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Interstate 676 travels 4.75 miles in the Garden State, from the east end of the Walt Whitman Bridge to the Ben Franklin Bridge, wholly within the city of Camden. Originally designated Interstate 80S, and later as the I-76 mainline, the first portion of I-676 completed led north from the Walt Whitman Bridge approach to Morgan Boulevard (Exit 3) in 1957. The urban freeway was opened from the Ben Franklin Bridge(U.S. 30) to Exit 5 (County Route 531) in 1972 and completed in New Jersey, between Exits 3 and 5, in 1980.1

Until 1973, the routes of Interstate 76 and 676 were opposite of what they are today. This 1969 Gousha map of New Jersey shows the configuration that was valid between 1964 and 1973.
Interstate 676 north
2 photos
2 photos
The first shield for Interstate 676 appears immediately after the Exit 2 separation from I-76 west. Photo taken 06/19/00. Second photo taken 12/28/08.
Collings Avenue (CR 630) curves west across Newton Creek to Essex Street in Gloucester City. East from Exit 1A, Collings Avenue widens into a tree lined boulevard through the Fairview neighborhood of Camden to NJ 168 (Mt. Ephraim Boulevard). CR 630 extends east from there to the borough of Collingswood. Photo taken 12/28/08.
The next northbound off-ramp serves Morgan Boulevard at a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 3). Morgan Boulevard connects I-676 with the Broadway Terminal along the Delaware River to the west and the Morgan Village neighborhood to the east. Photo taken 12/28/08.
Interstate 676 crosses the North Branch of Newton Creek ahead of this shield assembly. Photo taken 12/28/08.
Morgan Boulevard ends just west of Interstate 676 at County Route 551 (Broadway). East of Exit 3, Morgan Boulevard curves southward over Newton Creek to Fairview.

