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Interstate 695 links I-295 and the Throgs Neck Bridge with I-95 along the Bruckner Expressway within Bronx, New York. The 1.52 mile long route extends the Throgs Neck Expressway north from I-295 (Cross Bronx Expressway) at the Throgs Neck and Edgewater Park neighborhoods to I-95 between the Pelham Bay and Country Club communities.

I-695 was originally designated along the proposed Queens Interborough Expressway north from the proposed Cross Brooklyn Expressway (I-878) to I-278 along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Queens. This was approved by AASHO on June 23, 1969. The Queens Interborough Expressway was never built, and I-695 was eventually reassigned to the Throgs Neck Expressway over I-295 Spur in 1986.

Interstate 695 North
Interstate 695 (Throgs Neck Expressway) splits with I-295 (Cross Bronx Expressway) at a wye interchange by the Edgewater Park community. The lone exit northbound is for Lafayette Avenue. 08/09/04
Lafayette Avenue heads four blocks east from the Throgs Neck Expressway service road to Dean Avenue. Dean Avenue runs north to become Stadium Avenue in the Country Club community. 08/09/04
Randall Avenue spans I-695 (Throgs Neck Expressway) northbound at the Lafayette Avenue off-ramp. Lafayette Avenue angles southwest to Schuylerville. 08/09/04
I-695 confirming marker posted ahead of the Lafayette Avenue overpass. 08/09/04
An end shield for Interstate 695 stands at the wye interchange joining the Throgs Neck Expressway with I-95 (Bruckner Expressway) northbound. 08/09/04
Traffic from I-695 merges onto the left side of I-95 (Bruckner Expressway) beyond the departure of Exit 7C to Country Club Road and Pelham Bay Park. 08/09/04
Interstate 695 South
I-695 extends a half mile south from I-95 (Bruckner Expressway) to the Randall Avenue off-ramp at Schuylerville. 08/29/05
The first confirming marker for I-695 south precedes the Lafayette Avenue overpass. 08/29/05
Randall Avenue crosses the Throgs Neck Expressway four blocks west of Eastchester Bay en route to I-295 (Cross Bronx Expressway) and St. Raymond's Cemetery. 08/29/05
The exit for Randall Avenue originally split with separate ramps for Philip Avenue west and the Throgs Neck Expressway service road south. The second ramp closed by 2016. 08/29/05
Southbound Interstate 695 reduces to two lanes at the Randall Avenue over crossing. 08/29/05
The succeeding exit along I-295 south beyond the merge with I-695 connects with Locust Point, Fort Schuyler and SUNY Maritime College. 08/29/05
Interstate 695 concludes at a wye interchange with I-295 just ahead of the Throgs Neck Bridge toll plaza. I-295 crosses the East River south to Beechhurst and Bay Terrace in Queens. 08/29/05
The Throgs Neck Bridge comes into view at the left side merge of I-695 with I-295 (Cross Bronx Expressway) south. A weaving traffic pattern ensues for Exit 9 to Harding Avenue and Pennyfield Avenue to the Throgs Neck and Edgewater Park communities. 08/29/05

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    08/09/04 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan. 08/29/05 by AARoads.

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