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Interstate 630 (Wilbur D. Mills Freeway) bisects the city of Little Rock along a 7.4 mile course while providing connections between I-430 and I-30 near Downtown. Replacing the once proposed Eighth Street Expressway, Interstate 630 was constructed during the 1970s but not completed until the mid-1980s.

Construction at the Big Rock interchange with Interstate 430 (Exits 8A-B) and Financial Centre Parkway revised the west end of I-630 to eliminate weaving traffic patterns and increase capacity.

Interstate 630 East
Interstate 630 east begins its 7.4 mile trip across Little Rock at an interchange with Interstate 430, locally dubbed the Big Rock interchange. Modifications to the Big Rock interchange will result in improved access between the two freeways as well as traffic improvements on the approaches. The entire project is scheduled for a summer 2015 completion. 05/07/12, 05/20/14
Some of the major changes to the Big Rock interchange will be the addition of high speed flyover ramps between Interstate 630 and 430 to replace existing loop ramps. The loop ramps will remain for local traffic between Shackleford Road and Baptist Health Drive (Exit 7). Other modifications include additional travel lane capacity along Interstate 630. Use I-430 north to reach Interstate 40 west of North Little Rock. 05/07/12, 05/20/14
Interstate 630 east immediately serves Baptist Health Drive (Exit 7) and Baptist Health Medical Center east of Interstate 430 at a trumpet interchange. 05/07/12
Once the Big Rock interchange modifications are complete motorists will depart for Baptist Health Drive near the Interstate 430 mainline. 05/07/12
Traveling under the westbound ramp to Baptist Health Drive, Interstate 630 will meet Barrow Road at a diamond interchange in 0.25 miles. 05/07/12
Barrow Road provides connections to Markham Street to the north and AR 5 (Colonel Glenn Road) to the south. Exit 6A to Rodney Parham Road and Mississippi Avenue follows. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 reaches the loop ramp to Rodney Parham Road and Mississippi Avenue (Exit 6A). Rodney Parham Road ends at Kanis Road adjacent to the freeway while Mississippi Avenue stems from Rodney Parham Road to the north toward AR 10 (Cantrell Road). University Avenue crosses in 0.75 miles at Exit 5. 05/07/12
A reassurance shield stands along the Wilbur D. Mills Freeway near the underpass for Hughes Street. Mills was a House of Representative and was very influential during his 17 year (1958 - 1974) tenure. The entire length of Interstate 630 is named in his honor. 05/07/12
University Avenue links I-630 with the University of Arkansas Little Rock campus one mile to the south. To the north University Avenue consists of a mix of commercial and residential parcels to Palisades Drive. I-630 continues a half mile to Fair Park Boulevard for Little Rock Zoo. 05/07/12
Fair Park Boulevard (Exit 4) stems north from I-630 to Little Rock Zoo and War Memorial Stadium before continuing as Van Buren Street. Fair Park Boulevard south continues toward Asher Avenue (U.S. 70 Business) and serves as the east boundary to the University of Arkansas Little Rock campus. 05/07/12
East of Jonesboro Drive Interstate 630 continues toward Downtown Little Rock. 05/07/12
I-630 east at the split diamond interchange (Exit 3B) with Cedar and Pine Streets. The one way couplet runs between Lee Avenue and Asher Avenue. A one mile stretch of the former Eighth Street Expressway opened April 1969 between Cedar Street and Dennison Street.1 05/07/12
The Little Rock skyline comes into view as Interstate 630 makes its approach to Woodrow Street (Exit 3A). 05/07/12
Woodrow Street connects Markham Street and Asher Avenue with I-630 at a diamond interchange. Marshall Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive share Exit 2B with the freeway three-quarters of a mile ahead. 05/07/12
The dome for the State Capitol building peaks above the tree line as the Wilbur D. Mills Freeway descends a pair of Union Pacific rail lines on its approach to Exit 2B. 05/07/12
Exit 2B leaves for Marshall Street to the State Capitol Complex and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The connection with Dr. MLK, Jr. Drive is made via 8th Street. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 passes under Battery Street on the 0.5 mile approach to Chester Street (Exit 2A). Broadway Street (U.S. 70 Business) and Center Street will both meet I-630 in succession following Exit 2A. 05/07/12
The freeway becomes partially entrenched as it travels between the State Capitol and Arkansas Children's Hospital complexes. 05/07/12
Crossing under Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Interstate 630 curves southeast toward the parclo interchange with Chester Street (Exit 2A). 05/07/12
Chester Street runs from AR 10 (La Harpe Boulevard) south through Little Rock to 28th Street. 05/07/12
