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Interstate 664 North
The northbound beginning of Interstate 664. Traffic from Interstate 264 west and Interstate 64 Inner provide this segment of the Hampton Roads Beltway with four northbound lanes. Ahead is the first mainline interchange of Interstate 664, a directional cloverleaf with U.S. 13-58-460 (Military Highway) adjacent to Virginia 191 (Jolliff Road) north. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Interstate 664 northbound yields three lanes to the Exit 13A/B ramp departure for U.S. 13-58-460 (Military Highway) and Virginia 191 (Jolliff Road). U.S. 13 south & 460 west merge with U.S. 58 & 460 Alternate (Airline Boulevard) nearby and pass undernearth the Hampton Roads Beltway at Exit 13. Virginia 191 begins at the confluence and travels north via Jolliff Road to Jolliff and Virginia 337 (Portsmouth Boulevard). U.S. 13-58-460 combine westward to the city center of Suffolk. Photo taken 12/17/01.
One-mile overhead for Exit 12 (SSR 663) on Interstate 664 north. The Hampton Roads Beltway reduces to just four lanes through Suffolk. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Interstate 664 at the diamond interchange (Exit 12) with SSR 663 (Dock Landing Road). Dock Landing Road loops from Virginia 191 (Jolliff Road) east then north to Virginia 337 (Portsmouth Boulevard) at Hodges Ferry. Photo taken 12/17/01.
The Hampton Roads Beltway northbound at the Dock Landing Road overpass one mile south of Exits 11A/B (Virginia 337). A full cloverleaf interchange provides the junction between Interstate 664 and Portsmouth Boulevard ahead. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Exit 11B departs to Virginia 337 (Portsmouth Boulevard) eastbound. Virginia 337 represents an east-west arterial between Chesapeake, Interstate 264, and downtown Portsmouth. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Interstate 664 northbound at Exit 9B (Virginia 164 east & U.S. 17 south). Virginia 164 represents the Western Freeway between the Hampton Roads Beltway and Portsmouth. Located to the south of the highway is U.S. 17 (Bridge Road/Western Branch Road). The close proximity between the two highways sees the Exit 9B off-ramp serve both roadways. Photo taken 12/17/01.
The final Suffolk interchange of the Hampton Roads Beltway northbound is the Exit 8B/A cloverleaf with Virginia 135 (College Drive). Virginia 135 constitutes a shot spur between U.S. 17 near Churchland northward to the old Portsmouth Campus of Tidewater Community College. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Exit 8A departs Interstate 664 northbound for Virginia 135 (College Drive) north. All traffic north of the off-ramp enters the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel system of the Hampton Roads Beltway. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Interstate 664 at the south banks of the James River on the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel. Photo taken 12/17/01.
The city limits between Suffolk and Newport News spread across the James River. Attached to mast arm supported lane control signals is the city limits for the city of 180,719 (2010 census). Photo taken 12/17/01.
The southern artificial island of the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel along Interstate 664 northbound. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Descending into the tunnel portion of the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Passing is prohibited within the tunnel portion of the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel. Very few tunnels allow lane changing within the Interstate system. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Interstate 664 returns to land within the city of Newport News. Exit 7 links the Hampton Roads Beltway with Terminal Avenue and the Newport News Marine Terminal. Terminal Avenue parallels the Interstate 664 viaduct from Exit 7 northward to 21st Street (near Exit 6). Photo taken 12/17/01.
Auxiliary guide sign for Exit 6 to the Newport News Marine Terminal. 26th Street also serves the Newport News City Hall and Christopher Newport Park. 25th and 28th Streets carry U.S. 60 across Interstate 664. Photo taken 12/17/01.
The Interstate 664 viaduct ends at the Exit 6 directional interchange. Intersecting the Hampton Roads Beltway is a series of ramps to/from the 25th & 26th Street one-way street couplet (U.S. 60, east of Jefferson Avenue). Virginia 143 travels the network of surface streets nearby via the 27th & 28th Street one-way pair to the east and along Jefferson Avenue to the north. Jefferson Avenue south to 16th Street east used to carry Virginia 167 shields. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Exit 5 traffic originating from Jefferson Avenue and 35th Street merge onto Interstate 664 northbound. This uinterchange sequence sign displays the off-ramps for Exits 4-3-2. A split diamond interchange follows at Roanoke and Chestnut Avenues. Photo taken 12/17/01.
The northernmost reaches of Interstate 664 expand to six lanes overall. Pictured here is the Exit 3 off-ramp for Aberdeen Road. Aberdeen Road is one of several north-south arterials between Virginia 143 (27th Street) and U.S. 258 (Mercury Boulevard). Photo taken 12/17/01.
Beyond the Exit 3 diamond interchange is the final upcoming exits sign of Interstate 664 north. Two interchanges remain, Exit 2 with Powhatan Parkway (diamond) and Exits 1A/B (directional) with Interstate 64. Photo taken 12/17/01.
The one-mile guide sign of Exits 1A/B (Interstate 64) is posted within the Powhatan Parkway diamond interchange. The Hampton Roads Beltway departs Interstate 664 northbound for Interstate 64 eastbound via Exit 1B. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Entering the final half mile of Interstate 664 northbound near the Queen Street (Virginia 415) under crossing. The mainline of Interstate 664 northbound defaults onto Interstate 64 west (Exit 1A). Three additional interchanges serve the city of Hampton (pop. 137,436 - 2010 census) on the road to Williamsburg (pop. 14,068 - 2010 census). Photo taken 12/17/01.
Interstate 664 northbound concludes at the ramp partition of Interstate 64 (Exits 1A/B). The right side panel sees a green-out over the "East Interstate 64" with Downtown Hampton. The central business district of the city is accessible via Exits 265A & C. The capital city of Richmond (pop. 204,214 - 2010 census) resides 74 miles to the west. Photo taken 12/17/01.

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