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Interstate 610 West
Turning westward, IH 610 passes between the Pecan Park and Park Place neighborhoods of Houston to Broadway Street (Exit 31) and the IH 45 (Gulf Freeway). Photo taken 07/16/06.
Exit 31 leaves IH 610 westbound for Broadway Street a half mile ahead of the systems interchange (Exits 32A/B) with IH 45 (Gulf Freeway) and SH 35 (Reveille Street) south. Photo taken 10/22/03.
This section of IH 610 is the oldest, having been built in 1952 as part of SH 225, and expanded numerous times. The right two lanes exit to IH 45. Photo taken 07/16/06.
A two lane flyover joins IH 610 west with IH 45 (Gulf Freeway) south to South Belt / Ellington in Houston, Texas City and Galveston. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Exit 32B follows from IH 610 west for both IH 45 north to Downtown and SH 35 (Reveille Street) south to Golfcrest / Bellfort / Reveille in Houston. Photo taken 07/16/06.
SH 35 splits from IH 45 (Gulf Freeway) southbound beside IH 610 and commences a 207.36 mile course to Portland in South Texas. Within the Houston area, SH 35 comprises an arterial route south to Pearland and Alvin. Photo taken 07/16/06.
A split diamond interchange (Exit 33) joins IH 610 with Woodridge Drive and Telephone Road to the immediate west of SH 35. Since replaced with a big box center, IH 610 passes south of Gulfgate Shopping Center, site of the first mall in Houston. Photo taken 08/08/06.
The ensuing exit joins IH 610 with the Gulfgate Riverview / Pine Valley via S Wayside Drive north. Photo taken 08/08/06.
S Wayside Drive and Long Drive converge just south of Exit 34A at an industrial area within the Golfcrest / Bellfort / Reveille community of Houston. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Advancing west, IH 610 travels between the Greater OST / South Union community and South Park to Crestmont Street (Exit 35) and Holmes Road (Exit 36A). Photo taken 08/08/06.
The South Loop spans Mykawa Road and a BNSF Railroad line leading into the diamond interchange (Exit 35) with Crestmont Street. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Martin Luther King Boulevard runs north from Exit 35 to U.S. 90 Alternate (Old Spanish Trail) at MacGregor Park and south from IH 610 to South Acres / Crestmont Park. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Exit 36A departs IH 610 west ahead of Calais Road in 0.75 miles. Scott Street follows at the Sunnyside community in two miles. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Holmes Road extends west from IH 610 and Calias Road to FM 865 (Cullen Boulevard). FM 865 is an arterial route leading north to U.S. 90A (Old Spanish Trail) and south to FM 518 in Pearland. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 36A) with Calais Road on IH 610 west. Continuing west to the Astrodome Area, the South Loop meets the South Freeway (SH 288) in 1.75 miles. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Crossing over Holmes Road, IH 610 approaches the off-ramp (Exit 37) to Scott Street. Photo taken 08/08/06.
The Astrodome comes into view as IH 610 westbound reaches Scott Street. Construction underway through February 2020 rebuilds the forthcoming five level interchange (Exit 38A) with SH 288 (South Freeway). Photo taken 08/08/06.
SH 288 (South Freeway) joins Downtown Houston with the Brazoria County suburbs including Pearland, Manvel and Iowa Colony. Photo taken 08/08/06.
SH 288 travels 58.87 miles overall between Freeport and IH 69/U.S. 59 (Eastex Freeway) ahead of the exchange with IH 45 at Downtown Houston. Photo taken 08/08/06.
The zero milepost of IH 610 falls within the SH 288 interchange. Exit numbers reset for the upcoming ramp to Fannin Street. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Fannin Street leads north from IH 610 to NRG Park and Texas Medical Center. NRG Park is home to NRG Stadium, the Astrodome and NRG Arena. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Exit 1B departs IH 610 west for Fannin Street to the Astrodome Area and South Main neighborhood. Photo taken 08/08/06.
The succeeding exit along westbound IH 610 is for Kirby Drive. Photo taken 08/08/06.
There is a low overpass on the frontage road just ahead of Fannin Street. This sign advises high loads to turn on Fannin Street to avoid the former Astroworld bridge. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Kirby Drive represents the main route north to NRG Stadium, home of the NFL Houston Texans. Six Flags Astroworld was located on the south side of IH 610 at Exit 1C. The theme park closed in 2005 and was subsequently dismantled. Photo taken 08/08/06.
The off-ramp (Exit 2) for U.S. 90 Alternate (S Main Street) and Buffalo Speedway parts ways with IH 610 a half mile beyond the pedestrian overpass for former Astroworld. Photo taken 08/08/06.
U.S. 90 Alternate angles southwest along Main Street from Old Spanish Trail between the Braeswood and South Main neighborhoods to meet IH 610 at Exit 2. U.S. 90 Alternate previously began from the East Loop of IH 610. Photo taken 08/08/06.
S Braeswood Boulevard stems west from the South Loop at Exit 4A. Collectively with N Braeswood Boulevard, the two roads form an arterial system along Braes Bayou through the Meyerland Area. Photo taken 08/08/06.
Three three-wye interchange (Exit 4B) with S Post Oak Road was constructed for the unbuilt West Loop Extension. Cancelled by the city of Houston in 1975, the freeway would have run south along Post Oak Boulevard to U.S. 90 Alternate at Westbury.1 Photo taken 08/08/06.



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  • 10/22/03 by AARoads.
  • 07/16/06 by Kevin Trinkle.
  • 08/08/06 by Kevin Trinkle.

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