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Interstate 695 North
View of the former main line signs on the outer loop as seen from the original transition ramp from southbound Interstate 95 onto westbound Interstate 695. Photo taken 05/01/04.
This mileage sign provided the distance to three major Interstate highway interchanges along the beltway: Interstate 83, Interstate 70, and Interstate 95. It was removed during Beltway widening associated with the Interstate 95 interchange reconstruction. A new sign is posted after the Lillian Holt Drive overpass. Photo taken 05/01/04.
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A full cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 695 with U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) at Exits 32B/A. Widening of the Beltway to accommodate longer ramps with Interstate 95 resulted in a new bridge for Lillian Holt Drive over Interstate 695. An auxiliary lane runs north to U.S. 1 for Fullerton and Putty Hill. Photo taken 05/01/04. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
The mileages to Interstates 83 and 70 are listed after Lillian Holt Drive. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Reassurance marker posted for I-695 west as the Beltway parallels Stemmers Run near Overlea. Photo taken 06/08/12.
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Signage for Exits 32B/A was replaced by 2008 and again in 2010. U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) heads northeast from the beltway (Exit 32B) to Perry Hall and Bel Air, the seat of Harford County. Photo taken 05/01/04. Second photo taken 12/30/08. Third photo taken 06/08/12.
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Exit 32A follows onto U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) southbound to Overlea and Belgravia in Baltimore city. Photo taken 05/01/04. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
Westbound Interstate 695/Outer Loop reassurance shield posted by Ridge Grove. Photo taken 06/08/12.
The next westbound exit for Interstate 695 is a full cloverleaf interchange with Maryland 147 (Exits 31B/A). Photo taken 06/08/12.
A wye interchange brings the northbound end of Maryland 43 onto Interstate 695, one half mile east of the Exit 31B off-ramp to Harford Road north to Carney and Gunpowder Falls State Park. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Maryland 147 travels 18.81 miles overall from U.S. 1 (North Avenue) to the split of U.S. 1 and U.S. 1 Business west of Bel Air. The state route provides a more rural alternative to Bel Air Road once beyond Gunpowder Falls. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Interstate 695 west reaches the ramp departure of Exit 31B onto Maryland 147 (Harford Road) north. A loop ramp carries drivers onto Harford Road southbound ahead for Parkville and the Hamilton section of northeast Baltimore. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Maryland 147 follows all of Harford Road south through the city. The state route passes through Waltherson and Herring Run Park before reaching Clifton Park and U.S. 1. Photo taken 06/08/12.
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An original sign bridge for Exits 30B/A (Maryland 41) and Maryland 542 (Exit 29) was replaced by 2008. A third consecutive full cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 695 and Maryland 41 (Perring Parkway) in one quarter mile. Photo taken 05/01/04. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
Exit 30B leaves Interstate 695 west for Perring Parkway north to Lowell Ridge and other subdivisions west of Carney. Maryland 41 ends at the Perring Parkway intersection with Waltham Woods Road beyond the North Plaza Shopping Center. Waltham Woods Road constitutes a residential through road north from Joppa Road to Cub Hill Road. Photo taken 06/27/10.
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Motorists bound for Perring Parkway south to Hamilton in Baltimore depart the westbound beltway at Exit 30A. MD 41 has a cutoff ramp connecting with westbound Northern Parkway south of the city line. The parkway continues south to Morgan State University then changes to Hillen Road en route to Lake Montebello and Clifton Park at MD 147. MD 41 is unsigned in Baltimore city. Photo taken 12/30/08. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
Maryland 542 represents the next state route joining the Baltimore Beltway with northeastern Baltimore at Exit 29. Providence Road (Exit 28) and Dulaney Valley Road (Exit 27) radiate outward from within the beltway to cross at the adjacent interchanges. Photo taken 06/08/12.
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Maryland 542 heads south along Loch Raven Boulevard into Baltimore city and Waverly; the northbound exit directly connects to Cromwell Bridge Road. Cromwell Bridge Road angles northeast toward Gunpowder Falls State Park. Photo taken 12/30/08. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
Although signed as Exits 29B/A, there is only a single exit for Maryland 542 (Loch Raven Boulevard) south at Cromwell Bridge Road. Cromwell Bridge Road travels between Providence Road and Cromwell Bridge, east of Loch Raven Reservoir. Maryland 542 ventures south from the parclo interchange with Interstate 695, 6.33 miles to Maryland 147 (Harford Road) at Clifton Park. Photo taken 06/27/10.
