Interstate 635 encircles the city of Dallas along the eastern and northern sides of the city. Known as the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, or LBJ for short, the route provides a commuter route for the many corporate headquarters and other workplaces along its corridor. IH 635 carries six lanes or more through Mesquite and up to 14 lanes to the north in conjunction with the tolled LBJ Express lanes. The freeway is generally heavily traveled during most times of day.

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The LBJ Express lanes fully opened to traffic on September 10, 2015, after four years of construction. The toll lanes run between the general travel lanes, both above grade and through trenched freeway sections known as the LBJ Canyon. The managed lanes utilize dynamic tolling with rates varying depending upon time of day and overall traffic congestion. The LBJ Express lanes tie into the TEXpress Lanes leading south along the Stemmons Freeway (IH 35E) toward Downtown Dallas.

Dallas, TX - 1972
Dallas - 1972
The maximum extent of Interstate 635 took the freeway in a complete semicircle east of Interstate 35E around Dallas. I-20 was redirected over the southern leg of I-635 one year later.
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The southbound Stemmons Freeway frontage road at old the split with Harry Hines Boulevard in northwest Dallas. This intersection was reconfigured with widening of Harry Hines Boulevard and the construction of an industrial park to the west.
Harry Hines Boulevard heads southeast from here along the former path of U.S. 77 as U.S. 77 travels in a silent fashion with Interstate 35E through the Dallas metropolitan area. Motorists bound for Interstate 635 east were directed onto Harry Hines Boulevard south to the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway eastbound frontage road on-ramp at Forest Lane. 10/19/03
Continuing south along the Stemmons Freeway frontage road (Emerald Street) toward the Interstate 635 and 35E stack interchange. This view shows the interchange before the addition of the flyovers between the TEXpress lanes. 10/19/03
Passing by the Interstate 635 & 35E stack interchange on Emerald Street south. The highest flyover carried motorists from IH 35E onto IH 635 east. This was supplanted by higher ramp from IH 635 west to the managed lanes of IH 35E south. 10/19/03
Intersecting the LBJ westbound frontage road on Emerald Street south. The Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway mainline and associated ramps travel overhead. Traffic is so light here that stop signs are sufficient enough to govern the movements between the two one way service roads.
Construction to add the flyovers connecting the Express lanes of both freeways resulted in the relocation of the tranmission lines passing through the interchange. 10/19/03
Traveling west on the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway frontage road ahead of the intersection with Dallas Parkway north. Dallas Parkway leads motorists north to an on-ramp to the DNT at Southern Boulevard while a cloverleaf interchange joins the two freeways nearby.
All trailblazers for the DNT were replaced with a new design. 10/20/03
This on-ramp formerlly connected the westbound LBJ frontage road with IH 635 beyond the DNT interchange. 10/20/03

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