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Interstate 580-U.S. 395 north & U.S. 50 east
A loop ramp joins Fairview Drive east with I-580 & U.S. 50-395 north. Western themed artwork accompanies the overpass. Photo taken 06/28/14.
U.S. 50 concludes a 3.2-mile overlap along I-580 & U.S. 395 north at the forthcoming single point interchange (Exit 39) with William Street. Photo taken 07/17/17.
Fifth Street (former SR 513) spans Interstate 580 & U.S. 50-395 beyond this set of confirming markers. Photo taken 07/17/17.
U.S. 50 joins William Street east from the Carson City Bypass through the eastern suburbs. leading away from the capital city, the US highway continues to Dayton, Silver Springs and Fallon. Photo taken 07/17/17.
William Street extends 1.4 miles west along the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 50 to Carson Street (old U.S. 395) in Downtown Carson City. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Three exits remain within Carson City along I-580 & U.S. 395 north to Arrowhead Drive. Photo taken 07/17/17.
U.S. 50 parts ways with I-580 & U.S. 395 north for William Street. Crossing the width of the Silver State, U.S. 50 travels the "Loneliest Road in America", from Fallon to Austin, Eureka and Ely. Photo taken 07/17/17.
U.S. 50 travels six miles east from Exit 39 to Nevada 341, which leads north to Virginia City, the seat of Storey County and home to an Old West historic district. Photo taken 07/17/17.
Interstate 580 & U.S. 395 north
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2 photos
Continuing across urban areas of Eagle Valley, I-580 & U.S. 395 make a gradual western turn to Exit 41 with College Parkway. Photos taken 06/28/14.
The single point interchange (Exit 41) with College Parkway lies one quarter mile beyond the Northridge Drive underpass on I-580 & U.S. 395 northbound. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Exit 41 departs I-580 & U.S. 395 north for College Parkway west to North Carson Street and Western Nevada College and east to Carson City Airport (CXP). Photo taken 06/28/14.
College Parkway was formerly designated as Nevada 531 between North Carson Street (old U.S. 395) and Airport Road (old Nevada 525). Photo taken 06/28/14.
The Carson City Bypass navigates westward through an S-curve through residential areas at Emerson Drive and Northgate Lane. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Advancing west toward the Carson Range, the succeeding off-ramp (Exit 42) connects I-580 & U.S. 395 northbound with Arrowhead Drive. Photo taken 06/28/14.
I-580 & U.S. 395 bends northwest for the departure from Eagle Valley, overtaking the former alignment of U.S. 395 at a wye interchange beyond Arrowhead Drive. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Entering a half dumbbell interchange (Exit 42) with Arrowhead Drive on Interstate 580 north. Arrowhead Drive links the freeway with North Carson Street and Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center to the immediate west. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Interstate 580 climbs around 300 feet in elevation northwest into Washoe Valley between a gap separating the Carson and Virginia Ranges. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Exit 44 joins I-580 with both U.S. 395 Alternate (Old US 395) north to Franktown and Eastlake Boulevard northeast to Washoe Lake State Park. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Motorists along I-580 north will reach Reno in 26 miles. Susanville and Alturas lie in northern California along the continuation of U.S. 395. Photo taken 06/28/14.
I-580 & U.S. 395 cross into Washoe County just ahead of the modified diamond interchange (Exit 44) with Eastlake Boulevard and U.S. 395 Alternate. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Eastlake Boulevard (former Nevada 428) loops around Lake Washoe between Exit 44 and New Washoe City, reconnecting with U.S. 395 Alternate by the north end of Little Washoe Lake. U.S. 395 Alternate (former Nevada 429) loops west to Franktown and Bowers Mansion, meeting I-580 & U.S. 395 again at Exit 50. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Speed limits increase from 65 to 70 miles per hour as I-580 & U.S. 395 straighten out across Lake Washoe Freeway. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Exit 46 connects I-580 & U.S. 395 with Bellevue Road west to Old U.S. 395 in a half mile. Photo taken 06/28/14.
The parclo interchange (Exit 46) with Bellevue Road) lies along the west shore of Washoe Lake northeast of Thunder Canyon Golf Course. Photo taken 06/28/14.
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2 photos
Confirming markers posted north of the Bellevue Interchange. Interstate 580 runs along side Toiyabe National Forest and the west shore of Washoe Lake over the ensuing two miles. Photos taken 06/28/14.
Slide Mountain (el. 9,698 feet) rises northwest of Washoe Valley. Photo taken 06/28/14.
U.S. 395 Alternate (Old US 395) and Interstate 580 converge at a diamond interchange (Exit 50) adjacent to Davis Creek Regional Park in one mile. Photo taken 06/28/14.
During periods of strong and gusty winds, high profile vehicles are occasionally advised to depart I-580 and use U.S. 395 Alternate instead. Dynamic message signs activate during times of the travel restriction. Photo taken 06/28/14.
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2 photos
Exit 50 leaves I-580 & U.S. 395 north for Old US 395 (U.S. 395 Alternate). The freeway ended here until August 2012, and prior to May 2012, the old alignment southwest was designated as SR 429. Photos taken 06/28/14.
U.S. 395 Alternate winds 1.7 miles southwest from Exit 50 to Bowers Mansion Regional Park. The four-lane highway continues northeast one mile to the community of Washoe City. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Interstate 580 travels just above parallel U.S. 395 Alternate along the eastern foothills of Slide Mountain to Washoe City. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Mileage sign posted 11 miles south of the Meadows Parkway interchange in south Reno. I-580 enters the Reno city limits in seven miles and passes east of Downtown in 18 miles. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Interstate 580 & U.S. 395 spans Parker Ranch Road, which links parallel Kelly Canyon Way / Joy Lake Road with U.S. 395 Alternate, at Washoe County postmile 8.32. Photo taken 06/28/14.
Diverging from adjacent U.S. 395 Alternate, I-580 gains elevation and crosses over a concrete arch bridge above Browns Creek at postmile 9.81. Photo taken 06/28/14.
I-580 & U.S. 395 make an S-curve northeast across Saint James Parkway ahead of Pleasant Valley. Photo taken 06/28/14.
The Galena Creek Anti-Icing Facility is one of four NDOT installations along the I-580 Freeway Extension opened in August 2012. Photo taken 06/28/14.
A 690 foot high bridge accommodates six lanes of traffic at postmile 10.56. Spanning Galena Creek, the concrete cathedral arch bridge overlooks the community of Pleasant Valley to the east. Photo taken 06/28/14.
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2 photos
Interstate 580 proceeds north from the Galena Creek bridge along the eastern slopes of the Steamboat Hills. Photos taken 06/28/14.


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