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Providence Road angles northeast from Joppa and Cromwell Bridge Roads to meet Interstate 695 at a folded-cloverleaf interchange in one half mile (Exit 28). Maryland 146 and 45 join the beltway with the Baltimore County seat of Towson over the next two miles. Photo taken 05/01/04. Second photo taken 06/27/10.
Westbound Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) reaches Exit 28, Providence Road. Use Providence Road northeast to Providence and southwest to Goucher Boulevard to Goucher College in Towson. Photo taken 06/27/10.
Maryland 146 begins at the Towson roundabout and stems north 0.8 miles to a six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 695 (Exits 27B/A). Photo taken 06/08/12.
Maryland 146 leads north along Dulaney Valley Road to Hampton and the west shore of the Loch Raven Reservoir. The 16.81-mile state route ends at Maryland 23 in Harford County at Madonna. Maryland 45 (York Road) angles northwest from the Towson roundabout to cross Interstate 695 at a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 26) in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Exit 27A loops onto Dulaney Valley Road south to Goucher College and Maryland 45 (York Road) and Joppa Road at the Towson roundabout. Photo taken 06/08/12.
The westbound on-ramp from Maryland 147 south forms an auxiliary lane to Exit 26 (Maryland 45). Maryland 45 represents the historic alignment of U.S. 111 from U.S. 1 (North Avenue) in Baltimore to the Pennsylvania state line. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Exit 26 carries all traffic in unison to Maryland 45 (York Road). Locally the state route joins the Towson town center with adjacent Lutherville, north of the Beltway. Maryland 45 parallels Interstate 83 north to Timonium and Pardonia as a slow moving arterial route. Southward, Maryland 45 Bypass provides a way around the county seat to Towson University. The state route continues from the bypass end at Burke Avenue to Cedarcroft and Guilford in Baltimore city. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Originally separate ramps handled movements to Maryland 45 north (Exit 26) and south (Exit 26A). The southbound loop ramp was eliminated in favor of an combined on-ramp configuration from south and north York Roads to Interstate 695 west. Photo taken 05/01/04.
Traveling under Maryland 45 (York Road) at the former Exit 26A loop ramp. Construction underway between 2008 and summer 2012 expanded the next interchange with Maryland 139 (Exit 25). Photo taken 05/01/04.
Maryland 139 provides another route southward to Baltimore city from Lutherville and Exit 25 of Interstate 695. The state route serves interests to Notre Dame College of Maryland, Unitas Stadium of Towson University, Loyola University Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University. The bulk of the route within Baltimore is unsigned however. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Interstate 695 travels by the Orchard Hills neighorborhood by this shield assembly. Photo taken 06/08/12.
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Interstate 695 westbound travelers near the Exit 25 parclo interchange with Maryland 139 (Charles Street) on the one-mile approach to Interstate 83 (Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway) north (Exit 24). Photo taken 12/30/08. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
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Maryland 139 begins at adjacent Bellona Avenue in Lutherville and leads south 7.88 miles to U.S. 1 (North Avenue) in central Baltimore. Interstate 83 merges with the outer loop of I-695 for a 1.6-mile overlap at the adjacent directional interchange (Exit 24). Photo taken 05/01/04. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
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Passing under Maryland 139 (Charles Street), Interstate 695 prepares to split with the Exit 24 off-ramp to Interstate 83 north. Interstate 83 is a major connector between the Baltimore and Harrisburg metropolitan areas via York. It follows the old U.S. 111 corridor, which was constructed in stages through the 1950s and 1960s. Photo taken 06/27/10. Second photo taken 06/08/12. Third photo taken 06/08/12.
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A two-lane ramp shuttles drivers onto Interstate 83 (Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway) north to Timonium, Cockeysville, Hereford and York, Pennsylvania. I-83 stretches 85.30 miles from the Inner Harbor East in Baltimore to Interstate 81 northeast of Harrisburg. Photo taken 12/30/08. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
Interstate 83 South Interstate 695 West
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The three left lanes of the beltway continue straight ahead as the two right lanes prepare to exit onto the continuation of southbound Interstate 83 into Baltimore. Interstate 83 culminates east of Downtown as President Street; it does not connect to any other freeway in the metropolitan area. The east-west portion from Fells Point to Interstate 95 at Boston/O'Donnell Streets was never built, though ramp stubs remain at the planned terminal interchange. Photo taken 08/27/05. Second photo taken 06/08/12.
