Interstates 75 north & 640 east
Interstates 75 north & 640 east pass under Middlebrook Pike (Tennessee 169) one mile ahead of Exit 1 with Tennessee 62 (Western Avenue). Photo taken 10/15/11.
What would be Exit 105 of Interstate 75 is instead signed as Exit 1 of Interstate 640. SSR 62 (Western Avenue) meets Interstates 75 & 640 at the West Haven community of Knoxville. Photo taken 10/15/11.
The Exit 1 interchange constitutes a partial cloverleaf interchange with two northbound ramps to Western Avenue. A collector/distributor roadway segregates the movements onto the respective directions of SSR 62 from the six-lane freeway mainline. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Tennessee 62 continues west from Knoxville to West Haven. The east-west arterial follows Oak Ridge Highway westward from Ridgedale toward Oak Ridge. Photo taken 10/15/11.
The only set of Interstate 75 northbound & Interstate 640 eastbound mainline reassurance shields are posted at the Pleasant Ridge Road overpass. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Several traffic movements occur at the Exit 3 stack interchange. First, Interstate 75 departs the Interstate 640 Knoxville bypass, returning to its original north-south alignment. Second, Interstate 275 ends, culminating a 2.98 mile freeway between Interstate 75 & 640 and downtown Knoxville. Third, U.S. 25W (Clinton Highway) enters the Interstate system from the northwest to begin a seven mile overlap with Interstate 640 east. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Wilson Road passes over Interstates 75 north & 640 east ahead of their split at the southbound beginning of Interstate 275 (Exit 3). The forthcoming junction lies north of Sharp Gap and southeast of Norwood. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Exit 3B comprises an eastbound only off-ramp to Gap Road for interests to U.S. 25W (Clinton Highway) northbound. Wilson Road extends Gap Road northward to Tillery Drive and U.S. 25W. Photo taken 10/15/11.
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2 photos
A diagrammatical overhead replaces individual sign panels for the Interstate 640 east and 75 northbound split at Gap Road (Exit 3B). Interstate 75 turns northwest from Knoxville to Jacksboro, and Williamsburg and Lexington, Kentucky while Interstate 640 continues the eastward drive toward Interstate 40 at Loveland. Photo taken 08/23/03. Second photo taken 10/15/11.
Overheads for Exit 3 were originally attached to the Gap Road overpass. Interstate 275 was commissioned in 1982 when Interstate 75 was relocated to the bypass route. Photo taken 08/23/03.
A set of shields are all that remain that outline that the right-lane is for Interstate 275 south and that the number three lane is for the Interstate 75 northbound mainline. Photo taken 10/15/11.
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2 photos
Interstates 75 & 640 conclude their their-mile overlap at Exit 3. Ramps for I-75 and I-275 southbound depart ahead of the U.S. 25W merge onto Interstate 640. Photo taken 08/23/03. Second photo taken 10/15/11.
Taking the Exit 3 ramp to the partition of Interstate 275 southbound from Interstate 75 northbound. Interstate 275 directly connects Interstate 75 & 640 with Interstate 40 and U.S. 441 (Henley Street) at Downtown Knoxville. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Interstate 640 maintains five lanes above the Interstate 275 mainline. The eastbound carriageway was expanded from two to three lanes. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Interstate 640 east & U.S. 25W south
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2 photos
Shield assembly posted for Interstate 640 east & U.S. 25W southbound as the tandem pass under Bruhin Road near Inskip. Photos taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 640 & U.S. 25W continue along side Sharp Ridge on the one mile approach to U.S. 441 (Exit 6) at Greenway. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Nearing the Exit 6 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Old Broadway and U.S. 441 (Broadway) along Interstate 640 east. Broadway comprises a busy north-south arterial between North Knoxville, Fountain City and Halls Crossroads. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Interstate 640 east & U.S. 25W southbound reach the Exit 6 off-ramp. Old Broadway loops just west of U.S. 441 (Broadway) at Greenway. Exit 6 first intersects the old route before reaching U.S. 441. Much of the arterial nearby is fronted with retail shopping centers. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Eastbound drivers pass by these reassurance markers near the Norfolk Southern Railroad underpass near Beverly. Photo taken 10/15/11.
A split-diamond interchange (Exit 8) follows in one mile on Interstate 640 east & U.S. 25W south with Washington Pike, Mall Road, and Valley View Drive. North and South Mall Road act as a frontage road system for Interstate 640 between Washington Pike, Millertown Pike and Knoxville Center. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Exit 8 departs Interstate 640 east & U.S. 25W south for South Mall Road. Washington Pike leads south from Greenway Drive to overtake Millertown Pike west to North Hills and North Knoxville. Millertown Pike stems east to the mall, Millertown and Skaggston. Photo taken 10/15/11.
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2 photos
Millertown Pike traffic merges onto Interstate 640 & U.S. 25W ahead of the Buffat Mill Road over crossing. Attached to the bridge high above was a one-mile diagrammatical overhead for Exits 10A/B (Interstate 40). That assembly was since moved to a more conventional sign bridge. Widening of the freeway from four to six lanes occurred in 2003. Photo taken 10/15/11. Second photo taken 05/01/05.
2 photos
2 photos
A second diagrammatic overhead for I-40 appears on the stretch of I-640 between Loveland and Spring Place. U.S. 25W south merges with Interstate 40 east for a one mile overlap to Exit 394 (U.S. 11E & 70). Interstate 40 otherwise continues 28 miles to the split with Interstate 81 near Danridge and east from there to Newport and Asheville. Photo taken 05/01/05. Second photo taken 10/15/11.
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2 photos
The Knoxville Bypass concludes at the ramp partition between I-40 west to Downtown and I-40 east & U.S. 25W south. One mile to the west is Exit 392 with U.S. 11W (Rutledge Pike). Photo taken 05/01/05. Second photo taken 10/15/11.

Photo Credits:

  • 08/23/03 by AARoads and Justin Cozart.
  • 05/01/05 by Carter Buchanan.
  • 10/15/11 by Carter Buchanan.

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