As motorists enter Interstate 630 from Chester Street those wishing to leave for Broadway Street will do so next. Broadway carries U.S. 70 Business from Roosevelt Road (Arkansas 365) through Downtown Little Rock and across the Arkansas River into North Little Rock. The Center Street (Exit 1A) ramp will depart in 0.5 miles. 05/07/12
State Street passes over I-630 east at the egress point for Broadway (U.S. 70 Business). Signage along Broadway Street through Downtown reflect U.S. 70 rather than its business counterpart, a left over indication of the U.S. highway's former routing through the capital city. 05/07/12
One ramp departs for both Center Street and Main Street. To access Main Street continue along 12th Street east of Center Street. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 will come to an end in one half mile when it meets Interstate 30 southeast of Downtown Little Rock. A connection to 15th Street is provided using the next ramp at Exit 1. 05/07/12
Interstate 30 (Exit 139A) extends north another 2.7 miles to its eastern terminus at I-40 in North Little Rock while Exit 139B to I-30 west takes motorists southwest toward Texarkana. The freeway ultimately ends at Interstate 20 west of Fort Worth. 05/07/12
Curving under Cumberland Street, Interstate 630 enters its final leg to Interstate 30 and 15th Street. Instead of using Exit 0 for the final connection to I-30, I-630 simply utilizes its parents mainline interchange number (Exit 139AB). 05/07/12
A left ramp leaves for 15th Street located on the east side of Interstate 30. 15th Street continues a few blocks before ending east of Fletcher Street. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 comes to an end as motorists leave for Interstate 30 west (Exit 139B) to Texarkana and east (Exit 139A) to North Little Rock and Interstate 40. Texarkana lies in southwest Arkansas at its border with Texas three hours from Downtown Little Rock. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 West
Interstate 630 west leaves its parent at Exit 139 near Downtown Little Rock making its way through the city en route to Interstate 430 7.4 miles away. The freeway immediately sees three successive downtown exits with Main Street (0.25 mile), Center Street (0.75 mile) and Broadway Street (0.75 miles). 05/07/12
A pedestrian bridge spans Interstate 630 between MacArthur Park and Bragg Street as the freeway curves briefly northwest toward Main Street. I-630 is also referred to as the Wilbur D. Mills Freeway, named after a former influential U.S. House representative from 1958 to 1974. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 reaches its first interchange with Main Street at Exit 1A. The freeway maintains four through lanes until the upcoming departure for Center Street and Broadway (Exit 1B). Main Street is accessed via crossing Cumberland and Scott Streets. 05/07/12
Center Street will take motorists north into the heart of Little Rock while Broadway is the primary north-south arterial through Downtown. 05/07/12
The freeway passes under Scott Street as a ramp prepares to leave for both Center Street and Broadway Street (U.S. 70 Business). Though not signed along Interstate 630, Broadway carries U.S. 70 Business through Downtown Little Rock and into North Little Rock over the Broadway Bridge spanning the Arkansas River. The bridge opened to traffic Christmas Day, 1922.2 05/07/12
Several more cross streets will span Interstate 630 as it continues west toward Chester Street (Exit 2A) and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (Exit 2B). 05/07/12
A guide sign mounted onto the bridge for Broadway alerts drivers to use the next right to reach Chester Street. 05/07/12
Reassurance shield for Interstate 630 west stands near the State Street overpass as the Exit 2A loop ramp to Chester Street departs shortly. Another ramp for Dr. MLK Jr. Drive will leave in 0.25 miles. 05/07/12
The State Capitol Complex resides north of Exit 2B, lined between Woodlane & Marshall Streets on the east and west, and 3rd & 7th Streets to the north and south. 05/07/12
Drivers catch a glimpse of the domed Capitol building as the freeway nears the departure ramp for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Also use Exit 2B to reach Arkansas Children's Hospital. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 enters a brief trench on its one mile approach to a diamond interchange with Woodrow Street (Exit 3A). 05/07/12
Another shield is posted for I-630 west after the access ramps from nearby Marshall Street. 05/07/12
The Wilbur D. Mills freeway crosses over two Union Pacific rail lines on its final approach to Exit 3A to Woodrow Street. Only one half mile separates Woodrow Street from Pine Street (Exit 3B) along Interstate 630. 05/07/12
Pine Street and Cedar Street create a split diamond with I-630 at Exit 3B. Northbound traffic can follow Pine Street toward Lee Avenue while Cedar Street carries southbound traffic to Asher Avenue (U.S. 70 Business). Follow the ramp toward Cedar Street to access the primary entrance to the VA Medical Center. Fair Park Boulevard is next in line for the freeway. 05/07/12