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In addition to connecting to Interstate 83 south as Exit 23A, this ramp also connects with the Jones Falls Expressway north to MD 25 (Falls Road). MD 25 closely parallels the Jones Falls Expressway south toward the city center, mainly following Falls Road along Jones Falls. Photo taken 08/27/05. Second photo taken 06/27/10. Third photo taken 06/08/12.
Interstate 695 and Interstate 83 shields are paired in this shield assembly located just prior to their route split. Photo taken 06/27/10.
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Entering the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 23) with Jones Falls Expressway on Interstate 83 south & 695 west. Interstate 83 continues 9.7 miles south to Mount Washington, Druid Hill Park, and Mount Vernon in Baltimore City. Maryland 25 leads north from the freeway end at Brooklandville on its 26.89-mile course to Shawan and Whitehouse in rural north Baltimore County. Photo taken 08/27/05. Second photo taken 06/27/10. Third photo taken 06/08/12.
Exit 23 partitions into a single lane ramp for Jones Falls Expressway north to Brooklandville and the two-lane Interstate 83 southbound mainline to downtown Baltimore. Exit 23B serves interests to the suburban routes of Maryland 130 (Greenspring Valley Road) west to Garrison and Maryland 131 (Seminary Road) east to Lutherville. Photo taken 06/27/10.
Interstate 695 outer
Maryland 25 (Falls Road) crosses over the Baltimore Beltway west of the Jones Falls Expressway. Interstate 695 outer maintains four overall lanes. Photo taken 06/08/12.
This mileage sign provides the distances to the next three Interstate junctions along the Beltway outer loop, excluding Interstate 795: Interstates 70, 95, and 97. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Interstate 695 lowers to span Slaughterhouse Branch on the one mile approach to Exit 22, Greenspring Avenue. Exits with Stevenson Road (Exit 21) and Maryland 140 (Exit 20) represent the last two before the Beltway turns south toward Catonsville. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 795 debuts on the next mileage sign, posted one half mile east of the folded-cloverleaf interchange with Greenspring Avenue. Greenspring Avenue represents a residential through road south to Northern Parkway at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Exit 22 consists of a loop ramp from Interstate 695 west to Greenspring Avenue. Greenspring Avenue meanders northwest to Cronhardt and Chestnut Ridge before becoming Worthington Avenue west to Maryland 128 (Butler Road) near Glyndon. Photo taken 06/20/12.
One half mile east of the split-diamond interchange (Exit 21) with Stevenson Road and Maryland 129 (Park Heights Avenue) on Interstate 695 outer. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Stevenson Road veers northeast from MD 133 (Old Court Road), near its intersection with MD 129 (Park Heights Avenue), to Stevenson and MD 130 (Greenspring Valley Road). MD 129 parallels to the west on a 15.43-mile course between U.S. 40 and MD 295 in Baltimore and Garrison Forest Road near Worthington. Brooks Robinson Drive connects the two roads along the south side of the Baltimore Beltway, providing northbound access to MD 129 via Exit 21. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 695 is dedicated to Governor Theodore R. McKeldin. McKeldin (1900-74) advocated improvements to the state highway system, working on the establishment of the Baltimore Betlway, Capital Beltway and John Hanson Highway. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Maryland 140 (Reisterstown Road) and Interstate 795 (Northwest Expressway) connect Baltimore with Reisterstown and Interstate 695 via the next two interchanges. Photo taken 06/08/12.
The on-ramp from Maryland 129 (Park Heights Avenue) forms an auxiliary lane along I-695 west to Exit 20 and Maryland 140 (Reisterstown Road). Photo taken 06/20/12.
Maryland 140 (Reisterstown Road) meets Interstate 695 at the Exit 20 single point urban interchange (SPUI) near Pikesville. The 49.72-mile state route joins central Baltimore with Westminster and Taneytown in Carroll County. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Viewing the Exit 20 split to Maryland 140 north to Garrison and south to Pikesville. Historically, Maryland 140 between Westminster and Baltimore represents a portion of the original U.S. 140 alignment between Baltimore and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. That designation was discontinued in part because of Interstate 795 in 1979. Photo taken 05/01/04.
Interstate 795, opened in stages between 1985 and 1987, follows the Northwest Expressway from Interstate 695 north to Reisterstown and Owings Mills, bypassing the congested Maryland 140 to a point north of Reisterstown and east of Finksburg. Photo taken 06/20/12.
A left lane restriction is in place along Interstate 795 along the six-lane portion of the Northwest Expressway. The freeway reduces to four lanes north of Exit 4 (Owings Mills). Photo taken 06/20/12.
