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Washington 7 north
Washington 7 turns east from Pacific Avenue onto 38th Street briefly to make the connection with a freeway leading north to Interstates 5 & 705. Photo taken 08/29/06.
The Washington 7 freeway ends at what appears to be an intended six-ramp parclo with South 38th Street. Stubs exist just south of the 38th Street overpass for an unconstructed extension of the freeway south. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Washington 7 leads north one half mile through Tacoma Eastern Gulch to a stack interchange with Interstates 5 and 705. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Merging onto the freeway mainline at the stub under South 38th Street. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Lowering toward the transition into Interstate 705 north on Washington 7, the ramp from South 38th Street westbound joins in this scene. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Washington 7 partitions into three ramps: Interstate 5 south to Olympia and Portland, Oregon, Interstate 705 north to downtown and the Tacoma Dome, and Interstate 5 north to Federal Way and Seattle. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Travelers bound for Fife, Federal Way and Seattle depart Washington 7 for Interstate 5 north. Interstate 705 meanwhile comprises a 1.50-mile spur along side the Tacoma city center to Schuster Parkway. Photo taken 08/29/06.
East 34th Street spans high above Washington 7 between B and D Streets. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Traffic splits between Interstate 705 north to downtown and Ruston and Interstate 5 south to Washington 16 (Tacoma Narrows Bridge) and Lakewood. Photo taken 08/29/06.
End Washington 7 shield assembly posted 800 feet from the Interstate 705 merge with the northbound ramp from Interstate 5. A brief weave occurs at the merge for the following Tacoma Dome off-ramp at East 26th Street. Photo taken 08/29/06.
The ramp to Interstate 5 passes below the Interstate 5 mainline and ramps to and from Interstate 705. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Interstate 705 North
Continuing north on Interstate 705, drivers pass by the Tacoma Dome. Ramps from Interstate 5 south and Interstate 705 north combine ahead of East 26th Street (old U.S. 99) by the entertainment venue. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Interstate 705 elevates onto a viaduct from East 26th Street to the Washington 509 single point urban interchange (SPUI). The Washington 509 cable-stayed bridge over Thea Foss Waterway comes into view to the east. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Washington 509 begins at Interstate 705 and the Tacoma city center and travels east to the Port of Tacoma area as a full freeway. The limited-access highway replaced a surface alignment utilizing South and East 11th Streets in 1996. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Lowering toward the Tacoma city center on Interstate 705 north over East 25th Street. Photo taken 08/29/06.
The Washington 509 SPUI also connects northbound drivers with South 21st Street west to Pacific and Jefferson Avenues. Washington 509 otherwise constitutes a 35.16-mile route from Tacoma to Washington 99 in Seattle. Photo taken 08/29/06.
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2 photos
Interstate 705 leaves the viaduct and passes under Washington 509 (South 21st Street). The number one and two lanes default onto A Street beyond the SPUI. The A Street ramp meets South 14th Street at the central business district. Photos taken 08/29/06.
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2 photos
Taking the unnumbered A Street exit, motorists split into ramps for South 15th Street west at Pacific Avenue and A Street north to South 11th Street (former Washington 509). Photos taken 08/29/06.
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2 photos
Two lanes curve west from the A Street ramp to form South 15th Street west. 15th Street continues west from downtown to Franklin Park. Pacific Avenue was also a part of Washington 509 and carried state route markers south from 11th Street to Washington 16's former eastern terminus. Photos taken 08/29/06.
The only stand-alone shield posted for Interstate 705 in either direction lies along the northbound viaduct near South 15th Street. Photo taken 08/29/06.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Looking at the Murray Morgan Bridge, the former Washington 509 crossing of Thea Foss Waterway along East 11th Street. Photos taken 08/29/06.
Continuing along Interstate 705, the northbound roadway travels below the parallel southbound roadway toward the ramp partition to Schuster Parkway north to Ruston and Stadium Way at the Theater District. Photo taken 08/29/06.
A cut and cover tunnel carries Interstate 705 south under Firemans Park. The tunnel lies above Interstate 705 north between South 11th and 8th Streets. Photo taken 08/29/06.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 705 splits into single lane ramps for Schuster Parkway north and Stadium Way. The Stadium Way ramp ascends above the connector to Schuster Parkway north. Stadium Way parallels Schuster Parkway to Tacoma Stadium at Stadium High School. Photos taken 08/29/06.
Interstate 705 defaults onto Schuster Parkway at a brief double decker section of freeway. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Pacific Avenue combines with the end of Interstate 705 to form Schuster Parkway. Schuster Parkway lines Commencement Park along side a BNSF Railroad northwest to Ruston Way. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Schuster Parkway north
Schuster Parkway intersects South 4th Street a short distance north of the Interstate 705 terminus. South 4th Street passes over the parallel BNSF Railroad tracks onto Dock Street along Thea Foss Waterway. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Heading northwest along Schuster Parkway, the four-lane highway briefly sees a roadway split due to the terrain north of South 4th Street. The roadway has a 40 mph speed limit on this stretch. Photo taken 08/29/06.
Turning westward, Schuster Parkway approaches a wye interchange with Ruston Way west at the transition to North 30th Street. North 30th Street joins the street grid east of Old Tacoma while Ruston Way continues along Commencement Bay to the Town of Ruston. Photo taken 08/29/06.
A U-turn is ramp is available for motorists to turn southward back onto Schuster Parkway at North 30th Street for industrial areas east of the BNSF Railroad along northbound. Photo taken 08/29/06.

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