A steady stream of traffic follows Interstate 630 west toward Fair Park Boulevard and beyond. 05/07/12
I-630 reaches the interchange with Fair Park Boulevard (Exit 4). Little Rock Zoo and War Memorial Stadium both rest northeast of the exit along Fair Park Boulevard north. To the south Fair Park Boulevard borders the University of Arkansas - Little Rock campus near its end at Asher Avenue. The parclo interchange with University Avenue occurs in one half mile. 05/07/12
A brief auxiliary lane is created between the on-ramp from Fair Park Boulevard and the upcoming off-ramp to University Avenue north (Exit 5A). 05/07/12
University Avenue north extends through commercial and residential areas before ending at Palisades Drive. The arterial will meet Arkansas 10 (Cantrell Road) 1.6 miles north of Interstate 630. University Avenue south links the freeway with the University of Arkansas - Little Rock campus. The next exit for I-630 is for Rodney Parham Road and Mississippi Avenue (Exit 6A) one mile ahead. 05/07/12
The loop ramp to Exit 5B and University Avenue south departs Interstate 630. University of Arkansas - Little Rock campus lies just one mile to the south. University Avenue carries U.S. 70 Business south from Asher Avenue back to its parent and Interstate 30 (Exit 133). 05/07/12
Only 2.8 miles of Interstate 630 remain as the freeway continues west toward Interstate 430 and Financial Centre Parkway. A slip ramp prepares to enter ahead from Blue Bird Drive and a commercial center parking lot. 05/07/12
Hughes Street spans the freeway on the quarter mile approach to Rodney Parham Road and Mississippi Avenue (Exit 6A). 05/07/12
An additional shield appears for motorists entering from the aforementioned slip ramp. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 west reaches the departure lane for Rodney Parham Road and Mississippi Avenue. Mississippi Avenue stems north from the freeway through residential neighborhoods to Arkansas 10 (Cantrell Road). Rodney Parham Road begins just south of Exit 6A at Kanis Road, continuing northwestward from the interchange along a commercial corridor toward Interstate 430 (Exit 8). Exit 6B to Barrow Road is in 0.75 miles. 05/07/12
A stand alone Interstate 430 assembly occurs beside the second to last reassurance assembly for I-630 west of Rodney Parham Road (Exit 6A). 05/07/12
Motorists leave for Barrow Road (Exit 6B). Barrow Road provides connections to Markham Street to the north and Arkansas 5 (Colonel Glenn Road) to the south. Exit 7 will link the freeway directly with Baptist Health Drive while Exit 8 leads travelers to Interstate 430. 05/07/12
One final shield for westbound drivers along I-630 before the ramp to Baptist Health Drive. Construction is evident between the trumpet interchange and the end of I-630 as part of a project to improve traffic flow at the upcoming Big Rock interchange (Exit 8) in 0.5 mile. Exit 7 provides direct access to Baptist Health Medical Center. 05/07/12
Traffic leaves on two lanes for Interstate 430 north to Interstate 40 southeast of Maumelle. The original cloverleaf interchange between Interstates 630 and 430 is being modified to include a high speed flyover ramp from I-630 west to I-430 south. Two other flyover ramps are also being constructed as part of this project with an overall completion of summer 2015. 05/07/12
Temporary signage in place guiding motorists to both Interstate 430 south and Shackleford Road. Access to I-430 south is currently utilized via a loop ramp but once the flyover to Interstate 430 south is complete the loop ramp will remain for local traffic use only. Shackleford Road runs parallel to I-430 immediately west of the Big Rock interchange and the end of I-630. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 comes to an end prior to the current at-grade intersection with Shackleford Road. As part of the overall Big Rock interchange modification project the intersection between I-630, Shackleford Road and Financial Centre Parkway is being transformed into a grade separated interchange. Financial Center Parkway continues west from Interstate 630 to Autumn Road where it transitions to Chenal Parkway continuing toward Arkansas 10 near Pinnacle. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 scenes
Construction for the grade separated intersection joining Shackleford Road and Financial Centre Parkway west of I-430/630 at the Big Rock Interchange. 05/20/14
Barrow Road north on its approach to Interstate 630 in Little Rock. 05/07/12
Interstate 630 continues east from the diamond interchange with Barrow Road to Downtown Little Rock. I-630 also connects Barrow Road with I-430, 0.8 miles to the west. The undivided arterial goes another 0.6 miles to Markham Street at Brookside Drive. 05/07/12

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  2. Arkansas Highways, June 1970, Volume 16, No. 6, Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT).

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