Interstate 795 is part of a corridor that connects Baltimore with Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, via Interstate 795, Maryland 140, Maryland 97, and Pennsylvania 97. Several portions of the route are four lanes, but other sections are only two lanes. Historically, this corridor was designated as U.S. 140.
The Northwest Expressway was once proposed to continue southeast to Wabash Avenue and Arlington in Baltimore. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Attached to a railroad overpass is an interchange sequence sign listing the distances to Maryland 26 (Exit 18) and Maryland 122 (Exit 17). Photo taken 06/08/12.
Interstate 695 spans Gwynns Falls at the Exit 19 off-ramp to I-795 north. Photo taken 06/20/12.
The last remaining state-named shield holdout on the entire Baltimore Beltway mainline is this southbound/outer loop assembly posted beyond Interstate 795. Photo taken 06/20/12.
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An original set of button copy signs for Maryland 26 (Exit 18), Maryland 122 (Exit 17) and Interstate 70 (Exit 16) was replaced by 2008 with reflectorized overheads. Maryland 26 represents another state route that radiates outwards from Baltimore city, beginning at Maryland 140 by Mondawmin Mall and leading west through Ashburton and Howard Park. Photo taken 05/01/04. Second photo taken 06/20/12.
Exit 18 originally consisted of a full cloverleaf interchange between Interstate 695 and Maryland 26 (Liberty Road). The loop ramp onto Liberty Road east was eliminated in favor of a realigned southbound on-ramp from Maryland 26 east. All traffic departs in unison otherwise to the state route. Maryland 26 continues west from Lochearn to Rockdale and Randallstown and overall 43.94 miles to U.S. 15 in Frederick. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Maryland 26 angles southeast into Baltimore along Liberty Heights Avenue to Forest Park, Ashburton and MD-140 (Reisterstown Road) near Druid Hill Park. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Travelers headed to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport are directed to remain south along I-695 / Outer Loop to Exit 11B for Interstate 95 south. Photo taken 05/01/04.
The next exit along southbound Interstate 695 is with Maryland 122 (Security Boulevard). Maryland 122 begins at Rolling Road to the west, then heads southeast through a six-ramp parclo interchange to connect with the former east end of I-70 at a park and ride lot. Security Boulevard transitions into Cooks Lane across the Baltimore city line. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Ramps with Maryland 122 (Exit 17) overlap with the adjacent symmetrical stack interchange at Interstate 70 (Exit 16). Photo taken 06/08/12.
Exit 17 departs Interstate 695 south for Maryland 122 (Security Boulevard). Maryland 122 totals 2.96 miles overall. Interstate 70 follows, beginning its westbound journey to Utah at the Baltimore Beltway. Photo taken 06/08/12.
The interchange between Interstates 70 and 695 was constructed as a high powered stack interchange in anticipation that I-70 would continue eastward to central Baltimore. Plans called for Interstate 70 to be extended through Gwynns Falls Park and then onward to Interstate 95 southeast of Downtown near the interchange with Washington Boulevard. A spur freeway (Interstate 170) following the U.S. 40 corridor between Franklin Street and Mulberry Street to Seton Hill was also included. Due to local opposition, environmental concerns, and the removal of homes along the corridor, Interstate 70 was dropped from the Baltimore city freeway plans in 1981. For more information, visit Scott Kozel's Roads to the Future: Baltimore City Interstates. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Exit 16 partitions onto I-70 west to Frederick and Cooks Boulevard (former I-70 east) to MD-122 (Security Boulevard) and Baltimore. The 1.95-mile spur of I-70 east from I-695 was dropped from the Interstate system as approved by AASHTO on May 29, 2014.
Interstate 70 otherwise constitutes a nearly transcontinental freeway that spans ten states. The route heads west from Hancock, Maryland to Breezewood, Pennsylvania and west to central Ohio and an end at Cove Fort, Utah. Photo taken 06/08/12.
Interstate 695 travels below the multi-level interchange with Interstate 70. This is the first of two such exchanges in the Baltimore area, with the east junction at I-95 representing the second. Photo taken 05/01/04.
Traveling underneath the network of ramps associated with Exit 16 and the Interstate 70 mainline on Interstate 695 south. Interstate 70 ranks as the fourth longest Interstate in the system at 2,153.13 miles. Interstate 70 connects Baltimore with Frederick and Hagerstown in Maryland. Photo taken 05/01/04.


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