour. 06/13/10
This variable message sign shows the lane assignments for destinations reached via the Liberty Tunnels. 06/13/10
The south end of the Liberty Bridge intersects P.J. McArdle Roadway. P.J. McArdle Roadway ascends northwest to neighborhoods on top of Mount Washington as well as several scenic vistas of Downtown and the three rivers. 06/13/10
The Liberty Tunnel (SR 3069) southbound connects with U.S. 19 Truck (Liberty Avenue) south to Dormont and PA 51 (Saw Mill Run Road) south to Uniontown and north to West End Village. 06/13/10
Measuring 5,889 feet in length, the Liberty Tunnels are among the longest in Pittsburgh, The two tubes were completed in 1924.3 06/13/10
The Liberty Tunnel advances south under Mount Washington with a 40 mile per hour speed limit. 06/13/10
The southbound Liberty Tunnel emerges at a parclo interchange joining U.S. 19 Truck and PA 51 at W Liberty Avenue and Saw Mill Run Boulevard. 06/13/10
U.S. 19 Truck and PA 51 overlap northwest along Saw Mil Run Boulevard to I-376/U.S. 22-30 by the west entrance to the Fort Pitt Tunnel. 06/13/10
PA 51 continues south along Saw Mill Run Boulevard to Overbrook in south Pittsburgh. Beyond the Steel City, PA 51 runs south to PA Turnpike 43 (Mont Fayette Expressway) at Jefferson Hills. 06/13/10
Interstate 579 scenes

7th Avenue connects with Interstate 579 (Crosstown Boulevard) south to the Liberty Bridge and north to North Shore east of Grant Street in Downtown Pittsburgh.

7th Avenue partitions for I-579 north / PA 380 (Bigelow Boulevard) east and Washington Place south to PPG Paints Arena.

Bedford Avenue separates from PA 380 (Bigelow Boulevard) at Washington Place to Logan Street and the entrance ramp for the I-579 HOV roadway across the Veterans Bridge.

State named shields for all three Interstates serving Downtown Pittsburgh were posted at the southbound entrance ramp for I-579 from Bedford Avenue. The assembly for I-279 was removed with the renumbering of Parkway West as an extension of I-376.

Interstate 579 ends along Crosstown Boulevard south of the on-ramp from Bedford Avenue.

Bedford Avenue west leads directly onto ramps for I-579 (Crosstown Boulevard) south to the Liberty Bridge and 7th Avenue west into Downtown Pittsburgh.

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