Button copy signs posted on I-676 at Exit 3 were replaced by 2012. Photo taken 12/28/08.
Continuing northward on Interstate 676 toward Downtown Camden and Exit 4 (Atlantic Avenue). The upcoming parclo interchange is the first of three exits serving the Camden Waterfront. Atlantic Avenue west to Ferry Avenue / 2nd Street north provides an alternate route to the Susquehanna Bank Center, an outdoor amphitheater. Photo taken 12/28/08.
Traffic to Atlantic Avenue departs Interstate 676 north. Ramps extends north from Exit 4 to Kaighn Avenue at 8th Street.
Kaighn Avenue (CR 607) stems east from Front Street to become New Jersey 38 at Pennsauken. Photo taken 12/28/08.
Interstate 676 shield posted after the loop ramp from Atlantic Avenue east. The freeway next curves eastward along a viaduct above 8th and 9th Streets. Photo taken 12/28/08.
A second Interstate 676 shield appears after the on-ramp from Chestnut Street. Chestnut Street carries travelers onto the freeway from parallel Mt. Ephraim Avenue (CR 605). Photo taken 12/28/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Approaching the off-ramp (Exit 5A) to 11th Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard on I-676 north. Sign replacements made by 2008 reflect the renaming of Mickle Boulevard to MLK Boulevard, a change made in the 1990s.
There is no direct access to U.S. 30 (Admiral Wilson Boulevard) eastbound from I-676 north. Instead traffic is directed via trailblazers along 10th Street to Newton Avenue and an on-ramp via Federal Street (CR 537) east. Photo taken 09/19/04. Second photo taken 12/29/08.
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2 photos
Exit 5A loops onto Martin Luther King Boulevard west at 11th Street south to Campbell Place, the World Headquarters facility for the Campbell Soup Company. MLK Boulevard otherwise leads west from 11th Street to Cooper University Hospital and the Camden Waterfront. Photo taken 09/19/04. Second photo taken 12/29/08.
Interstate 676 north curves westward to merge with U.S. 30 (Admiral Wilson Boulevard) west at a wye interchange ahead of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge toll plaza and Philadelphia. Exit 5B splits from the turn to North Eighth Street and Linden Streets for Downtown Camden and the Rutgers University Camden Campus. Photo taken 12/29/08.
Exit 5B ties into the intersection of North 8th and Linden Streets. Downtown traffic interests should turn left onto Linden Street for one block west to 7th Street south. 7th Street becomes Haddon Avenue and CR 561 at MLK Boulevard. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 west
2 photos
2 photos
Tolls are collected for the Benjamin Franklin Bridge westbound across the Delaware River. A large toll plaza spreads beyond the merge with U.S. 30 and on-ramp from Linden Street.
Two final departure points to the Camden street grid remain. A right turn joins 6th Street at the plaza itself, followed by a turn-off for Fulton Place. Photos taken 12/28/08.
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
Spanning the Delaware River across the Ben Franklin Bridge west. Hidden from view are the PATCO transit lines underneath the seven-lane deck. Like other DRPA maintained spans, speeds limits are variable dependent upon traffic volumes and weather conditions. Photos taken 12/28/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 enters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania midway between the Ben Franklin Bridge towers. Lane control signals and a movable barrier allow DRBA officials to adjust the number of lanes flowing east and west. Photos taken 12/28/08.
Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 east
The first New Jersey exit joins Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 east with 6th Street and Broadway (County Route 551) south into Downtown Camden just east of the bridge end. Photo taken 09/19/04.
The Ben Franklin Bridge towers rise to a height of 380 feet. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Speed reduces as I-676 & U.S. 30 start the descent into Camden. In addition to carrying vehicular traffic, the suspension bridge also carries two tracks of the PATCO Subway line. The mass transit lines cross the bridge underneath the road deck. Photo taken 09/19/04.
U.S. 30 split with Interstate 676 east from the left at a wye interchange for Admiral Wilson Boulevard. Admiral Wilson Boulevard initially travels as a freeway to the Cooper River and at-grade east to Pennsauken Township and the junction with U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard) and New Jersey 38 (Kaighn Avenue) east to NJ 70. Photo taken 09/19/04.
2 photos
2 photos
Traffic slows to 20 miles per hour as the eastbound lanes circumvent the westbound toll plaza ahead. Photos taken 09/19/04.
Four lanes of Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 east pass by the toll plaza for a two-pronged off-ramp serving 6th Street south and Broadway (CR 551) to Downtown Camden. County Route 551 begins here and travels 34.57 miles southwest to Pennsville Township in Salem County. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 eastbound partition below 7th Street. U.S. 30 continues east along Admiral Wilson Boulevard to combine with U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard) south in Pennsauken Township. New Jersey 38 begins east there and travels to Cherry Hill while U.S. 130 north follows Crescent Boulevard to Cinnaminson Township toward Trenton. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Interstate 676 south
Exit 5B parts ways next from Interstate 676 south onto Market Street (Camden County 537 Spur) west. Market Street ventures west through Downtown Camden toward Adventure Aquarium. Photo taken 09/19/04.
County Route 537 follows Federal Street from Delaware Street on the Camden Waterfront to pass under I-676. Exit 5A joins CR 537 east ahead of the Cooper River. Newton Avenue directs motorists southwest to 11th Street for both Martin Luther King Boulevard (former Mickle Boulevard) west and Campbell Place. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Interstate 676 reassurance marker posted after the on-ramp from Martin Luther King Boulevard. I-676 maintains six-lanes southward to Interstate 76. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Next in line for southbound travelers is a parclo interchange (Exit 4) serving Atlantic and Kaighns Avenue. Atlantic Avenue travels east from Kaighn Point along the Delaware River to Mt. Ephraim Avenue by the Liberty Park neighborhood. Photo taken 09/19/04.
The Walt Whitman Bridge comes into view as Exit 4 drops from Interstate 676 south to Atlantic Avenue. Kaighns Avenue parallels Atlantic Avenue three blocks to the north between the riverfront and the confluence of U.S. 30 (Admiral Wilson Boulevard), U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard), and New Jersey 38. New Jersey 38 continues Kaighns Avenue east to Cherry Hill. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Continuing southward on Interstate 676 toward a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 6) with Morgan Boulevard. Morgan Boulevard serves south Camden at Camden County 551 (Broadway) to the west and the Morgan Village neighborhood to the east. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Former button copy signs posted at the Exit 3 ramp departure for Morgan Boulevard. One half mile of Interstate 676 remains to the exchange with Interstate 76 between the Walt Whitman Bridge and North South Freeway. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Exit 2 to I-76 west departs from the left side of Interstate 676 south ahead of its merge onto Interstate 76 (North South Freeway) east. Exits 1C and 1B follow on the right for Collings Road (CR 630) to the Fairview community, Collingswood and Gloucester City. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Interstate 676 crosses the North Branch of Newton Creek ahead of Exit 2 onto the Walt Whitman Bridge to South Philadelphia. Exit 1A appears one half mile out for Interstate 76C east to U.S. 130 north and NJ 168 south. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Interstate 676 southbound defaults onto Interstate 76 (North South Freeway) east to Interstate 295 and New Jersey 42. Exit 1C leaves in this scene for Collings Avenue (CR 630) west to Essex Street (CR 755) in Gloucester City. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Exit 1B loops onto Collings Avenue east to Fairview in south Camden. CR 630 extends east from New Jersey 168 (Mt. Ephraim Avenue) to Collingswood and CR 561 (Haddon Avenue). Photo taken 09/19/04.
Interstate 76C spurs 1.22 miles east from the Walt Whitman Bridge end to U.S. 130 north and New Jersey 168 south at Audubon Park. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Interstate 676 scenes
Linden Street west at North 10th Street near the merge of Interstate 676 and U.S. 30 by the Pyne Point neighborhood of Camden. An off-ramp links U.S. 30 (Admiral Wilson Boulevard) west with Linden Street ahead. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Linden Street defaults into the Ben Franklin Bridge toll plaza beyond the intersection with 7th Street while 7th Street south carries Exit 5C traffic from I-676 west into Downtown Camden. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Seventh Street passes over I-676 & U.S. 30 to Cooper Street, which forms an on-ramp for Admiral Wilson Boulevard east. Interests to I-676 are directed southward to Martin Luther King Boulevard east. Photo taken 09/19/04.
Cooper Street east of 7th Street partitions into ramps for 10th Street to North Camden and U.S. 30 (Admiral Wilson Boulevard) east to Pennsauken. Photo taken 09/19/04.
2 photos
2 photos
7th Street veers southeast to become County Route 561 and Haddon Avenue at the intersection with Martin Luther King Boulevard (formerly Mickle Boulevard). MLK Boulevard links Cooper University Hospital with Interstate 676 south nearby. Photos taken 09/19/04.
2 photos
2 photos
Martin Luther King Boulevard east at Haddon Avenue (CR 561) south and 7th Street north. This scene is drastically different now with expansion of Cooper University Hospital. Photos taken 09/19/04.
2 photos
2 photos
Martin Luther King Boulevard proceeds east from CR 561 to the southbound on-ramp for Interstate 676. This button copy sign was replaced by 2008. Photos taken 09/19/04.


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